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FRUITS & VEGETABLES. APPLES Granny Smith Golden Delicious Braeburn Mcintosh.

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2 APPLES Granny Smith Golden Delicious Braeburn Mcintosh

3 APPLES Red Delicious Gala Pink Lady Rome Beauty

4 Berries Boysenberries Strawberries Golden Raspberries Blueberries

5 Berries cont…… Gooseberries Red Raspberries Cranberries Red Currants

6 Berries cont…… Blackberries

7 Citrus Fruit Orange Grapefruit Lemon Lime

8 Citrus Fruit cont……. Ugli Fruit Tangerine Clementine Minneola

9 Citrus Fruit cont….. Kumquat

10 Pears Anjou Red Bartlett Bosc Seckel

11 Pears cont….. Comice Asian

12 Stone Fruit Apricot Nectarine Peach Santa Rosa Plum

13 Stone Fruit cont…….. Cherry Damson Plum

14 Melons Cantaloupe Casaba Crenshaw Watermelon

15 Melon cont….. Honeydew

16 Rhubarb

17 Tropical Fruit Bananas Red Bananas Plantains Coconut

18 Tropical Fruit cont…. Date Fig Guava Kiwi

19 Tropical Fruit cont….. Mango Papaya Passion Fruit Pineapple

20 Tropical Fruit cont….. Quince Pomegranate Persimmon Star Fruit

21 Cabbage Family Broccoli Cauliflower Bok Choy Brussels Sprouts

22 Cabbage Family Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Napa Cabbage Savoy Cabbage

23 Gourds Kirby Cucumber English Cucumber Slicing Cucumber Zucchini

24 Gourds cont….. Butternut Squash Baby Yellow Squash Delicata Squash Pumpkin

25 Gourds cont…… Acorn Squash Pattypan Squash Eggplant Japanese Eggplant

26 Leafy Greens Kale Swiss Chard Turnip Greens Collard Greens

27 Leafy Greens cont…. Spinach

28 Mushrooms Button/White Portobello Shiitake Truffle

29 Onion Family Scallions Leeks Garlic Pearl Onions

30 Onion Family cont….. Yellow Onion White Onion Red Onion Shallots

31 Chiles Anaheim Poblano Jalapeno Cayenne

32 Chiles cont…… Scotch Bonnet Habanero

33 Pods and Seeds Snow Peas Sugar Snap Peas Lima Beans Fava Beans

34 Pods and Seeds Green Peas

35 Roots Turnip Beets Radish Parsnips

36 Shoots and Stalks Artichoke Fennel Asparagus Fiddlehead Ferns

37 Draw a picture of an unknown vegetable from each section, and in your own words describe the vegetable Cabbage 1 Gourds 2 Leafy Greens 1 Mushrooms 2 Onion Family 1 Chiles 1 Pods and Seeds 1 Roots 1 Shoots and Stalks 1 Tubers 1

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