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Celebration social event party festival remembranceceremony.

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3 Celebration social event party festival remembranceceremony

4 1.Most celebrations have roots in religious beliefs 2.Celebrations identify who is celebrating

5 Pagan beliefs Pagan celebrations

6 Halloween

7 Origins of Halloween Dates back to the Celtics They celebrated their New Year on November 1 st On October 31 st they celebrated Samhain They believed ghosts roamed the earth

8 Origins of Halloween They believed their priests could communicate with the dead and tell the future The priests built large fires People burned crops & animals as sacrifices to their gods – Bones + Fire = bonfire They wore animal heads and skins as costumes

9 Dressing up in Costumes –This was done so that the “spirits of the dead” would not recognize people. –Also done to imitate supernatural beings

10 Trick-or-Treating The priests would go from house to house on October 31 st and demand food (to offer to the spirits in order to calm them)

11 Those who did not give to them were believed to be cursed Good luck was promised to those who donated generously Hence, the phrase, “trick-or- treat”

12 Bats and Black Cats These animals were believed to communicate with the dead. It was also believed that black cats can house souls of witches

13 How Halloween came into Christianity By 800 AD Christianity came to the Celtics In the 7 th century, Pope Boniface IV, declared November 1 st as “All Saints Day” to honour saints and martyrs The celebration was also called All- Hallows or All-Hallowmas The night before began to be known as All-hallows Eve or Holly Eve It eventually became Halloween

14 Halloween Today Consumerism & Superstition Fest!


16 SO! What is the Harm in Celebrating Halloween

17 It is a celebration of magical things and evil Allah says in the Quran: magic only harms and brings no benefit (Surah Al Baqarah, ayat 102)

18 The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” Abu Dawood

19 By celebrating Halloween we compromise our religious belief

20 Islam came to cleanse all ignorant & superstitious practices

21 It is a complete beautiful way of life

22 By blindly following other people’s celebrations...

23 We may harm our belief in our religion Become superstitious AND LOSE OUR OWN IDENTITY AS A MUSLIM

24 Termite Damage Tree looks Healthy and Green Hollow from Inside

25 1.Most celebrations have roots in religious beliefs 2.Celebrations identify who is celebrating














39 The Prophet (PBUH) said: “ Be different from the Jews and the Christians.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

40 So NO FUN for us!!!

41 WHY NOT!!

42 Pick the good ingredients from any celebration

43 Leave the rotten ones

44 Difference between Halloween and any Costume Party Halloween  October 31 st  Copy of pagan ritual  Sinister fun Fancy Dress Party  Anytime!  Just foolin’ around  Simple fun

45 At a party – Do as MUSLIMS do!

46 What about Mr. Potter then?

47 Or




51 Allah (SWT) has condemned magic in the Qur’an

52 The Prophet (PBUH) said: "There are three who will not enter paradise: one who is addicted to wine, one who breaks ties of relationship, and one who believes in magic." (Ahmad)


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