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Shuming Bao China Data Center University of Michigan Statistics, Census, and GIS Data for China Studies.

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1 Shuming Bao China Data Center University of Michigan Statistics, Census, and GIS Data for China Studies

2 Background Founded in 1997 by the University of Michigan Inherited from the CITAS project Sponsor by NASA, UW, UM, and CIESIN Missions:  integrate historical, social and natural science data into GIS  support research in the human and natural components of local, regional and global change  promote quantitative research on China studies  promote collaborative research in spatial studies  promote the use of data on China in teaching  promote data sharing Background and Missions

3 China Data Center Projects - Focus on the added value China Data Development – China Statistical Data – China Spatial Data – China Financial Data – China Survey Data Research and Education – West China Studies – Macroeconomic Analysis – Environment and Health – Education in Geography Cyberstructure Development – China Data Online – DemographicsChina – DataPlanet

4 China Data Online - The primary data source and service for China studies  China Statistical Database  China Census Database  China Spatial Data Reports and Maps  China Survey Data Network (Free)  Atlas of China (Free)

5 Data SourceGovernment Non- Government Statistics (monthly, quarterly, yearly)* Census (population, agriculture, basic units, Industrial, construction, economic) * Survey (rural, urban, enterprise, market)** GIS Data (boundaries, lines, points, grid)** China Data Sources

6 Data Level CountryProvinceCityCountyTownOthers Statistics *** ** Industry Census *** ** Neighborhood Committee, Village, Enterprise, Basic Unit Survey Enterprise, Community, Household GIS Data *** ** Vary

7 Data Format DataFormat StatisticsExcel, HTML, Text, SQL, …. CensusExcel, HTML, Text, SQL, …. SurveyExcel, Text, SQL, …. FinanceText, Excel, HTML, Reports GIS DataPolygons, Points, Lines, GRID Remote SensingImage

8 Data Update MonthlyQuarterlyYearlyYearsOther Statistics*** Census Population - 1953, 1964, 1982, 1990, 2000 Economic – 2004, 2008 Industry - 1950, 1985, 1995 Agriculture - 1997, 2006 Service Industry - 1993 R&D - 2000, 2007 Survey* * * GIS Data Vary

9 Data Coverage Coverage of Space and Time StatisticsPossible incomplete and objective CensusRelatively complete and less objective SurveySampled households and regions GIS Data Partial or complete region, mostly updated at different times Data Coverage

10 About China Census Data

11 The Population Census of China  Five Census: 1953, 1964, 1982, 1990, 2000  2000 Census data tables: Short Form (100%), Long Form (9.5%)  Date and Time: 0:00AM of November 1, 2000  Residents: All permanent residents who have Chinese citizenships and have permanent living places in Mainland China.

12 Census Questionnaires and Forms There are four questionnaire forms in 2000 Census: (1)Short Form (2)Long Form (3)Death Form (dead between 11/1/1999 and 10/31/2000) (4)Temporary Resident Form (live in the place and left the original pace with household registration for less than 6 months)

13 Migration Data in 2000 Census  Those who have a different counties or districts of birth (within or outside of the current province) than the current counties or districts  Those who have moved from other townships to the current place within last 5 years (95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00)  Those who have moved from other places to current place for more than five years  Those who don’t have the local household registration but have been living in this townships for more than 6 months  Those residents who have local household registration but have left for other places for more than 6 months  Those who have resided in this township for less than 6 months but have been away from the place of their permanent household registration for more than 6 months.  Those who live in this township during the population census while the places of their household registration have not yet settled.  Those who used to live in this township but are working or studying abroad during the Census and have no permanent household registration for the time being.  Where the residents were from: Jiedao, town or townships of the same or other provinces  Migration by age sex, and reasons for moving from other places to the current place  The Intra or Inter-province Migration by education (No Schooling, Eliminate Illiteracy, Primary School, Junior Middle School, Senior Middle School, Specialized secondary school, Junior College, University, Graduate Student)  The Intra or Inter-province Migration by occupation  The intra or inter-province female migration with birth orders of 1 st, 2 nd and 3+ between November 1 st of 1999 11.l and October 31 of 2000.

14 Urban/Rural Residence

15 2004 Economic Census Data  The 1 st Economic Census in China  Collect the data by every 5 years (3 and 8, next: 2008)  Combined industrial Census, basic unit Census, and construction Census of previous years  About 5 millions economic establishments in 2004  Data from 2004 Economic Census: Employment Revenue Industries Major products Ownerships

16 China Data Online Statistical Database: Monthly Statistics National Statistics Provincial Statistics City Statistics County Statistics Monthly Industrial Data Yearly Industrial Data Statistics on Map (I) Statistics on Map (II) Statistical Yearbooks Provincial Yearbooks (I) Provincial Yearbooks (II) City Yearbooks National Yearbooks Census Database: Population Census 1982 Population Census 1990 Population Survey 1995, 2005 Province Census 2000 County Census 2000 Economic Census 2004 Spatial Data Reports and Maps: DemographicsNowChina DemographicsNowUS Survey Data : China Survey Data Network China Atlas Atlas of Population Census Atlas of Population and Environment Atlas of Industrial Census

17 Monthly and Yearly Statistics

18 Regional Statistics (Province, City, County)

19 Monthly and Yearly Industrial Statistics

20 China Statistical Yearbooks

21 Population and Economic Census Data Population and Economic Census Data (with about 3,000 electronic Census data books)

22 China 2005 1% Population Survey Data


24 China Survey Data Network China Survey Data Network University of Michigan -Peking University

25 The Online Spatial Data Reports and Maps U.S. Data and Maps China Data and Maps

26 Questions -How we can compare the data of different times? -How we can compare the data at different locations? -How we can aggregate the data by spatial ranges? -How we can aggregate the data by different levels of administrative units? -How we can integrate the data from different sources? -How we can conduct spatial data analysis without GIS skills? -How we can easily extract the data efficiently -How we can make the reports for ready analysis and publications? -How we can get the local/community information for survey data analysis? -How we can understand/detect spatial patterns and trends?

27 China Spatial Data Sources - The most comprehensive population Census data and digital maps in China’s history 1. 2000 China Township Population Census Data with GIS Maps 2. 2000 China County Population Census Data with GIS Maps 3. 2000 China City Population Census Data with GIS Maps 4. 2000 China Province Population Census Data with GIS Maps 5. China GRID Population with Township Boundaries 6. China 2004 Economic Census Data with ZIP Maps

28 2000 Census Data with GIS Maps > 2,000 demographic variables in 2000 population Census 2000 Census data variables:  General Information  Nationalities  Age Structure  Household Structure  Education  Fertility  Deaths  Marriage  Migration  Housing Status  Industries and Occupations Geographical Levels: Country | Province | Prefecture | County | Township | 1 sq km Grid

29 Economic Census Data with ZIP Maps > Cover more than 5 million economic units Employment 1 1-19 20-49 50-99 100-499 500-999 1000-4999 5000-29999 30000-49999 50000+ Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 0-30 30---50 50---100 100--300 300--500 500--1000 1000-3000 3000-5000 5000-10000 10000-30000 30000-50000 50000-100000 100000-150000 150000-200000 200000 and over Industries - 852 industries Products - 3 primary products Ownerships - 23 different industries Revenue - 15 revenue ranges Employment - 10 employment ranges

30 Township Map with Census Data

31 Population Grid Data with Township Boundaries Township boundaries Elevation Projected Grid population

32 Economic Census Data with ZIP Maps

33 CAS, Post-Office, Web Spatial Data Integration Spatial Data Integration - Statistics, Census Data and GIS The Fields of Spatial Studies: Population Environment Hydrology Public Health History Anthropology Regional Economy Business Development …. GIS Govn’t Statistics Population Census Economic Census Boundary Maps ZIP Maps Township Maps Bureau of Statistics Outputs Pop Census with GIS City Stats with GIS Eco Census with GIS

34 Features  Over 3,000 unique demographic and economic variables for China data  Province, prefecture, county, and township boundaries  Data retrieval for radius and polygon trade areas  2000 population Census data for over 50,000 townships in China  2004 economic Census data for over 5 million units  Population estimates for 9.6 million square kilometer grids  Aggregate the data from selected administrative units (province, prefecture, county, township), ZIPs or geographical regions by radius  Summary, comparison, rank, or customized reports  The online reports, maps and charts ready for publications

35 Selection by Administrative Units

36 Select The Province

37 Select The City

38 Select The County

39 Select The Township

40 Select The Reports



43 Selection of Customized Variables

44 Selection By Site Locations

45 Site Selection (Site A)

46 Site Selection (Site B)

47 Select The Reports






53 Applications  Disaster Assessment  Regional Planning  Environmental and Public Health  Culture and Religious Studies  Business Site Selections  Projections and Simulations  Household/Field Surveys

54 System DemoContact China Data Center 1007 Huron St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1690 T: (734)647-9610 F: (734)763-0335 EMIAL:

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