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Professional Computer Software Services  Innovation  Integration  Productivity.

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1 Professional Computer Software Services  Innovation  Integration  Productivity

2 Increasing Productivity through Innovative Technologies

3 PCSS provides case management software integrated with advanced technology for courts throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. I. ABOUT US

4 Since 1985, PCSS has supplied many courts with quality case management solutions. By focusing solely on the courts, PCSS remains the leading provider of advanced, state-of-the-art judicial software.

5 South Carolina State (population 4,107,183) Austin Municipal Court, Texas (population 650,000) Victoria Municipal Court, Texas (population 61,000) Carrollton Municipal Court, Texas (population 110,000) References

6 PCSS offers software solutions targeted specifically to courts. JEMS (Judicial Enforcement Management System) provides a comprehensive case management solution JMS (Jury Manager System) assists with selecting, paying, and tracking jurors PAS (Prosecuting Attorney System) focuses on the needs of prosecuting attorney offices II. SYSTEM BENEFITS

7 User-Friendly Screens JEMS are intuitive and very easy to use, allowing quick navigation to anywhere in the system.

8 Flexible Case Entry Choose from several case entry methods: Automatic upload from other agencies Capture text from scanned documents Enter manually on entry specifically designed for your court

9 Set up your procedures that normally involve several steps to run as a single court process. Example: Schedule a hearing, apply a disposition, modify costs, and add sentencing to a case automatically. Automated Business Processes

10 Never forget a task again with JEMS automated workflows. Send reminders to persons responsible for different procedures, such as signing and serving warrants. Efficient Workflows

11 With functionality like Court Processes and Workflows, it has never been easier to automate any task, no matter how many steps, requiring input from multiple users. Example: Automate a warrant from initial entry, generation/printing, apply e- signatures, archival as PDF, to final service of the warrant. Advanced Automation

12 JEMS can assign cases to dockets automatically when the case is entered or at a later time. Assign resources like courtrooms, judges, and officers to hearings Re-schedule events when conflicts occur Integrates with Microsoft Outlook Optional web interface so anyone can look up a court date on the Internet Effortless Scheduling

13 Create any number of documents using Microsoft Word. Merge data from the JEMS database to create a virtually unlimited number of custom documents and forms. Include captured images and electronic signatures in documents, optionally saved as Word or PDF files. For custom reports, use Crystal Reports, an industry-standard reporting tool, to create any kind of ad hoc report that includes graphical elements like barcodes and pie charts. Unlimited Documents and Reports

14 Collect single, multiple case, and partial payments Process credit cards through VeriSign ( Set up installment payments and individualized payment plans Balance bank accounts Disburse funds automatically or manually Track delinquent payments Process restitution, bonds, jail credits, community service, and other non-monetary payments Multiple Payment Options

15 JEMS determines access to critical case data by checking privileges assigned to individual users, user groups, and court agencies, which are typically comprised of multiple user groups. The JEMS Options Manager further restricts specific options, such as the modules appearing on the Application bar, to specific user groups. Role-Based Security

16 Advanced Technologies Complete document imaging, scanning, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology with PDF archival E-Signatures, where signatures are captured through an electronic signature pad Web Cam Image Capturing Bar Codes Credit Cards processing over the Internet with technology from VeriSign

17 Advanced Technologies E-Filing, where documents are filed securely over the Internet IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Telephone System Custom-Designed Web Browser Interfaces: Public Inquiry, On-Line Transactions, Attorney Inquiry Courtroom Processing Touch Screens Custom Interfaces for Rapid Data Transfer to/from Outside Agencies with XML Export Capability

18 Eliminate paperwork and speed up case processing with JEMS advanced imaging technology. Scan documents one at a time or in batch Archive documents as secure PDF files Add electronic signatures to documents Find documents associated with cases quickly and easily. Imaging, Scanning

19 Incorporate documents in work flows. Example: Remind user to sign document electronically. Allow user to view document on screen then apply an electronic signature. Save document storage costs and staff resources needed to process paperwork

20 Capture signatures using an electronic signature pad. Embed signatures inside Microsoft Word documents your court designs. Use Word merge technology to merge additional case data into the document, then print document and/or archive as a Word or PDF file. Electronic Signatures

21 Store pictures of defendants Embed images in Word documents Find images easily and quickly Adjust images with controls like contrast and brightness WebCams

22 Use bar coding for juror badges or in custom Crystal reports. PCSS can develop and implement any number of uses for bar codes. WebCams

23 Route credit card transactions immediately over the Internet to VeriSign for processing to the financial networks. Credit Card Processing

24 Electronic filing enables attorneys and other legal professionals to send and retrieve documents over the Internet. PCSS partners with Tybera to provide courts with a secure, efficient e-filing solution. E-Filing

25 Design and record your own customized voice response menus Manage multiple incoming lines Record messages in multiple languages Make information available anytime IVR: Integrated Voice Response

26 Web Browser Interfaces Online payment processing: Pay citations over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Public Inquiry: Deliver real-time access to public records cost effectively over the Internet Attorney Inquiry: Provide information to attorneys without the need for additional staff Publish dockets and calendars over the Internet for quick access at anytime

27 Large buttons and text make the touch screen extra convenient and easy to use. Touch Screens Perform tasks even faster, without the use of a mouse, with the Courtroom Processing touch screen.

28 PCSS custom interfaces make it easy to share information with other agencies. With optional XML export, data can be converted into a format readable by many different types of applications. Custom Interfaces for Rapid Information Sharing

29 Supports Multiple Court Agencies for enhanced information exchange Stores a Variety of Data, including Images and Audio Provides rapid access to persons and warrants through centralized person and warrant files Additional Features

30 Addresses a Variety of Operating Requirements, from Basic Case Management to Finance and Accounting Delivers Flexible Data Access to Even Geographically Remote Users Easy to configure, table-driven, with minimal hard-coded values for maximum flexibility Additional Features

31 III. SERVICES Data Conversion QuickStart data entry services Installation and On-Site Training Ongoing Customer Support via a Toll-Free Help Desk and Internet Incident Tracking System Site Analysis and Recommendation Project Management System Design and Specification Development Comprehensive User Documentation PCSS provides many services to courts, including:

32 PCSS provides data conversion services for small and large volumes of data. We analyze your existing data and determine a plan that will ensure a seamless migration to JEMS. At each stage, reports are generated to ensure accuracy. Data Conversion

33 Your court can be up and running with new software in no time with PCSS QuickStart service. We will provide basic configuration, enter codes, and create custom documents provided by your court, ensuring a smooth, rapid transition from your previous software system to new PCSS software solutions. QuickStart

34 On-site classes and one-on-one training available Custom training agenda and materials created for your site Annual user conferences provides classes and question/answer forum for existing customers Training

35 Primary support person assigned to each customer, ensuring personalized support specifically tailored to meet your court needs Direct, toll-free telephone support Web interface available for entering, logging, and viewing status of issues Support

36 For more information, contact Professional Computer Software Services, Inc. On the web: Via email: Call us: 1.800.476.6053

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