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Coach Michele’s Group Coaching Sept 20, 2011. 2Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Today’s Topic Techniques: Mastery – Lucid Dreaming.

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1 Coach Michele’s Group Coaching Sept 20, 2011

2 2Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Today’s Topic Techniques: Mastery – Lucid Dreaming

3 3Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 How to Participate If you’d like to participate in the call, please press 5* If you’d like to just listen, don’t press 5* If you change your mind, you can always press 5* again to change your status If you’d like to follow along with things, there is a PowerPoint available in the client area

4 4Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Opening Q’s Before we start, I’d like to open the call to questions…It can be a follow up to last week, a success or personal development question, a question about your own life, a question about coaching, a comment or observation, or anything at all!

5 5Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Introduction Today we are going to talk about Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a mental and I would say spiritual technique that has many intrinsic and extrinsic benefits It is a mastery technique that can open many doors for you, practical and spiritual Ultimately, mastery of lucid dreaming has direct applications to mastery of life

6 6Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Definition – Lucid Dream/Lucidity A lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming Lucid dreaming is sometimes, more accurately referred to as conscious dreaming, to distinguish it from just an unusually clear or vivid dream (the usual meaning of lucid) When you are fully lucid, you know you are in a dream, you know you can do whatever you want, and you retain access to details of your physical life, such as your name, where you live, and what you do for a living

7 7Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Definitions – Pre-Lucid Dream A pre-lucid dream may contain some elements of lucidity, without the dreamer fully “waking up” and being fully aware that they are dreaming Pre-lucidity often precedes lucidity, it includes such things as saying to yourself, this is a dream (without fully waking up within the dream quite yet), flying, or especially vivid colours

8 8Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 How “real” is lucid dreaming? It has been demonstrated in the sleep lab that a dreaming person can send a signal that they are awake in their dream by moving their eyes in a previously agreed upon fashion Where are you when you are LDing? Interacting with random junk of the brain? Inside of your mind? In the astral dimension or beyond the veil? Can you visit “real” physical locations in the physical universe? That is for each person to discover for themselves

9 9Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Discussion Have you had lucid dreams or pre-lucid dreams? What was the experience like for you?

10 10Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Practical Uses for Lucid Dreaming Learning and memorization Gaining access to creative solutions Practising, such as for a talk, or visualization a sports performance Understanding the meaning of dreams Self-healing

11 11Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Fun Uses of Lucid Dreaming Visiting any place in the universe, at any time in history Flying, “physical” feats Talking to anyone you want to, living or dead Swimming with whales, dolphins Anything you can imagine that you’d love to do…The world is your play ground

12 12Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Spiritual Applications Talking to your guides, angels, higher self, Spirit Prayer/Sending energy Performing healings on others Meditation from the dream state What would you do if you had access to the other side of “the veil”?

13 13Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 What would you do? What would you do if you could do absolutely anything inside of the dream world?

14 14Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Inducing Lucid Dreams For all techniques, keeping a dream journal is an almost essential precursor Recommend the book Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge for lots of techniques, I will go over a couple of my favs Many would say that the “higher” your intentions for LDing, the better

15 15Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Reality Testing Things work differently in the dream world than they do in the so called “real” world, we can use that to our advantage Odd characteristics of the dream world: Digital displays behave oddly Digital displays behave oddly Written words often morph Written words often morph Light switches don’t work Light switches don’t work Almost any object will not be stable Almost any object will not be stable To reality test, you look at something, study what it looks like, look away, then look back. If it has changed, you are dreaming! The trick is to reality test in the dream world – There are many ways to promote this, all involved reality testing during the day

16 16Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Once you Become Lucid Important to keep your cool…Most people get very excited, so excited they wake up Spinning or studying your hands can keep you in the dream Best to have a plan, or you’ll find you won’t be so happy with how you used the opportunity

17 17Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 The Big Picture Benefits of Lucid Dreaming You are learning to become present, be fully conscious in all moments One moment of lucid dreaming gives you such energy, such exhilaration, it is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime You are learning to be flexible with your consciousness You are learning to set intentions and hold them You are learning about your psyche and beyond

18 18Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Discussion Any thoughts or questions? Is anyone going to try this tonight?

19 19Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Final Thoughts Any final thoughts before we sign-off?

20 20Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Next Call Our next call will be Wednesday, October 5 th, a Success Call Good luck tonight and see you on the flip side!

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