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2 2 one of the leading forest products companies of the Tyumen region Karsikko Forest Karsikko House Karsikko Trade FE "Turtas" Activities Forestry; Lumbering; Woodworking; Production of wooden houses; Low-rise and cottage wooden construction. 2 Companies of the Group engaged in forestry and woodworking industry

3 3 Possibilities the group of company «KARSIKKO» Perspectives for the development group of companies «KARSIKKO»: - bioenergy; - biofuels. 3

4 4 New Technologies Bioenergy - is heat energy from biological raw material obtained from the recycling of wood wastes (bark, sawdust, wood chips and other waste timber) 4

5 5 New Technologies: biofuels Biobutanol – is an environmentally friendly source of energy who came to replace gasoline. It is produced from corn, wheat, sugar beet / cane and cellulose waste from wood raw materials 5

6 6 OJSC “Corporation Biotechnologies” Was founded in March 2008 at the initiative and with active participation of State Corporation “Russian Technologies” and NO "Fuel and Energy Union." OJSC «Corporation Biotechnologies» is an innovative company that implements a Russian project to create a group of biotech companies to deep processing of cellulose waste. It possesses unique technologies of making biotechnological products from cellulose-containing raw materials. Owns 30% shares of the JSC “East-Siberian Biotechnologies Plant” (с.Tulun, Irkutsk region). Included in the set up (debenture trust) of State Corporation “Russian Technologies” holding company “RT-Biotechprom. 6

7 7 The project of creating the enterprise for deep processing of wood wastes and biofuels production in township Turtas Uvat district of the Tyumen region 7

8 8 Pilot production In September 9, 2008, the industrial butanol was successfully produced from wood with the pilot unit at JSC “East-Siberian Biotechnologies Plant” in Tulun. 8 The main feature of the established technology is considered to be non-waste recycling. In this case, at certain stages as a "waste" is produced raw materials for solid biofuels - wood pellets of building materials, vitamins and organic acids for feed additives used in animal production, organic fertilizer for agriculture, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. Significantly, that second-generation biofuels with its use does not require any changes in the engines.

9 9 To implement the project the Agreement of Intent is signed between: Government of the Tyumen region ( Tyumen, Russian Federation) OJSC «Corporation Biotechnologies» (Moscow, Russian Federation) LLC «M anagement company «Particom» (Tyumen, Russian Federation) Preparation to the realization of the project The parties intend to cooperate with each other on the implementation of investment and innovation project to build a plant for deep biochemical processing low-grade wood and wood wastes in the Tyumen region. 9

10 10 BIOTECHNOLOGIES main application fields The commodities currently produced worldwide with the use of the industrial biotechnology are applied in almost every sector of national economy and provides significant advantages for them.

11 11 Horizons industrial implementation ENERGY - production of clean energy from renewable non-food raw materials. PHARMACEUTICS - getting raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and new drugs. ECOLOGY - processing of industrial and household waste, agricultural waste, recycling of chemical weapons. FOOD INDUSTRY - domestic production of enzymes for food industry. CONSTRUCTION - creation of modern clean polymeric building materials. FORESTRY - the introduction of technologies for deep waste-free processing timber. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY – production of solvents and chemical and organic reagents, without prejudice to the environment, production of isoprene, raw materials for chemical synthesis. AGRICULTURE - production of high-protein feed for agriculture. 11

12 12 Processing of renewable feedstocks 1212 PRODUCTION Of ABE (Acetone, Butanol, Ethanol) PRODUCTIO N OF FEED YEAST PRODUCTION OF RAW MATERIALS FOR AGRICULTURAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTION OF SUGARS AND LIGNIN Glucose Fuel pellets Tars and their derivatives Raw materials for construction materials Anticancer preparation Vitamin P Primary components for production of antibiotics Sterol preparations Biobutanol (biological fuel additive) Acetone Carbon dioxide Hydrogen Raw materials for chemical synthesis Feed yeast Feed additives with high digestibility (95%) Substitutes for whole milk Feed additives for growing birds and fish Immune response modifiers Metallopeptides – digestible nonorganic minerals (Zn, Mg, Mn, I, Se, Cr etc.) Ribonucleic acid (RNA) POWER ENGINEERING, FOOD INDUSTRY, PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, HEALTH CARE POWER ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL INDUSTRY AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY FOOD INDUSTRY, PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, HEALTH CARE Sugar solution Grain stillage Feed yeast Cellulose-containing materials

13 13 Technological advantages 1313 Innovation technologies, which determine project success: 1.A unique process for raw materials preparation, including ultrafine grinding, extraction and activation. 2.Available technologies, which use new enzyme producers, ensure output of 0.55-0.59 kg of monocular from 1 kg of dry sawdust. 3.Butanol output from mixture of synthesized solutions is more than 90%. 4.The process is continuous with permanent removal of synthesized butanol from the fermentation equipment. 5.Power consumption at the stage of product separation is greatly reduced. 6.A power- and resource-saving technology for utilization of grain stillage after butanol production by continuous growing of feed yeast containing up to 52% of crude protein and < 3.0% of crude fiber. Environmental advantage of the technology: The combines processing of wood raw material ensures reduction of solid waste, liquid production waste and gas-air emission.

14 14 PROJECTCreating a joint venture deep processing of wood wastes and the production of biofuels FINANCINGInvestment 67 million $ INITIATORS OF THE PROJECT OJSC «Corporation Biotechnologies» ( LLC «Management company «Particom» ( ISSUED PRODUCTS Biobutanol 2 nd generation – 60 thousand tons per year Acetone – 6 thousand tons per year Fuel pellets– 59 thousand tons per year Feed yeast– 26 thousand tons per year The passport of the project 14

15 15 Preparation to the realization of the project To ensure a reliable supply of wood raw material in the necessary volume, a work was performed on allocation of lands: of the JSC Forestry enterprise «Turtas» and «Wood technology» - the volume of felling is 113,000 and 220,000 m.3 annually respectively. 15 To implement the project, the company has a plot of land an area ​​ 284 593 m2, is located in the village Turtas Uvat district of Tyumen region.

16 16 System of sales butanol and other products will be formed in partnership with the companies «Vertical» (Switzerland) and «Noble Group» (Hong Kong) - ones of the world's main traders in the area of biofuels, technical and food alcohols. Companies have a unique experience in the transportation and storage of alcohols and solvents. Without loss of quality they deliver goods to consumers across the Name of productCustomer Butanol LLC «ATEK» (Moscow), VERTICAL UK LLP (London, UK), ALFA OIL LTD, Tortola, BVI (Iran), LLC TD "RASTRO" (St. Petersburg), Noble Group (Hong Kong). AcetoneALFA OIL LTD, Tortola, BVI Feed yeastLLC «Provimi» (Moscow) Fuel pelletsLLC «Portal» (St. Petersburg) A list of potential customers of products System of sales

17 17 Implementation site: township Turtas Uvat district of the Tyumen region Investment 67 million $ Including: on building and assembly jobs 19 million $ on the purchase of equipment and organization of production 29,8 million for current activity 17,6 million $ pay-off period – (BP), мес. 46 Financing structure and efficiency indicators of project

18 18 Thank You for attention! 18

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