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ABCDelicious! By The First Grade Class 2006-2007.

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1 ABCDelicious! By The First Grade Class 2006-2007

2 First Grade Class Sue Ellen Turner, Teacher Catriona Ferguson Camryn Legra Jake Logan Rachel Lucenius Emma Mikitiuk Theresa Mosko Remi Nichols Lexie Smith Molly Stockwell Dakota Thornton Brian Valenti Krissy Watts Alistair Wilson

3 A a asparagus Asparagus are green. Asparagus grow in the ground. You can eat them steamed.

4 B b blueberry Blueberries are blue. Blueberries grow on bushes. You can make a pie out of them.

5 C c corn Corn is a vegetable. It grows in fields. It grows on a tall stalk.

6 D d doughnut Doughnuts are fried in fat. Many doughnuts have holes in them. There are many different kinds of flavors.

7 E e enchilada The enchilada is a Mexican dish and is made with a corn tortilla. The most popular fillings are meat and cheese.

8 F f flounder Flounders are flat fish. Flounders are good food for you.

9 G g guava Guavas can be in the shape of an oval, pear- shaped, or round. They are larger than an egg. The skin is green at first and turns yellow when it is ripe.

10 H h honey Honey is a sweet, yellow-orange syrup that bees get from flowers. Honey is the oldest sweet sugar in the whole world.

11 I i ice cream The history of ice cream is a mystery! Ice cream is made from milk or cream. It comes in many different flavors.

12 J j jam and jelly Jam is made from fruit and sugar boiled together. Jelly is made from fruit juice and sugar boiled together.

13 K k kiwi Kiwis have been grown in China for thousands of years. They are brown and fuzzy on the outside, and green inside. Kiwis are called gooseberries in China.

14 L l lemon A lemon is yellow and bumpy. A lemon is tart.

15 M m mango A mango has a big pit inside. They are yellow-orange inside.

16 N n nuts Nuts come from trees. Nuts are good for you. Some nuts we eat are cashews, Brazil nuts, almonds, and chestnuts.

17 O o olive Oil is made from olives. You use it for cooking. Olives have a hard seed in the middle. You can eat the black ones or the green ones.

18 P p papaya The papaya is 3 to 20 inches long. It could be an oval or a circle. Papaya juice helps your stomach when it hurts.

19 Q q quiche Quiche is a French dish made mostly of eggs and milk or cream in a crust. Quiche can have many other ingredients like meat, vegetables, or cheese.

20 R r raspberry Raspberries come from prickly bushes. Raspberries are juicy and are red or black.

21 S s salad Salad is crunchy. Salad can have lettuce, dressing, carrots, and tomatoes. Salad is healthy for your body!

22 T t tomato A tomato is red and soft. A tomato is red inside.

23 U u ugli fruit Ugli fruit grows in Jamaica. It is in the citrus fruit family. Its skin smells good.

24 V v vanilla Vanilla is a flavoring used in ice cream, candy, and in cakes. Vanilla comes from beans.

25 W w watermelon Watermelons can have red or yellow flesh. They grow on a vine.

26 X x xanthan gum Xanthan gum is a chemical that is added to food. It is a chain of five different kinds of sugar. It is used in salad dressings and milk products.

27 Y y yogurt Yogurt is made from milk and bacteria. It is creamy and sometimes flavored with fruit. You buy yogurt at the store.

28 Z z zucchini A zucchini is a long, green vegetable. It grows on a vine.

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