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Welcome to Lynhurst 7 th and 8 th Grade Center From Lynhurst 7 th and 8 th Grade Center We Believe: That our primary mission is learning for all. That.

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2 Welcome to Lynhurst 7 th and 8 th Grade Center

3 From Lynhurst 7 th and 8 th Grade Center We Believe: That our primary mission is learning for all. That all students can learn. That learning occurs best in a respectful, nurturing, and safe environment. That achievement requires the commitment of staff, students, family, and community. That learning is a life-long process. That high expectations lead to greater accomplishments. That students learn in different ways. Mission Statement The staff of Lynhurst 7th-8th Grade Center believes that all students can learn and become life-long learners. We believe that our school's purpose is to educate all students to mastery of essential skills. We will promote a respectful, nurturing and safe learning environment. We accept reasonability to do what is best for all students. School Motto: Expect Excellence!

4 Current Administrative Team Dan WilsonDamon BlackSusan Graves PrincipalAssistant PrincipalAssistant Principal

5 NEW NEW Administrative Team Chris BartleyErica BuchananJen Clark Brent SchwanekampAmanda Warner

6 Recent Renovations Lynhurst, formerly South Wayne Junior High, is now a state-of-the-art facility after 190,000 s.f. of renovation work and 89,000 s.f. of added space. Among the school’s amenities is a deluxe aquatics center that serves as an athletic facility for Lynhurst’s 1200 students and a place of recreation open to the public.



9 Student Demographic Information Total Enrollment- 1146 (2008-2009) Two Grades

10 Additional Student Demographics

11 Faculty and Staff Demographics 3 Administrators 86 Teachers

12 Faculty Demograhics

13 Minority Demographic Comparison of Enrollment and Faculty

14 Special Programs and Initiatives BD Dads (Lynhurst Dads) –Vision Statement of Organization:“As BD Dads our roles are multifaceted: mentor, advocate, role model, and friend. The BD Dads serve as a visible sign of commitment to the students of Wayne Township. We make ourselves accessible to the students, staff and the community as a support system in order to promote achievement. The BD Dads serve in all areas of our schools including athletics, fine arts and academics. Our presence within the schools helps ensure a safe learning environment. Ultimately, we are DADS - Devoted Advocates for Dedicated Students, fostering a true learning community.”

15 Extra Curricular Programs Band Cheerleading Choir Dance/Drill Team Drama FCA National Junior Honor Society Nine athletic teams Science Olympiad SHRAC Student Government Academic Pursuit Teams Clubs Clubs: LeGore's Boy's and Girl's Club, Chess Club

16 After School Programs The Language Assistance Program (LAP) supports language minority students and their families transition successfully into academic studies in Wayne Township. The program follows state and federal guidelines in servicing students that are Limited English Proficient and provides families with guidance on how to support their students as they progress in the language acquisition process.

17 Business Partnerships Christamore House Haughville Library South Wayne Baseball and Softball Association Community Recreation Program Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Boy's and Girl's Scouts Swim Indy Volunteer Mentoring Friendship Baptist Church Haughville Police Station Wayne Township Trustees Office United Christmas Service Fund National Panhellenic Council Community Caring and Sharing Partners in Education: Clowes Hall-Kennedy Center- This program emphasizes the importance of learning through the arts. [Wayne Township Website]

18 ISTEP Interpretation The following is a brief interpretation of ISTEP+ data from Lynhurst Middle School over the past few years. First, it is to be noted this year’s data showed very little change from last year. For example, the school’s percentage pass in LA and Math was 48% this year compared to 50.4% last year. With that being said, the schools data is better and has remained steady since 2003-2004 school year. It is also important to note, this year’s current 8 th grade class did not score well on the English/LA test scoring a 49%. This was the lowest group score for the school. On the flip side, Lynhurst 7 th graders scored 81% in Math. This was also a strong section for the 8 th grade.

19 Breaking down the testing groups, the data suggests the following: Female students score better on all tests than males at both grade levels. Ethnicity results are varied. White, Multiracial and Hispanic students score well on different tests. However, I feel it important to note black students underperform other ethnic groups. Special Education students far underperform students in the regular education in both grade levels on both math and LA tests. There is a minor difference in the performance of free/reduced and paid students. However, the greatest margin of difference is 10% in 8 th grade LA. Overall, this was the lowest subtest for the entire school in 2008-2009. Limited English speakers score below non-limited. It is noted that this did not occur on the math test. Both groups scored similar with the limited scoring slightly higher than the non- limited.

20 Attendance Rates

21 Percent Pass All Tested Grades: Math / LA

22 Passed Both (Math / LA) All Tested Grades

23 Individual Test Results Year8th Grade LA7th Grade LA8th Grade Math7th Grade Math State Average LynhurstState Average LynhurstState Average LynhurstState Average Lynhurst 2008-0969%49%70%56%75% 63% 82%81% 2007-0870%58%71%55%75% 67% 80%76% 2006-0768%49%69%51%72% 62% 78%73% 2005-0670%59%70%58%73% 65% 77%74% 2004-0569%48%70%59%72% 59% 74%76% 2003-0466%42% 72% 53% 2002-0365%36%

24 Individual Test Results

25 2008-2009 ISTEP Score Gender Break Down

26 2008-2009 ISTEP Score Ethnicity Break Down

27 2008-2009 ISTEP Score Special Education Break Down

28 2008-2009 ISTEP Score Free and Reduced Lunch Break Down

29 2008-2009 ISTEP Score Limited English Break Down

30 Community Data Demographics Census 2000 Demographic Profile Highlights: (46241) General Characteristics NumberPercentU.S. Total population29,944 Male14,71149.149.10% Female15,23350.950.90% Median age (years) 33.4(X)35.3 Under 5 years2,3317.86.80% 18 years and over21,5497274.30% 65 years and over2,9329.812.40% One race 29,54698.797.60% White27,64192.375.10% Black or African American1,187412.30% American Indian and Alaska Native1070.40.90% Asian1780.63.60% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1300.10% Some other race4201.45.50% Hispanic or Latino (of any race)8352.812.50% Two or more races3981.32.40%

31 Community Education Data SubjectNumberPercent SCHOOL ENROLLMENT Population 3 years and over enrolled in school7,248100 Nursery school, preschool4716.5 Kindergarten5637.8 Elementary school (grades 1-8)3,67150.6 High school (grades 9-12)1,72623.8 College or graduate school81711.3

32 Educational Attainment of Community NumberPercent Population 25 years and over 19,044100 Less than 9th grade 1,4777.8 9th to 12th grade, no diploma 4,38623 High school graduate (includes equivalency) 7,71840.5 Some college, no degree 3,35617.6 Associate degree 9264.9 Bachelor's degree 9104.8 Graduate or professional degree 2711.4 Percent high school graduate or higher 69.2% Percent bachelor's degree or higher 6.2%

33 Summary of Educational Attainment

34 Chris Bartley, Erica Buchanan, Jen Clark, Brent Schwanekamp, and Amanda Warner

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