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The ABC’s of Fruit and Vegetables By Mrs. Bennett’s 2 nd grade class 2009.

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1 The ABC’s of Fruit and Vegetables By Mrs. Bennett’s 2 nd grade class 2009

2 A is for Apple Apples are sweet but some are sour. Its a fruit. It’s juicy. Brandon Smathers

3 B is for banana Bananas grow on trees and have seeds in them. It’s a fruit and bananas are good for you and me. Amara Houck

4 C is for carrots C is for carrots. I like carrots because carrots are healthy. Kasumi Magnis

5 D is for dates Dates are good.

6 E is for eggplant Eggplant tastes like it is dried out even though the eggplant is a moist vegetable. Colton Zudonyi

7 F is for fruit Fruit is yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!! Kendra Roe

8 G is for grape G is also for grape juice. A grape is like a ball. A grape is from a vine. By Savannah

9 H is for huckleberry The huckleberry is a berry that grows in the woods. It is very small but very yummy. By Mrs. Bennett

10 I is for Iceberg lettuce Iceberg lettuce is a yummy lettuce that I use in my salad. Mrs. Bennett

11 J stands for Jalapeno Jalapeno is a red vegetable and it is very hot. Jontae Grant

12 K is for kiwi Kiwi is good and it is green and they are fruit. Quaneisha Ruffin

13 L is for Lemons Lemons are yellow. Lemons are sour. Coltin Igo

14 M is for melon Watermelon is a fruit. Josh

15 N is for Nuts Nuts are hard and round. They are also brown. They’re on trees just like bees. Noah Smith

16 O is for orange Oranges are healthy for people. They have lots vitamins. Lucas

17 P is for pineapple Pineapples are good to eat. Athena Weisler

18 Q is for quince Quince is a fruit that you make into jelly. Deven Long

19 R is for radish Radishes are good Radishes are vegetable. Radishes are Healthy. By Quentin Furr.

20 S is for strawberry Strawberries are VERY sweet. Jade Tersiev

21 T is for tomatoes I love tomatoes Tomatoes are round and red

22 U is for ugli fruit The ugli fruit is an ugly fruit but it is an interesting looking one also. By Mrs. Bennett

23 V is for vegetables Vegetables are yummy. Vegetables are different colors. Devon Spell

24 W is for Watermelon Watermelon are good for you. They are yummy. Brianna Hawley

25 X is for ‘xtra special Fruit and vegetables are extra special because they are good for you. I like fruits and vegetables because they are yummy. Mrs. Bennett

26 Y is for yams Yams are sweet. Yams are good. Nikolas Landry

27 Z is for zucchini Juicy Juice Crunchy Juicy Tyreek Moore

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