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How to quick scope Dylan Ramson.

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1 How to quick scope Dylan Ramson

2 The overview of quickscoping
History The basics The essentials Trick shotting Competitions This is the overview of the whole slide.

3 History of quick scoping
Started in Modern Warfare M40A3 and ACOG with ADS A decline with World At War Got very advanced in MW2 with SLP No one knows who started the idea of quickscoping. No one has been given credit for it either. World at War had a very so ADS. MW2 got very famous from its quick scoping. Home

4 Things you will need Home
It takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it and be able to perfect it and become good at it. Home

5 What is it? The art of scoping in quickly with a sniper rifle.
Using reflexes and accuracy to kill. ADS fast enough to out shoot the other players and get points. Home

6 Trick shotting Using luck/skill to crazy things to get kills.
Common way to trick shot: No-scope 360/720 Ladderstall Recycle Mainly luck. (depending on the trick shot) Home

7 Rules 4 vs 4 headquarters No ghosting Any map 2 out of 3
500 points. Regular health and regeneration. Radar on and infinite lives. People get a big cash prize for finalists and winners. Motivational Stuff

8 Motivation Quick scoping is an art It should not be taken for granted
People make tons of money off of it Anyone can do it with enough practice Try to make them understand a world without quick scoping and go over that people get paid lots of money to do this. It is fun.

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