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PowerSell –POS Software for Recycling Centers

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1 PowerSell –POS Software for Recycling Centers

Enter password First open the program PowerPOS, enter the cashier ID and password, then you may begin the transaction. If you are ready to quit, click [X] at the upper right corner of the screen, make sure no transaction is active. Starting a New transaction, click on the button [NEW PURCHASE], and the screen will lit up xxxx

3 ENTER CUSTOMER There are there ways to enter the customer’s information Swipe the driver’s license by using a card reader. Enter the information manually if the customer is new. Search the old customer in the file if she/he has no license.

4 Enter Items-Sku and Net
Enter the Gross wt, and Tare wt(=0 when Gross wt=Net wt). Select the item that the customer is selling on the left bottoms, click on it. For some items, the price is pre-set. For others, you can put in the price. The total price would be computed If not on the list, click [INVT], find the item, then close the window.

5 Make it better and faster
SCALE INTERFACE You can capture the weight from the scale instead typing in the computer, this can minimize the error when entering the numbers. Click Gross or Tare when the scale reading is stabilized. The Net Wt will be computed. PRICE SETTING You can change the price of the things that the customer sell to you, but you can only apply a shrinkage percent, this avoids big lost on the money because of entering error, and also prevent cashier’s trick on money.

6 Complete transaction Before you complete the transaction, specify that you are paying customer by check by clicking the Check Icon. If pay by cash, nothing is needed to enter. The default amount of the check is the total transaction amount, but you can split payment into cash and check. To Generate and Print Check, click [Print Check] button. Confirm the information on the pop-up window, do some change if necessary. Click [COMPLETE] button, and receipt will be printed.

7 Hold and Resume Transaction
If you want to hold a recent transaction and start a new one, click [HOLD]. To resume a transaction, click [RESUME] button, enter Transaction # and Reg ID. If you don’t know the number, click the Browse button, all outstanding transaction will be displayed. Highlight to the appropriate transaction, hit <ESC> To close window, the transaction will now be resumed.

8 Voiding and Abandoning
To void a transaction, click [VOID], a record will be created and marked as void. To abandon a transaction, click [ABANDON], and no record will be created. To delete an item, first highlight the item, then click [DELETE], the item will be deleted.

9 Change and Add an Inventory Item
Click [AddNew], assign a code, then a blank record will be created, fill in the blanks. From PowerPOS, click [Powersell], after the program shows up, click [INVENTORY MAINTENANCE]-Icon of a yellow crate. Locate the item in the list, and change description, price etc.

10 Edit customer in Powersell
Click Customer Maintenance ( Icon of A Head), a table listing all customers will show up. Locate the customer by: Highlighting the field you want to search by, etc CustName. Press <Ctrl>S to search. Type in the first few letter of customer name, enter to the fields you want to change. Sales Maintenance click Sales Maintenance (Icon of 4 money stacks), then you can view a table listing all transaction in tran NO. order.

11 Print Reports Click [REPORT], select the appropriate report. Answer some basic questions. Print. And everything is done!

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