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100 200 300 400 500 Grain Fed Beef Grass Fed Beef CAB™ Beef Production Tricky Marketing.

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2 Grain Fed Beef Grass Fed Beef CAB™ Beef Production Tricky Marketing

3 Subject 1 – 100 [ This refers to the flakes of fat in the meat which is typically more prominent in grain fed beef ] [Marbling]

4 Subject [ Give two advantages of grain-fed beef ] [ More marbling, higher carcass weight, faster to slaughter, less land usage, etc.]

5 Subject [Give three disadvantages of grain-fed beef] [typically higher caloric value, higher cost of production, more maintenance]

6 Subject [What is the average slaughter weight of grain-fed cattle?] [1250 lbs]

7 Subject [How many pounds of beef does the U.S. consume per year?] [25-30 billion]

8 Subject [Why is grass-fed beef considered to be healthier?] [It has less fat]

9 Subject [What is an advantage to grass-fed beef, in addition to the fact that it typically has less fat?] [It usually has a lower production cost and requires less maintenance]

10 Subject [What do processors have to do in order to make the meat tender enough for customer satisfaction?] [Hang the carcass for up to six weeks. (Dry aging)]

11 Subject [What are four disadvantages to grass-fed beef?] [More expensive, longer to slaughter, more land usage, less marbling, etc.]

12 Subject [What does the term hormone-free mean?] [The cattle have never been given any form of growth hormone]

13 Subject 3 – 100 [ What is the order of quality grades, from lowest to highest?] [standard, select, choice, prime]

14 Subject [What are three requirements in order for cattle to receive CAB™ premiums?] [51% black hided, square inch rib-eye, top choice or higher quality]

15 Subject [ What are the 3 quality grades that are eligible to receive CAB™ premiums?] [Avg choice, high choice, prime]

16 Subject [What impact has CAB™ had on the beef industry?] [ Breeders produce less muscular, lower- quality, black-hided cattle simply to get premiums ]

17 Subject [What maturity must a beef carcass be in order to receive CAB™ premiums?] [A Maturity]

18 Subject [How many total head of cattle are there in the U.S.?] [93 million]

19 Subject [How many head of cattle are slaughtered each year in the U.S?] [34 million]

20 Subject [What percent of beef cattle from the U.S. are exported?] [9%]

21 Subject [How is the beef cattle industry vertically integrated?] [it’s not!]

22 Subject [What is the typical pathway of grain-fed market cattle?] [Commercial/seedstock, sale barn, stocker, feedlot, processor, distributor, retailer]

23 Subject [What does USDA stand for?] [United States Department of Agriculture]

24 Subject [What does it mean when a packaged beef product is labeled “USDA certified’?] [ it simply means that the meat has been certified sanitary and safe by the USDA ]

25 Subject [What does hormone-free mean?] [t he animal has never been given any type of growth hormone ]

26 Subject [ give two examples of how marketers try to trick consumers by labeling package ] [ teacher decides by response ]

27 Subject [what does the term ‘no additives’ mean on a beef package?] [there are no added products to the meat; it is simply beef.]

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