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PRESENTS. EXTENSION OF CITY LIMITS 1.Kolhapur Municipal Council was converted into corporation in 1972. 2.The population of the city in 1972 was approximately.

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2 EXTENSION OF CITY LIMITS 1.Kolhapur Municipal Council was converted into corporation in 1972. 2.The population of the city in 1972 was approximately 3.5 lacs and now it is approximately 7 lacs. But the city limits today are the same as they were in 1972. 3.Extension of city limit will help to get ample land for urbanisation which will promote affordable housing. 4.It will also help in providing better facilities to the sub-urban areas. 5.It will reduce the load on city infrastructure and also minimise migration. 6.Plus by achieving 10 lacs population criteria, we will be able to get funds (500-4000 crores) from central government under JNNURM. 2

3 EFFORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF OTHER BUSINESSES a.Biotechnology Park  To develop our city in right manner, people of Kolhapur have to encourage business of food processing unit such as manufacturing bi-products of milk, jaggery, basmati rice, bamboo etc. We also need to cover the green belt of Kolhapur into biotechnology Parts. b.Industrial Township  We have to stress for Industrial Township to enhance our auto component industry, foundry business & housing arrangements for industry labours. c.Satellite Township  Satellite Township is also a good idea to develop housing in nearby areas of city. This will help in reducing overload on infrastructure and in reducing traffic congestion & very healthy atmosphere for living. d.Garment Park  Looking at the huge quantum of textile mills & cotton mills, we need some areas for Garment Park in the city to promote a business of ready-made garments & apparels. e.Medicity Center  Kolhapur has god given gift of good climate & good health to the people living in city. Taking this into consideration, a center of all type of medical health for needy people around the city i.e. concept of medicity is essential in Kolhapur. 3

4 IMPROVISING QUALITY OF EDUCATION 1.Requirement of International Standard Schools, Resident Schools, Gurukul, etc. 2.Upgradation of courses in Shivaji university, establishment of research centers 3.Development of IAS training center at Rajaram college, MPSC, UPSC exam preparation center facility, guidance center for CA/CS/ICWA 4.Promotion for institutes (like ITI) in vocational courses like Plumbing, Building Maintenance, Carpentry, Electrician, Mason, etc. 5.Cultural development of city – Art Gallery 6.International standard Animation studio 7.International standard Sports Center – shooting center, swimming pool, cricket stadium 4

5 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT 1.Development of DP Roads and New link Roads by Govt. a.There is a vast housing development going on and new areas are being developed rapidly. But there are no development of Roads b.Kolhapur has ring road but with rapid development it has come in main city. New ring roads need to be identified & developed to reduce the traffic load in coming future. 2.Local transportation systems for Mass Public Transport KMT – the only mode of Mass Public Transport, we need to think of increasing the base and coverage of KMT and identify / develop new mode of Public Transport. 3.Construction of Flyovers and Bridges Construction of over bridges and fly-overs will help in the areas where road widening is not possible or difficult – like station Road, Laxmipuri etc. 5

6 4.Developing Parking Lots, Multi Level Parking a.Lands reserved for parking lots may be developed on BOT basis, with encouragement for multi level and mechanised parking. 5.Drainage development, storm water management, sewage treatment plants, waste water management a.Kolhapur still does not have underground drainage system in less than 50% area, which has to be developed 6.Promoting development of High rise/ vertical buildings a.By promoting the development of high rise buildings it will help in creating facilities, ample parking and achieving better light and ventilation in the buildings. 6

7 CITY DEVELOPMENT FEATURES SLUM REHABILITATION PROGRAM 1.Existing programs adopted by KMC shall be extended to more locations 2.RAY like schemes shall be developed by government with the PPP model 3.State government shall incentivise the slum rehabilitation schemes for private developers 7

8 CITY DEVELOPMENT FEATURES REGIONAL PLAN IMPLEMENTATION 1.With latest scenario of four laning and the realignment of road infrastructure, the first Regional Plan of Kolhapur, sanctioned in 1978 and expired in 1998 has been absolutely outdated. 2.Lot of land is locked in no development zones. So regional plan shall be prepared immediately as this will create land availability as well as revenue to the government. 3.Because of more and more urbanisation, major thrust shall be given to create a yellow zone (residential) along the corridors of major roads. 8

9 CITY DEVELOPMENT FEATURES T O U R I S M D E V E L O P M E N T Tirtha Kshetra Vikas a.Kolhapur district is blessed by goddess mahalakshmi which is one of the 3.5 shakti peeths. Also, due to rich cultural heritage, it has various holy places like Khidrapur, Jotiba, Bahubali, Narsinha-vadi, Ramling, etc which is been visited by lacs of pilgrims every year. KMC has submitted ‘Tirtha-Kshetra ‘ development plan for mahalakshmi temple few years back to govt. of maharahtra which needs to be sanctioned immediately for the development of mahalakshmi temple and concurrently kolhapur city. Ultimately, kolhapur district can be developed as a ‘Pilgrimage Center’ which will give huge boost to tourism development in coming years. b.Kolhapur has seen tremendous growth in tourists visiting Mahalakshmi temple after visiting Tirupati temple in Tirumala. This can be seen as an opportunity developing tourism in kolhapur. 9

10 BOOSTING REAL ESTATE 1.SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE a.KMC Plan Sanctions b.Collector NA For building permissions in KMC and for NA permissions in collector office, there shall be only one point of entrance and exit for the documents to be submitted and for getting the approvals within time bound schedule 2.Total Abolition of ULC Act a.Inspite the ULC act has been abolished in 2007, still in lot of cases various NOCs and time-limit extension permissions are in existence. It therefore creates a lot of problems in implementation of already sanctioned schemes under section 20-21 ULC act should be abolished in total. It will create a lot of land pool availability which in return will reduce land prices. 10

11 BOOSTING REAL ESTATE 3.Deemed NA a.There should be automatic deemed NA for land in residential zone like industrial zone b.NA order shall be made available on the payment to collector office regarding the conversion tax and NA assessment in line with section 44A of LR code 4.Land-Record a.New land mapping of city is necessary as old records in city survey are not proper. b.Road alignment as shown in development plan is to be marked physically on ground. A campaign to mark boundary stones along all road alignments should be done within six month. c.Process of land acquisition can be made faster by offering compensation in the tune of market rate or by offering additional F.S.I. or T.D.R. to land-owner. d.Online linkage of City Survey Office & Registration office is necessary. 3.B-Tenure – Self assessment a.Wrongly mentioned B-Tenure on property extracts of Kolhapur city survey has to be completely removed by Maharashtra Government. The necessary agricultural tax can be demanded by directly giving notice to the landowner or by way of self-assessment by landowner. 11

12 BOOSTING REAL ESTATE 6.Town-Planning a.Regional plan to be finalised and published within 2 years. b.Pradeshik udyan shown in earlier RP shall be restricted. c.Draft bye-laws for A/B/C Municipal Council are published. The implementation of these new bye-laws shall start immediately to avoid confusion. d.Municipal bye-laws application to 10 km peripheral areas from municipal limits shall be sanctioned immediately. e.To avoid haphazard and unplanned development in the city, Gunthewari must be stopped immediately. f.33% additional FSI in lieu of premium to municipal corporation to raise funds shall be given immediately and grant of FSI for internal roads in layout shall be allowed. 7.Property Tax a.Property Tax implementation on commercial property should be based on ready-reckoner valuation and not on the rental income incurred from that property. 8.KMC Level issues a.Additional class-I officer shall be recruited for better execution of various projects undertaken by KMC b.E-Governance c.Speedy building-permission process implementation 12

13 BOOSTING REAL ESTATE 9.Affordable housing policy a.Like township, state government can announce policy of affordable housing whereby agricultural land upto 5 acres can be allowed for the affordable housing project. b.State government should give some incentive for boosting affordable housing like additional FSI, concession in stamp duty, VAT Tax. c.There should be separate category for affordable housing whereby the sanction procedure will be in tune with RAY guide lines d.State government shall demand to central government to reintroduce section 80 IB of income tax for affordable housing. 10. Valuation department a.Every year the ready reckoner rates are increased by about 10-20% abruptly, which instead should have some confirm basis. b.These ready reckoner rates shall be changed every year from 1 st April to 31 st March instead of changing rates on 1 st January which will help in stabilising prices throughout the fiscal year. c.Inam/gift land valuation shall be 50% as per surrounding land rate 13

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