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Steps to Creating Hybrid Foods cycle-genetically-modified-seed.

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2 Steps to Creating Hybrid Foods cycle-genetically-modified-seed

3 What do you get when?

4 Pineberry – bred form wild strawberries but taste like pineapple

5 Tangerine + Pummelo (grapefruit)

6 Tangelo Tastes like a tangerine but juicier

7 Ugli fruit Hybrid of an orange, grapefruit and tangerine

8 Pluot Plum and Apricot (more plum than apricot)

9 Aprium More apricot than plum

10 Toma Bella Tomato and bell pepper hybrid Toma Bella's have a sweet, tomato flavor with the crispy, crunchiness of bell pepper...even after it's cooked. This hybrid fruit has an intense red color with a squatty-bell shape.

11 Lemato – lemon + tomato Tastes like a tomato with a hint of lemon and rose

12 Limequat Key lime and a kumquat

13 Broccolini – broccoli hybrid

14 Broccoflower Higher in protein than both broccoli and cauliflower

15 Orange Cauliflower Mutation that occurred in Canada Contains 25 times the level of vitamin A as the white variety

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