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A380 JFK-ORD March 20 th, 2007. Lufthansa A380 Lounge in JFK.

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1 A380 JFK-ORD March 20 th, 2007

2 Lufthansa A380 Lounge in JFK

3 A380 on the Ramp in JFK

4 Mike Gentile and Mike Schlicting at JFK

5 View from Boarding the Aircraft in JFK

6 Boarding the Aircraft (Upstairs Business Class is where everyone sat)

7 View of A/C from the Inflight Entertainment System

8 Outside View from Business Class on the Second Level Btw, Emirates (in the background) is going “Folks, we bought 29 of those…”

9 In Case of Emergency…Slides Deploy Everywhere

10 Camera Crew aboard the Flight

11 View from In flight JFK-ORD

12 Main Entrance Stair Case

13 Upstairs in Business

14 Economy Downstairs (1 st Cabin)

15 Downstairs in Economy

16 Economy Downstairs (2 nd Cabin)

17 Downstairs in Economy Notice How the Walls Slope Inwards toward the Bottom

18 First Class

19 The On Board Bar

20 Rear Stairs and Galleys Notice the Mock Wood Floors

21 View from the Lavatory

22 Tail Camera View of Everyone in Chicago to meet the flight

23 View from the Window of Everyone who met the flight

24 Leaving the Airplane

25 United Ground Handling Services - Always there when you need us…

26 Arrival Signage: Airbus, United, and Lufthansa

27 Supersize those Engines for me Please…

28 A heck of a lot of Wheels back there

29 Rear Back Wheels on the Main Bogeys have no Brakes! (but are steerable)

30 Where is all of the ground equipment going to go?

31 The “Tunnel” inside the Rear Cargo Hold

32 Trying to Open the Front Cargo Hold (The trick is to unlatch and within 15 seconds active the door Mechanism)

33 The Infamous Tow bar that Didn’t Fit!

34 The infamous backup Towbar from Airbus There is still a spare towbar in the Cargo Hold (but will it work?)

35 Michael Schlicting, United Ground Handling Services, 2007


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