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A presentation By Sandra S. Lawn, Project Leader OEWC & Eco-Industrial Park Building Partnerships for Eco-Industrial Development.

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1 A presentation By Sandra S. Lawn, Project Leader OEWC & Eco-Industrial Park Building Partnerships for Eco-Industrial Development

2 Outline of Presentation 1.History 2.The Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial 3.Dealing with the science 4.Introduction to the concept 5.The networks and the partnerships 6.Dealing with complexity 7.Challenges 8.Opportunities 9.Essential Partnerships

3 History Haudinasaunee perspective Mixed wood forests plus Dr. Ross Silversides’ inspiration South Grenville Economic Development Commission initiative in 1980s Industry Canada support Noranda Forest Products support Value Added Wood Centre for Edwardsburgh Township: European search for markets late 1980’s to 1992; incl. DIY markets Project “on hold” until 2004 now taking off!!!

4 An invaluable partnership for EOMF; Principles of the Haudinasauni Naturalized Knowledge System Earth is our mother The spiritual world is close to us Cooperation is the key to survival Responsibility is the best practice Knowledge is powerful only when shared Everything is connected to everything else Place is important (Henry Lickers: Director of the Environment, Akwesasne)

5 The Eastern Ontario Model Forest 1992- 2007 - 15 years of solid partnership building

6 The EOMF - a model of working partnerships; private and public

7 And now the CFS Forest Communities Program: 2007 -2012 Eleven sites chosen across Canada, EOMF leads A Forest Sector in Transition Energy, Economics and Ecology Need for Ecological Goods and Services Bridging the Disconnect Between Urban and Rural Forest Health, Dynamic Ecosystems and Species at Risk And in EOMF: the Wood Centre reinvented

8 Map showing forest availability, 300km radius Map showing forest availability, 300km radius

9 “Bioeconomy” definition fits well: An economic system in which biological resources like forests, agriculture, aquatic ecosystems provide not just food, feed and fibre, but also energy, chemicals and materials, as well as environmental benefits such as greenhouse gas emission reductions. Source BIOCAP

10 “Nature chose just four elements - carbon, hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen to create all living things”* * Gregory C. Unruh, “The Biosphere Rules,” Harvard Business Review, February 2008

11 Cellulose - what a molecule!! Linear homopolymer composed of several thousand monomer units (β-D-glucose) units linked end to end. Absence of branches allows the chains to come in close contact and bond to one another. 3 hydroxyl groups available on each glucose unit –Many OH groups make it very hydrophilic –Forms a very strong, rigid structure through lateral bonding of hydroxyl and oxygen. –Crystalline regions and amorphous regions »University of Toronto; Faculty of Forestry

12 Wood Industry Research Bio- energy wastewaste CHP KilnCHP Kiln BioRefinery Research Chemicals BioPlastics Auto Parts Recycling Greenhouses Aquaculture Building Materials Conferences Eco-tourism Education FEEDSTOCKS Product promotion

13 Everything is connected: sustainable forestry in Northern and Eastern Ontario, Northern New York and Western Québec (FSC standard) Concern about climate change, energy and the environment Materials for accomplishing LEED standards “Green” housing components housing for Canada’s north fast-growing plantations of poplar, willow and other cellulosic feedstock niche markets; extractives export directly to heart of U.S., Europe, India and Asia demonstration/pilot projects field studies inter-disciplinary and inter-university collaboration

14 Hwy 17 Corridor H w y 1 1 C o r r i d o r “ 1 million cubic metres of sustainable supply from hard wood forests” Wayne Young; 45 mills generate 1 billion board feet of SPF lumber annually, flowing into Southern Ontario using these two highway systems Prescott

15 “Co-operation is the way to survive” partners and supporters EOMF Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Akwesasne Department of the Environment Canadian Forest Service Woodlot owners Environment Canada Ontario MOE Community Futures Development Corporations Politicians FSC and Smartwood University of Toronto Ottawa University National Research Council Canada Land Stewardship Councils Sawmillers Value added wood industry State University of New York; Syracuse United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Ferguson Forest Station BIOCAP (in past) Poplar Council of Canada Queen’s and Guelph Universities and hopefully McGill University

16 The OEWC - bringing partners together Sustainability of forests and communities Community interest and support Forest sector in transition Energy supply and security LEED standards encouraged Globalization Tapping World Class Expertise –Technical Advisory Group of scientists, academia, industry, government, – “ multi-disciplinary ” Local Leadership –Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal: Wood Centre Committee –Steering Committee guiding project Region-wide value chain


18 401 Port Park Bridge 416 Railway U.S. Europe Airport

19 Unsurpassed transportation and land availability

20 Bird’s Eye View Bird’s Eye View Port of Prescott Ogdensburg Int’l Bridge to USA Hwy 416 to Ottawa Hwy 401 Johnstown Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park County Rd 2 to Prescott Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Industrial Park and Ethanol plant under construction < To Toronto To Montreal >

21 Building the Vision for an eco-industrial cluster based on wood fibre

22 Preliminary Concepts for RD&D: LEED standards recommended (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) Totten Sims Hubicki Associates

23 The Implementation Team Eight talented people: foresters, MBAs, researchers, entreprenuers … Out into communities, universities, forests and wood related business, advancing the concept Tools designed by TD Graham + Associates Funded by Eastern Ontario Development Program (Fed/Nor)

24 SUNY, Faculty of Environment and Forestry Valuable extractives, pharmaceutical, nutriceuticals, energy and…

25 Benefits to university partners: 1.Research partnerships with a range of companies, topics and products. 2.From forest inventory and transportation, field studies to engineering, to nano-technology - to socio-economic research 3.Incubator space for developing research to the next stage, lab to product 4.Training of students, internships, employment 5.Mentoring of new companies, including consulting contracts 6.Space to build pilot plants and other facilities 7.Cost-sharing and availability of a wide range of wood materials, and other forest related plant materials 8.Access to IRAP resources and funding, anticipated MOU between IRAP and EOMF 9.Diversity of universities and professors for synergy and collaboration 10.Research, Development and Demonstration

26 The challenges 1.Defining the right working relationships 2.Improving bio-feedstocks info and infrastructure 3.Enabling trusting collaboration 4.Inspiring internal stakeholders 5.Building on heritage relationships 6.The complexity of many connected features 7.Maintaining focus 8.Managing our energy 9.Ensuring the right skills for wide variety of tasks 10. Different partners; different cultures 11.Integrating a wide variety of Canada and Ontario action plans

27 Opportunities for: small and medium enterprise multi-nationals Research, Development and Demonstration: public (universities and governments) and private Suppliers and services forest owners (80% of close-by forests 1 million cubic metres of sustainable yearly growth is privately owned!) wood related business; FSC chain of custody Sawmillers Young people the community, the province, the country

28 Acknowledgements Sally Krigstin, Faculty of Forestry U of T Ian Manson, OMNR Brian Barkley, EOMF Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal SUNY; Faculty of Forestry and the Environment TD Graham + Associates Totten Sims Hubicki Assoc. Sandra S.Lawn & Associates Inc. Denzil Doyle, Doyletech

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