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1 - Pain Source: I am blind, you are paralytic. Pain has.

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1 1 - Pain Source: I am blind, you are paralytic. Pain has united us…. Sometimes it’s an urgent medication. THE DISABLED What is your concept of pain?

2 2 – Credit Card Source: Many individuals feel they can’t live without their credit cards…. What do you think credit cards can’t buy? Dignity! THE DISABLED

3 3 - Inventions Thomas Edison invented the lamp, Lumier the cinema, James Watt the Modern Steam Engine, Santos Dumont the ‘14 Bis’… What else do you think man should invent? HE SHOULD REINVENT HIMSELF. Source: THE DISABLED

4 4 - Children Source: THE DISABLED There is an increasing number of young criminals. Why are there abandoned young children in the streets? It’s because there are many corrupted man well protected in their houses.

5 5 – Selling and The Gospel Source: Many individuals build astonishing temples and use the Gospel to grow rich. Jesus even said: ‘Many Will Come In My Name.’ What do you think about this, in the face of free will? They end up selling illusions and their own soul….

6 6 – Serasa (information data base on credit covering Brazil) Source: THE DISABLED It’s a spiritual Serasa. Whoever owns, has got to pay. Plato said: to learn is to recall what you already know. Sophocles talked about hope in death and the plurality of the worlds. Vyasa said: ‘Soul sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal, and awakens in man’…. Please make a summary of reincarnation in accordance with the present times…

7 7 - Protest Source: THE DISABLED Has the traffic stopped? Some demonstrators stop people from going back to their houses; not giving their right to come and go… HE HAS GOT PROBLEMS WITH FREEDOM On the face of all this, what man still feels difficulties in living together in a democratic reality?

8 Many don’t believe in God…. even if they see the beauty in the world… they deny the Great Architect of the universe… Even if they don't believe in God, God believes in them. THE DISABLED Source: 8 - God

9 Source: 9 – Father’s Day With so much consumption going around, what should children give to their parents on Father’s Day? An ethical attitude!!!

10 10 - Fanatics Source: THE DISABLED Light will always overcome the dark. Some time ago, evil fanatics from another religion tried to invade CIDADE DA LUZ, by distributing a newspaper. The President then said he would call the police, but they ran away. The Master said: ‘watch out for false prophets, who will seduce many people’.

11 11 – Moral PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) Source: THE DISABLED What does PAC mean to you? It’s the Growth Acceleration Program, created by the Government. Let’s hope all the budget will be used honestly to benefit individuals in need. If this happens we should rename it: the Moral Growth Acceleration Program.

12 12 - Peace Source: THE DISABLED THEY FIGHT FOR PEACE! What are all these men from different countries discussing so much?

13 THE DISABLED Man invented the newspaper, the telephone and TV, etc… MEDIUMSHI P What is the fastest mode of communication? Source: 13 - Mediumship

14 Source: 14 - Death THE DISABLED How much does it cost for a luxury grave in this cemetery? Enough to buy thousands of bread… to feed a lot of people

15 Source: 15 - Forgiveness THE DISABLED FORGIVENESS! There is so much violence amongst people. What is the best defense against people who are aggressive?"

16 Source: 16 - Evolution THE DISABLED It’s so beautiful to contemplate the infinite…. TO CONSTANT EVOLUTION What can we associate the infinite to?

17 Source: 17 – Last wish THE DISABLED Before I die, I want to access BAHIAESPIRITA What is your last wish?

18 Source: 18 – Darkness THE DISABLED Darkness still affects a lot people There are individuals who are internally weakened. Joanna de Angelis said there is more hunger for light than for bread.

19 Source: 19 – Lower spheres THE DISABLED Is it here that many will be judged? Yes, it is. By the court of our own consciousness.

20 Source: 20 – Global warming THE DISABLED Where does global warming come from? From cold governors.

21 Source: 21 – Gifts THE DISABLED Here you have in the box: i- phone, pen-drive, digital camera, mobile phone… Is there anything else you need, apart from all these? LOVE

22 Source: 22 – Love THE DISABLED During 2010, many could loose: money, job, school exams, relatives, business, etc… What do you think it the worse thing a human being could loose? HIS ABILITY TO LOVE

23 Source: 23 – Poison THE DISABLED There are different types of poisoning: Cicuta, cyanide, arsenic… What is the most dangerous one? A spiteful tongue!

24 Source: 24 – Bahia Espírita THE DISABLED Easy…. We will just remove you from the car Hold on…. I am just closing the website BAHIA ESPIRITA

25 Source: 25 – Loneliness THE DISABLED Some people search for others just to escape from loneliness… What is the most disastrous loneliness? The wrong choice

26 Source: 26 – Conflicts THE DISABLED Reasoning There are conflicts between parents and children, husband and wife, …. In the traffic, between religions, nations… What is the best defence mechanism?

27 Source: 27 – Indifference THE DISABLED There are vaccines against cold, dengue, yellow fever, tetanus…. Which one is still missing? A vaccine against indifference.

28 Source: 28 – Easter THE DISABLED Now that we set up our table, let’s invite Jesus for our meal. That each one of us, no matter which religion we follow, can feed ourselves from his words. What is Jesus craving for?

29 Source: 29 – Street vendors on the present days THE DISABLED JESUS WILL COME BACK! If Jesus ever came back, what would He do? He would expel the street vendors from the temple once again

30 Source: 30 - Illusion THE DISABLED Towards a shortcut called illusion. Jesus said: ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life.’ Based on this, where are man walking towards, in general?

31 Source: 31 – Mother’s Day THE DISABLED I am not sure my mom will receive these flowers in a natural way… since they are artificial!

32 Source: 32 – Dignity THE DISABLED Brazil is the winner in many different types of sports… Which title is it still missing? WINNER IN HONESTY.

33 Do you suffer because you are disabled? No, not really. In this incarnation I won’t trick anyone, that’s for sure. Source: THE DISABLED 33 - Incarnation

34 Source: 34 - The Commitment Day? THE DISABLED Considering that my presence here pleases the people and makes the nation happy, please tell the people to access:

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