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Bangalore Metropolitan Region

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1 Bangalore Metropolitan Region
Government of Karnataka BANGALORE METROPOLITON REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY BANGALORE METROPOLITON REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Presentation on Satellite Towns Ring Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Radial Roads & Townships in Bangalore Metropolitan Region June 2006

2 BMRDA Projects BMRDA Proposes development of Trunk Road Network &
Five Townships in BMR Region : BMR – Satellite Town Ring Roads : Connecting Towns located around Bangalore City BMR – Intermediate Ring Roads : Connecting Industrial & Residential Developments located around Bangalore City BMR – Radial Roads : Radiating from Bangalore City Connecting BMR – Satellite Town Ring Roads & BMR – Intermediate Ring Roads BMR – Townships : Five Townships are proposed around Bangalore

3 Salient Features of BMR – Ring Roads
The Bangalore Metropolitan Region – Intermediate Ring Road & Satellite Ring Road are proposed for integrated and comprehensive traffic flow with National Highways, State Highways, Major District Roads & Ring Roads. It is a 180 Km/hr High Speed Corridor with adequate traffic and road safety provisions. Geometrical improvements to existing alignment are proposed, such as improvements to horizontal & vertical curves in the BMR-Ring Roads. Grade separators & Interchanges are proposed at the junction of National Highways, State Highways & Major District Roads. Two lane service roads 7.5M on either side are proposed for catering to domestic traffic.

4 Salient Features of BMR – Ring Roads
Eco-friendly Multipurpose barrage- cum- bridges are proposed in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region- Ring Roads (at Ramanagara & Kanakapura area) All towns are proposed for bypass. The Bypass roads are integrated with NH bypasses, SH bypasses & town Ring Roads, etc. The width of the median proposed is 10M to 15M BMR-Ring Roads, in order to provide Metro/Mono Rail in course of time. Multi Level & eco-friendly avenue plantations are proposed on Medians and on either sides of Ring Roads, to protect the environment. Provisions are made for carrying utilities, OFC Cables, Sanitary Line, Telephone Cables, Electric Cables etc. The total length of BMR –Ringroads is 784 kms: Initially 4 lane & upgraded to 8 lane road. The estimated cost is Rs crore (as per IRC specifications).

5 Length & Area details of BMR – Ring Roads
SL. No. Name of Road Total length in Kms (Appx) Total Area (in Acres) 1 Satellite Towns Ring Road 284 6303 2 Intermediate Ring Road 188 4182 3 Radial Roads 262 3885 Total 734 14370

6 General Details of Satellite Towns Ring Road
1. Length of the Road : 284 Kms 2. Connectivity Dobbuspet, Magadi, Ramanagara, Kanakapura, Anekal, Hosakote, Devanahalli, Doddaballapura 3. Features 8 lanes road including two lane service roads. The right of way is 90 mts with 10 to 15 mts width median. 4. Estimated Cost Rs crore 5. Extent of Land required 6303 Acres (Estimate) 6. Extent of Land to be acquired 4153 Acres 7. Cost of Acquisition Rs. 160 crore 8. Roads to be constructed as per IRC Standards

7 General Details of Intermediate Ring Road
1. Length of the Road : 188 Kms 2. Connectivity Nelamangala, Bidadi, Harohalli, Tattekere, Hosakote, Aradeshanahalli, Mylenahalli 3. Features 8 lanes including two service roads & 10 to 15 mtr wide median. 4. Estimated Cost Rs. 750 crore 5. Extent of Land required 4182 Acres 6. Extent of Land to be acquired 2053 Acres 7. Cost of Acquisition Rs. 100 crore 8. Roads to be constructed as per IRC Standards

8 General Details of Radial Roads
1. Length of the Road : 262 Kms 2. Features 6 lanes including two service roads & 1 mtr width median 3. Estimated Cost Rs. 780 crore 4. Extent of Land required 3885 Acres 5. Extent of Land to be acquired 750 Acres 6. Cost of Acquisition Rs. 75 crore 7. Roads to be constructed as per IRC Standards 8. State Highways and Major District Roads radiating from city are considered for development. (National Highways are not considered, since these are being developed separately).

9 Survey work for BMR – Ring Roads in
progress to be completed by end Oct 2006 A Transparent process of inviting Global Bids to be adopted for selection of private partner / developer.

10 BMRDA Townships

11 Salient Features of BMRDA Townships :
BMRDA TOWNSHIPS are independent, self-contained & eco-friendly integrated townships. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS incorporate industrial & residential establishments, promoting work - home culture. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS are connected by BMR Ring Roads & with a proper access to NH, SH, Railway Stations & Airport. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS will have independent Air-strips & Helipads in 100 acres of land, to cater to limited domestic air traffic needs.

12 Salient Features of BMRDA Townships :
Recreational facilities - Golf Course, Club houses, Malls. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS are eco-friendly : forest, lakes & tanks, natural valleys, hillocks etc., are protected, preserved & developed. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS have wide internal road network, with power, water supply, sanitation, etc. Speciality : (a) Waste water recycling & (b) Solid waste management.

13 Salient Features of BMRDA Townships :
Bidadi, Ramanagar & Sathanur townships located on southern Bangalore will have access to BMICP corridor through Bidadi, Ramanagara & Channapatna interchange BMRDA TOWNSHIPS have complete provision for health, education, tourism & recreation. BMRDA TOWNSHIPS are proposed in the limits of 85 villages having 79,000 population. These villages will be adopted by BMRDA for integrated & comprehensive development.

14 Salient Features of BMRDA Townships :
BMRDA will also take up the integrated & comprehensive development of towns located on BMR Ring Roads & BMRDA Townships out of revenue generated from Townships Projects Water Supply : Rejuvenation of Tanks, Rainwater harvesting, Recycling BWSSB : would provide minimum [per capita 70 lpd] potable water. Additional requirements to be met by ground water / recycling. Power Supply : would be arranged by KPTCL

15 STRR, IRR, Radial Ring Road & BMRDA TOWNSHIPS

16 BMRDA Townships – Land proposed to be acquired
[In Acres] Name of the Townships Pvt. Land Govt. land Total Bidadi 6959 2725 9684 Ramanagara 3621 392 4013 Sathanur 5891 10341 16232 Solur 9661 2864 12525 Nandagudi 13762 4745 18507 39894 21067 60961 [Note:- I Acre = 4040 Sq. Mtrs]

17 BMRDA Townships - Utilization of Land
50% of the area is proposed to be utilized for open spaces and civic amenities like Roads, Parks, Playgrounds etc Balance 50% of the area is proposed to be parceled out into large plots of 50 / 100 / 200 acres etc for further development into residential / commercial & industrial zones through multiple secondary developers

18 Approach First project at Bidadi through bid route & other projects through SPV [Public Private Partnership] mode Lands would be acquired initially through KIADB & later by BMRDA itself Aim : Development of integrated work & live infrastructure and not merely creating plots Master Plan to be prepared by Private Partner / SPV BMRDA shall provide handholding assistance for obtaining the approvals of the various regulatory authorities

19 Approach Thematic townships
Alternative modes of compensation to land losers would also be explored The Private Partner shall finance & develop the entire internal project infrastructure including for water and power supply BMRDA shall provide external infrastructure including access roads, water & power up to the periphery through BWSSB and KEB (KPTCL) BMRDA shall provide bulk solid waste management facility outside the township

20 Approach Selection of the Private Partner through open global tendering process Foreign firms to participate either through an Indian subsidiary or through a JV/Consortium with Indian firms and would be subject to the relevant FDI norms/regulations Private Partner shall welcome monitoring of project progress by BMRDA to ensure compliance with the project objectives Project Implementation Period is expected to be 2 years and Realisation Period, 5 years

21 Approach BMRDA shall use the surplus generated from the Township Project for development of BMR Region through projects for :- Development of road / metro / mono rail networks etc Development of the existing towns and villages falling within the project area and its immediate surroundings Greening of the BMR

22 Phasing of the Projects
First Township at Bidadi Ramanagara, Sathanur, Solur and Nandagudi to be takenup thereafter in phases

23 Thank You

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