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2 Halloween in United States
Halloween in United States Many Americans celebrate Halloween on October 31. Celebrations include costume parties and trick-or-treating.

3 What people do? Halloween is usually celebrated amongst family and friends . Parties and other events may be planned on October 31 or in the weekends before and after this date. Adults may celebrate by watching horror films, holding costume parties or creating haunted houses or graveyards.

4 Many children dress up in fancy costumes and visit other homes in the neighborhood. At each house, they demand sweets, snacks or a small gift. This is known as playing ‚trick-or-treat‘ . Halloween is an not official holiday.

5 Some families carve lanterns with 'scary' faces out of pumpkins or other vegetables or decorate their homes and gardens in Halloween style. One cause that ties with Halloween is collecting donations for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).  

6 Symbols There are various symbols of Halloween. These include the spooks, ghosts and walking skeletons,

7 witches and wizards,vampires who are seen to have the power to contact the spirit world

8 Bats, black cats and spiders are often connected with this holiday
Bats, black cats and spiders are often connected with this holiday. There are also a range of objects associated with Halloween. These include blood, fire, gravestones, pumpkins, bones and skulls.


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