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“New Thinking for New Times”. NJ QUALITY SINGLE ACCOUNTABILITY CONTINUUM (QSAC) Prepare for the “Performance of School Districts” evaluation: the NJQSAC.

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1 “New Thinking for New Times”

2 NJ QUALITY SINGLE ACCOUNTABILITY CONTINUUM (QSAC) Prepare for the “Performance of School Districts” evaluation: the NJQSAC monitoring system for all public schools. ~(N.J.A.C. 6A:30) GOAL 1

3 In anticipation of NJQSAC evaluation…  Complete study of QSAC and related codes & statutes.  Turnkey information to principals and supervisors.  Continue to revise and update programs.  Form QSAC committee and begin meeting schedule.  Conduct self-study and assessment.  Participate in monitoring process.  Debrief process and present report to Board and community.

4 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Continue to develop, implement and monitor a quality educational program including curriculum, instruction, and assessment which considers the specific needs of each South Brunswick student and the community, supports high academic standards and addresses New Jersey state requirements. GOAL 2

5 This year in Curriculum & Instruction…  Complete revision to ALL curriculum documents.  Linked to 21 st century skills (career/technology/character ed)  Connected to core values (C.A.R.E.S.) and other disciplines  Updated “hard copies” for staff  Also available electronically 24/7 on the Staff Portal  And accessible to parents/community on the website  Expand supervision/evaluation system to include:  Monthly review of lesson plans  Standards-based job descriptions  Revised observation and evaluation templates  Activate Character Education plans 6-12.

6 Special Education & ARRA* Supported Initiatives…  Child Study Team Program begins Year 1 review.  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Speech Programs move to Year 2 of program review.  Special Education Program Review Continues*  Adopt Pre School Curriculum  Adopt PK-12 Curriculum for Developmentally Disabled  Adopt K-12 Social Skills Curriculum for Developmentally Disabled  Review K-8 alternative reading programs for special education  Implement Columbia Teachers Writing K-5 for special education  Plan for acquisition of assistive technology in special education*  Evaluate strategies for increasing in-class support options for students K-5*

7 This year in Assessment…  Convert to electronic Best Works Portfolios and revise.  Develop assessments for all non-State-tested and standards-based areas (e.g. art, music, social studies)  Interim assessments  Summative assessments  Reports to the public and Board of Education  Advance plan for Summer Academies 2010.  Revise elementary reporting system for 2010.

8 Educational Technology Continue the development and implementation of initiatives that reinforce the use of technology as a tool for instructional improvement and student achievement gains. GOAL 3

9 This year in Technology…  Study and integrate the 2009 Tech Standards into…  All areas of curriculum  Standardized multimedia projects for students in grades 2-5  Middle School Technology Encore Program: 6 th Keyboarding – 7 th Application – 8 th Exploration  High School Electives: Video, multimedia, computer applications, architectural drawing, graphics, broadcast journalism, yearbook journalism  Increase performance on 4th and 8 th tech proficiency assessments/check-ins.

10 Technology continued…  Continue installation of teacher work stations ES/MS/HS.  Continue mounting SMART Boards in MS/HS.  Place at least 2 multi-media carts in each school.  Provide staff training for the above.  Write and submit 3-year Tech Plan (draft- November 2009).  Survey staff on level of proficiency.

11 Professional Development Continue to develop, implement and monitor a quality professional development program which considers the specific needs of each South Brunswick staff member, supports high academic standards and addresses NJ state requirements. GOAL 4

12 This year in Professional Development…  Study and revise Comprehensive Equity Plan (Spring 2010)  Develop Action Plan based on equity findings  Develop Staff Training Continuum/Series  Launch Elementary Technology Teacher Program

13 Professional Development continued…  Implement State Regulations:  Local Professional Development Committee  School Professional Development Committees  Mentor Plan  Technology Plan

14 Facilities Continue to provide a facilities infrastructure that appropriately and effectively houses the programmatic needs of our students. GOAL 5

15 This year in Facilities…  Successfully complete necessary summer maintenance and capital projects within District Budget parameters  Continue to implement improved security measures in and around all district facilities  Present completed Energy Audit to public and the Board  Continue periodic building inspections including utilization  Improve monitoring of each building’s Monthly Building Report

16 Cost Effectiveness and Cost Containment Continue to seek all possible avenues to contain and/or reduce costs of all school district endeavors in order to best represent the financial interests of our taxpayers while still providing quality experiences for our students. GOAL 6

17 This year in Cost Containment…  Monitor and maintain effective control on overtime costs  Identify additional mutually beneficial, cost effective shared services  Conduct health benefit plan cost analysis  Successfully implement the 2009-2010 District Budget

18 School Safety, Health & Student Support Continue to review and update school and district plans, educational programs and operational procedures dealing with students, staff, schools and community as they relate to health, academic personal support and safety issues. GOAL 7

19 This year in Safety…  Train staff in Handle with Care strategies and protocols  Emphasize safety and security protocols in training for support staff  Study Threat Assessment in the Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates (United Sates Secret Service and the United States Department of Education, May 2002) to develop processes for identifying, assessing, and managing students who may pose a threat of targeted violence in school.

20 More in Safety…  Continue to provide safety training for buildings and grounds staffing in an effort to enhance employee safety and minimize loss of work time

21 This year in Health…  Revise and implement District policy and procedures for compliance with mandated Drug and Alcohol response.  Continue to plan, monitor and intervene as need in response to possible Pandemic illness.  Develop and implement a Respiratory Protection Plan for district staff who may be exposed to respiratory hazards.

22 This year in Student Support…  Develop Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program  Train Student Support Teams and school staff on newly developed district guidelines (based on NJ Best Practices)  Study best practices for “at risk” learners with Instructional Support Teachers and train deeply in content and strategies  Continue development of and training for effective use of behavior assessment to establish positive behavior support plans

23 Miscellaneous GOAL 8

24 This year…  Study, analyze and prepare for the Redesign of NJ Secondary Education (~adopted June 2009 for 6-12). Key elements include:  Revised standards in all content areas  Revised graduation requirements for next year 9th graders:  2.5 credits~ Financial Literacy Course  5 credits~ 21 st century life skills/careers/technology course  Option II (alternate paths/personalized learning opportunities)  Additional Assessments coming (end of course)  Personalized Student Learning Plans (portfolios)- pilot


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