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Contents of questions Profile- age, life, family History- first trick, first person to land a back flip Training-how long, how often, who helps Travis.

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2 Contents of questions Profile- age, life, family History- first trick, first person to land a back flip Training-how long, how often, who helps Travis to learn his tricks Gear- boots, shirt, pants, helmet, goggles and gloves Tours-latest and next Riders- people travis rides with Pictures

3 Born October 8 th 1983 (29) Travis pastrana is a NASCAR racer as well as a motorbike rider Family- Travis's wife name is Lyn-z Adams Hawkins who is a professional skateboarder travis has one kid she is nine years old. Travis started riding when he was 19. Life- Crew Chief Mike Greci knows the key to Travis Pastrana's success in the No. 99 Boost Mobile Toyota in Sunday's NASCAR Nationwide race at Chicago land Speedway will be all about one thing - tires. Greci, who normally serves as Pastrana's crew chief in the K&N Pro Series East, will guide the 11-time X Games gold medal winner for RAB Racing. This was supposed to be Travis Pastrana’s time. Just over a year after sustaining a broken foot and ankle in X Games 17 in Los Angeles, effectively ending “Pastranathon” before it ever began, Pastrana entered X Games 18 ready to win. This time, Pastrana would focus on Rally as he recovered from his injuries. In fact, this year’s X Games 18 was the first time Pastrana didn’t compete in a single motorcycle event, only Rally.

4 Travis resides annapolis, Maryland and has been competing for nineteen years. At the age of three, he became a Pro Racer participant. In 1998, he began competing in X-Games competitions. The first three competitions have been rewarding for Travis. In 2004, he won a silver medal in Freestyle and a bronze in Best Trick. Last year he won a gold in Freestyle and a silver for Best Trick. Earlier in the competition, Travis had completed a one-handed backflip, a backflip saran wrap (the rider passes one foot between his hands and back to the peg, removing one hand from the bars), and a one-handed lazyboy backflip (rider lays back on the seat with hands in the air), and a very risky trick, a backflip Kiss of Death. In this trick, the rider thrusts his body forward and up, so they are doing a mid-air handstand with their forehead inches from the front fender. All were done very well but nothing compared to the double backflip. For his efforts he won gold for Best Trick. During this X-Games, he also won a gold in a new sporting event, the Rally Car. He came in fourth in Supermoto, when he fell and missed third place. He also participated in the Moto Madness exhibition.

5 Travis pastrana trains 4 times a week and Travis has his own foampit in his backyard with ramps to jump off of and Travis sometimes takes his nine year old daughter and does backflips with her on the back of the motor bike

6 Travis Pastrana has multiple bikes but at shows he uses a yellow Suzuki with the number one hundred and ninety nine and he wears Rockstar shirt, pants, helmet, goggles, boots and gloves

7 One of there previous tours was on 23 of October 2010 and there most recent one was earlier this year at the Adelaide entertainment centre on the 23 rd of July

8 There are other people Travis rides with there's people in crusty demons, mates and family members who ride in his foam pit and tracks with them to practice

9 In 2003, Pastrana opened a rallying career in the Race of Champions, and began driving for the Subaru-backed Vermont Sports Car rally team in 2004. Starting in 2006, Pastrana was signed by Subaru to lead their new Subaru Rally Team USA, being paired once again with veteran co-driver Christian Edstrom. On August 5, 2006 Pastrana won the gold medal in the first rally car competition at the X Games, edging out rally legend Colin McRae by 0.53 seconds after McRae rolled his car through the last jump. Pastrana and Edstrom clinched the 2006 Rally America National Series overall and open class championship on October 22, 2006 during day one of the Lake Superior Performance Rally. The team finished out the 2006 series with another first-place victory at the Wild West Rally in Olympia, Washington on December 31, 2006. On December 16, 2006 Pastrana competed at the 2006 Race of Champions at the Stade de France in Paris. He represented the United States in the Nations' Cup by himself, after injuries forced teammate Jimmie Johnson and his replacement Scott Speed to withdraw. February 19, 2007 brought news that Pastrana's long time co-driver Edstrom had announced a sabbatical to concentrate on his career and family. Although former McRae co-driver Derek Ringer is set to compete with Pastrana for the 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, Missouri and Rally America, he has not announced a permanent replacement co-driver. Pastrana driving a classic Ford Escort Mk1 at the 2008 Colin McRae Forest Stages. In September 2008, Pastrana took part in the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally, a round of the Scottish Rally Championship centred in Perth in Scotland. Derek Ringer was his co-driver and they entered in a historic Ford Escort RS1600. He was one of a number of celebrity drivers to take part in the event in memory of McRae, who died in 2007. On August 29, 2009 Pastrana claimed the overall victory at Ojibwa Forests Rally, his fifth of the 2009 Rally America season. The victory sealed his fourth consecutive Rally America driver's title, the most in series history

10 Motorbike brands



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