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Connected Member: Pre-Kickoff with National

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1 Connected Member: Pre-Kickoff with National

2 Agenda 11:00 - 11:10 Introductions
11: :20 How ACP thinks about connected member (Tom R) (20 mins) The vision What is different from January ’13 11: :40 Enabling the vision for customers – experience and data (Jon A) How would it work? Demo of the Use Case – check engine light What are the components? How do they match up and complement each other (Connected Member / Car and MVRM) 11: :50 Topics we would like to work on together (Tom R) Translating vision and requirements into a shared project plan Managing expectations among National, Clubs, ACP, Federation What is achievable within 3, 6, 9, and 12 months 11: :10 Project constraints and drivers for National (Bill/Reid) Review Matrix Release schedules for 2013 / 2014 Current and future workloads Resource availability and external contractors Other strategic initiatives 12: :30 Discussion Preparation for a working session

3 The Connected Vision

4 Connected Lives Virtual games and meetings
Music, video, news anywhere anytime Stay in touch with friends and family Deals near you based on your interests Turn down thermostat from work Monitor your fitness Locate nearby friends Find your car, your phone, or your pet Flight delay alerts Start your car from the train

5 The connected membership… better together
Travel Repair Insurance Cars ERS We have an opportunity to create a connected membership - connecting the services we offer to provide greater value, done through the media and devices that our members prefer. Discounts Membership

6 Vehicle Ownership: The Opportunity
I hate getting upsold I don’t know if I’m getting a fair deal I don’t know what is wrong with my car Can someone just take care of this for me Owning a care is a headache I don’t have time to breakdown Breakdowns are unsafe, esp. with kids How to save money on gas, insurance I would like to be “green” Trust, value, convenience, empowerment Safe, reliable, affordable Safe, responsible Value, Trust, Safe Fair value Sell Buy Learn Drive Maintain Member I worry about my teen’s safety Where is my teen? My car! Should grandpa still drive? Discomfort selling, dealing with strangers Are they trying to trick me on this trade-in? Dislike haggling How can I afford this? Can I trust the seller? Is it a safe car for kids?

7 Starting with the Connected Car
Safer, more reliable, less expensive vehicle ownership from transparently integrated data across touch points Guru Repair Insurance ERS 911 Telematics AAA Cloud (MVRM, MRM) We will provide superior value by integrating vehicle information into our repair network, provide advice to consumers that empowers them to make better decisions, reduce the price and loss costs for insurance, improve the effectiveness of ERS and integration with repair, save lives, and provide members a one-stop location to view and take action on their vehicles. On-line Garage

8 What is different from Jan. ‘13
Today Focus Telematics Connected Car Releasing Products Systems Process Innovation PGP Lite Organization Independent Interconnected, division of labor Repair Lynne Kenny CCB+Telematics Jeff Rulifson Jen Bjork Marketing Stacie Mihalik PMO Tom Rideout Jon Ahrens Renee Kyte TJ Adler

9 Work together on…. A credible connected car release Q1 ‘14
A shared project plan for mutual success Reflects drivers/constraints Build insight from repair shop floor Design validation prior to Implementation Managing expectations Federation, National, Clubs, ACP What is achievable Milestones over next 3-18 months

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