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Upper West Branch Rocky River Watershed Balanced Growth Plan.

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1 Upper West Branch Rocky River Watershed Balanced Growth Plan

2 294 square miles 664 stream miles 250,000+ residents Comprises all or parts of… 4 counties 16 cities & villages 16 townships





7 Census Data for the Rocky River Upper West Branch Study Area Jurisdiction Populations % change from 1990 - 2000 % change from 1980 - 2000 198019902000 City of Brunswick28,10428,21833,38818.30%18.80% City of Medina15,26819,23125,13930.70%64.70% Brunswick Hills Township3,3244,3405,46926.00%64.50% Granger Township2,6602,9323,92834.00%47.70% Lafayette Township4,6144,8045,47614.00%18.70% Litchfield Township2,3292,5063,25029.70%39.50% Liverpool Township3,6643,7134,32916.60%18.10% Medina Township3,5614,8647,78360.00%118.60% Montville Township2,9993,3715,41060.50%80.40% Sharon Township3,3983,2344,24431.20%24.90% York Township2,5302,4792,91217.50%15.10% Totals72,45179,692101,328 27.10%39.90%

8 Causes & Sources of Water Quality Problems

9 The Rocky River Watershed Council Concerned residents, public officials & agency personnel 11 member board of trustees “The State of the Rocky River” report “Watershed Action Plan”

10 Rocky River Watershed Action Plan Goals Protect and restore the riparian corridors Reduce instream bacteria levels. Increase public awareness and involvement.

11 Land Use Compatibility Study (LUCS) Joint Economic Planning Commission

12 Zoning – commercial and industrial Sewer availability Economic development incentive zones

13 Soils prone to flooding FEMA Flood Plain Slopes over 12% Park District Master Plan


15 LUCS Future Study Needs 1. 1.Assess Cost of Services and balanced land use at the local level of each community. 2. 2.Additional data (Thoroughfare Plan, Natural Resources Inventory, Retail Study, etc…) 3. 3.Evaluate run-off impacts of impervious surfaces 4. 4.Analyze future residential development 5. 5.Provide education opportunities to zoning officials 6. 6.Provide opportunities for community input 7. 7.Encourage development of comprehensive plans

16 The Rocky River Watershed Planning Partnership  Rocky River Watershed Council  Soil & Water Conservation District  Department of Planning Services  Sanitary Engineer  Economic Development Corporation  County Highway Engineer  Medina County Park District  Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency  Emergency Management Agency  Homebuilders Association  Medina-Summit Land Conservancy

17 Rocky River Upper West Branch WBGP - Goals  Identify PCAs & PDAs  Develop a toolbox of land use measures that could guide protection of PCAs and development toward PDAs.  Provide a foundation for expansion of the concept of PCAs and PDAs  Initiate implementation of PCAs and PDAs that will assist in achieving goals and objectives identified in the Rocky River Watershed Action Plan

18 Upper West Branch Rocky River Watershed Balanced Growth Plan For additional information contact: Chris Hartman, District Manager ( John Watkins, Watershed Coordinator ( 6090 Wedgewood Road Medina, OH 44256 330-722-2628, Ext 3.

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