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Conference xxx - August 2003 Sverker Holmgren SNIC Director SweGrid A National Grid Initiative within SNIC Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing.

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1 Conference xxx - August 2003 Sverker Holmgren SNIC Director SweGrid A National Grid Initiative within SNIC Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing

2 NORDUnet SNIC? A metacenter, organized within Vetenskapsrådet. Formed 2003, but builds on much older computer centers. Mission: Provide funding for computing resources for academic research in Sweden Coordinate investments, user support and competence Provide mechanisms for resource allocation Fund and coordinate development projects Manage the Swedish interface to large international collaborations and projects Host the Swedish National Graduate School in Scientific Computing (NGSSC)

3 NORDUnet SNIC? Means: Work by the 6 SNIC centers A board and a very small executive organization Strategic plan; The Swedish Computing Landscape Current version: New version being produced right now: HPC2N (Umeå) UPPMAX (Uppsala) PDC (Stockholm) NSC (Linköping) C3SE (Göteborg) LUNARC (Lund)

4 NORDUnet SNIC 2008 Funding: Approx. 9,2 MEUR (significant increase from earlier) HPC resourcesGrid resources Storage resources Allocation proceduresUser support Outreach Development projects (HPC, Grid, Storage) Community building Participation in international collaboration (PRACE-DS, EGI-DS, NDGF (Nordic T1), EGEE,...) Education (NGSSC) Proposals and reports (e.g. SweScience)

5 NORDUnet SNIC 2008 Computational resources: Large-scale national resources Group-specific large-scale resources (KAW collaboration) Foundation level resources (at all centers) Currently: 22 systems, cores Largest: Neolith at NSC, 6440 cores, 60 Tflop Currently about 400 user groups, growing Significant new investments for SNIC users now About new cores in 8 months SweGrid is an integrated part of SNIC Goal: All SNIC systems available via Grid interface

6 NORDUnet SweGrid? The Swedish NGI (MoU signed between SNIC and centers) The Swedish production grid system Collaboration SNIC – the Swedish LHC consortium (LHCK)

7 NORDUnet SweGrid Phase I – A Production Testbed Initiative from Users High energy physics Life Science Earth Sciences Space & Astro Physics All HPC-centers in Sweden IT-researchers wanting to research Grid technology First generation hardware in use spring clusters with 100 processors each 410 TB storage

8 NORDUnet SweGrid Production Testbed Total budget 3.6 MEuro 6 GRID nodes 600 CPUs IA-32, 1 processor/server 2.8 GHz Intel P4 2 Gbyte Gigabit Ethernet 12 TByte temporary storage FibreChannel for bandwidth 410 TByte nearline storage 140 TByte disk 270 TByte tape 1 Gigabit direct connection to SUNET (10 Gbps)

9 NORDUnet SweGrid status 2007 Nodes installed January 2004, now becoming old Extensive use of the resources Resource allocation via the national allocations committee (SNAC) GRID queues through the NorduGrid middlware – ARC Some nodes also available using gLite. Part of EGEE North Federation resources 17 non-LHCK groups applied for SweGrid resources About 60 national users 1/3 of SweGrid is dedicated to HEP (200 CPUs) Contributing to LCG challenges Forms the core of the Northern EGEE ROC Accounting has been introduced – SGAS

10 NORDUnet National projects and services 2007 Grid resource brokering, Umeå Grid portals (general, application oriented), Umeå, Lund Grid accounting, SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS), Stockholm, Uppsala, Umeå Grid security research – focused on trust models, Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala Parallel Object Query System for Expensive Computations (POQSEC) on Grids, Uppsala National Helpdesk, all SweGrid centers National storage solutions, all SNIC centers

11 NORDUnet Persistent storage on SweGrid? Size Administration Bandwidth Availability This was the choice!

12 NORDUnet The first users of SweGrid

13 NORDUnet User survey 2005: How have you found porting your applications to SweGrid to be?

14 NORDUnet User survey 2005: What is your overall impression of use of SweGrid resources?

15 NORDUnet Summarizing the SweGrid Production Testbed effort Unified the Swedish Supercomputing Community Raised additional private funding for computing infrastructure Spawned national Grid R&D projects Created early user Grid awareness Created an interface to EU-projects EGEE Regional operations center co-operated with SweGrid Co-ordination of EGEE security Co-ordination of Baltic Grid Initiative

16 NORDUnet SweGrid Phase II New clusters and storage are being installed Almost 3000 cores LHCK (33%) and general use (66%) 340 TB disk Mainly for LHCK Long-term plan for further upgrades During 2008: Additional 320 cores, 750 TB disk, 3 new tape storage facilities Other SNIC systems (capability clusters, SMP) also available within SweGrid

17 NORDUnet New projects and services, started National storage project – Next phase (SweStore) Partly using SweGrid storage Collaboration with Database Infrastructure Committee (DISC) Establishing collaboration with Nordic centers Application portal, middleware independent Chemistry Genetics Astrophysics … Bioinformatics workflow system BioGrid (NDGF) More work on accounting, scheduling etc

18 NORDUnet Examples of proposed projects Grid portals/interfaces, science gateways Cloud computing initiative (SweCloud) Study on impact of virtualization techniques SOA-based middleware-independent tools Accounting Job management framework Scheduling

19 NORDUnet Swedish Grid Strategy Described in the SNIC Landscape Document SweGrid/NGI is an integrated part of SNIC SweGrid is an essential part of the infrastructure for Swedish e-Science SNIC proposal for a Swedish e-Science program Coordination of SweGrid and HPC, e.g PRACE-Grid Swedish participation in EGI Swedish participation in e.g. ESFRI projects All SNIC resources should be available via SweGrid Alternative to traditional means of access New applications enabled New interfaces R&D efforts to provide services and components SweGrid provides a basis for Swedish participation in major international projects

20 NORDUnet

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