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Skills Review: Session Five

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1 Skills Review: Session Five
Idioms and Clarity of Expression

2 What is an “idiom”? a fixed distinctive expression whose meaning cannot be deduced from the combined meanings of its actual words the way of using a language that comes naturally to its native speakers (literally translated to another language would NOT make sense) Page 315- any you don’t know or understand?

3 Idiomatic Expression Errors
Wrong preposition Diction Gerunds vs. Infinitives Ambiguity in Scope Low-level Usage

4 Wrong Preposition/Diction
In standard written English, only certain prepositions can be used with certain verbs. Hopefully, you know which to use based on your daily conversations and your own writing. When a word is used incorrectly, leading to a construction that is not idiomatic or not acceptable according to standard usage, a diction error occurs.

5 Confusing word groups Write a sentence using each of the words in your assigned group correctly. Adapt/adopt/adept advantage/benefit Adverse/averse affect/effect All ready/already all together/altogether Canvas/canvass carat/caret/carrot Cite/site/sight consul/council/counsel Decent/descent/dissent disburse/disperse Discomfit/discomfort elicit/illicit

6 Gerunds vs. Infinitives
Bottom line: some verbs are often followed by infinitives, some verbs are often followed by gerunds, and some verbs can be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund with no change in meaning. (pages for list) The teacher promises to make concessions for students with extenuating circumstances. We celebrated winning the 5K race in the rain. She continued to wear the revealing outfit despite her mother’s objections. She continued wearing the revealing outfit despite her mother’s objections.

7 Ambiguity in scope No clear division between two ideas, so that the ideas seem to merge. After the arrest, the accused was charged with resisting arrest and criminal fraud. The recent changes in the tax law will primarily affect workers who wait tables in restaurants, operate concessions in public places, and drive taxis.

8 Low-level Usage (okay, we do live in the South, so we have heard most of these) Ain’t Equally as good Worst kind On account of Quite a few Unbeknownst to Should of Plan on (pg. 325 for list)

9 More Practice PSAT Form S #22 and #30 (these are coded as idioms/clarity of expression?) Usage Group Work Usage Game 1-99 odd (pp )

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