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Applying the best of human space flight engineering to Aerospace, Energy & Medical Company Overview, Medical Portfolio December 2014 Intuitive Machines.

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1 Applying the best of human space flight engineering to Aerospace, Energy & Medical Company Overview, Medical Portfolio December 2014 Intuitive Machines Proprietary

2 Providing Intuitive Engineering Solutions The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. - Albert Einstein We develop engineering solutions at the unimagined intersections between energy, medicine and aerospace. By leveraging state- of-the-art engineering tools and practices, integrated with current research and advanced technologies, we arrive at original outcomes.

3 October 2014 Team PARTNER REACH IM AFFILIATES Roscoe Ferguson (FCS, LLC) Wyatt Johnson Joe Cavasos (Houston Micro) Aaron Hulse (Rethink Motion) Adams & Reese (Legal) Bill Hulsey (IP Law) IM FELLOWS Maruthi Akella (UT) Mark Balas (ERAU) John Valasek (TAMU) Mike Bishop (TAMU) Bob Bishop (U of South Florida) IM MASTER MECHANICS Bill Othon (JSC) Dan Harrison (ret) Bernie Rosenbaum (ret) Linda Bromley (ret) KC Chhipwadia Dir Strategic Development Joe Bibby Dir of Arts & Marketing Steve Altemus President Beth Fischer VP Ops Dr. Tim Crain VP R&D Mike Brieden Dir Product Development Dr. Mike Baine Chief of Engineering Donna Mays Office Manager Bryan Leger VP of Finance Joel Busa Chief of Technology Scott Arndt Senior Development Engineer Shaun Stewart Senior Development Engineer Joel Getchius Senior Dev Engineer Amanda Acevedo Proj. Mgr., Dev Eng. Chad Hanak Subject Matter Expert DeAnn Sanders Software Engineer Steve Fitzgerald Subject Matter Expert Kevin Bass Electro/Mech Technician Program/Project Mgmt & Ops Flight & Ground Control Avionics & Power Systems Power & Propulsion Sys Safety Critical Systems Simulations Education & Training Systems Eng & Integration Mechanical Design Fluid Analysis GN&C Software Development Structural Analysis Cryogenic System Design Oil & Gas Drilling SME CORE SKILLS CORE Over 370 years of collective aerospace engineering experience

4 The IM Engineering Rosetta Stone Embedded Systems – involves the art of effectively utilizing real-time processors such as those found in industrial/robotic applications as well as on mobile platforms. This includes low-level software between components that make systems actually work under-the-hood. Integrated Sensors – we are adept at utilizing multiple dissimilar or redundant sensors to ensure full knowledge and data integrity when sensing the world in which humans and machines interact. Our sensor experience base includes vision systems, 3D sensors, laser and infra-red applications, radio frequency systems, inertial measurements, magnetics and acoustic sensors. Human Interfaces – we have developed and implemented control systems for human vehicles and tablet applications for digital medical assistant products. Our expertise in this area spans direct control, supervised automation, hand controllers, displays, and data analysis. Systems Engineering – we excel at an iterative design approach that integrates diverse technologies from the processor board to the human interface that BOTH effectively manages risk and closes on realistic schedules. We pride ourselves on a realistic approach that includes innovation early and increasing rigor. Complex System Modeling & Analysis – we develop multi-physics integrated simulations to model device and vehicle systems for testing and analysis. This includes aerospace vehicles, drilling simulations, subsea deployments, and medical system modeling and analysis. Our analysis capability utilizes Monte Carlo and structured statistical techniques to test a comprehensive probability space. Reusable Agile Application Technology – the engineers at IM have leveraged practical Agile development expertise and NASA’s open-source Core Flight Executive (CFE) and to implement software processes and component technologies that are highly re-usable and can be quickly tailored and integrated into complex software suites.

5 Our Solutions Engine Our solutions range in scope from complex computational analysis up to an entirely turn key space program  Problem Pursuit  Solution Seeking  Strategic Alignment  Q Branch prototyping  Partnership Development  Solutions and Products

6 Development Approach From customer interaction and problem definition… …to concept development… …to field demonstration… …to deployment of an operational system Through proven engineering methodologies and processes, Intuitive Machines offers rapid development, iteration, and deployment of software and sensor systems which are scalable for operational use. This technique represents a significant competitive advantage in positioning technology solutions first in the market. Shared exchanges with the customer on needs and specific application details Internal brainstorming to decompose and reframe the problem to arrive at a viable technical solution Develop the MVP solution in a lab environment, test it in a real world environment, and iterate to refine the performance Based on the demo, we work with the customer to refine requirements for the operational system and capture them in a specific project plan for scalability. IM investmentExternal investment

7 Commercializing NASA Technology for Terrestrial Benefit NASA TECHNOLOGYCOMMERCIAL APPLICATION Intuit IV An automated IV Catheter Device  Core Flight Software (GSFC & JSC)  Spacecraft modeling & analysis in hazardous environment (JSC) Burn Efficiency & Capping Stack Dynamics Advanced modeling and analysis techniques  Trick Simulation Framework (JSC) Guardian Medical assistant and relationship engine Dual Well (look ahead) Magnetic Ranging Great drilling efficiency to reduce use of natural resource  Spacecraft relative navigation (JSC, JPL & LaRC)  Conformal Pica (ARC)  Core Flight Software (GSFC)  Mid L/D lifting body (JSC) Priority Small Payload Return from ISS Regular delivery of time-sensitive science samples  Core Flight Software (GSFC & JSC)  Trick Simulation Framework (JSC)  iTOS Display & Control (GSFC) Swarm Command & Control Distributed bid-auction self-organized C2 MEDICAL ENERGY SPACE AG / SURV MORPHEUS ORIO N ADVANCED EXPLORATION SYSTEMS Intuitive Machines Proprietary

8 Medical Portfolio

9 Sensing / Sensor Integ Embedded Systems Applications And S/W Complex Modeling And Analytics Vision Processing System Integration IM Health Sensing Products All of Intuitive Machines’ Health Products are geared toward collecting and acting upon sensor data. The common technologies of our health sensing products include: System Integration Sensing and Sensor Integration Vision Processing Complex Modeling and Analytics Applications and Software Embedded Systems Platforms Our capabilities position us for developing Health Data Collection products that generate Large Data Sets useful for Bio-feedback and personalized medicine Behavioral analysis with quantifiable data Identification of Emergent Characteristics and actionable trends in data Core Medical Product Technologies

10 System Engineering Visual Image Processing] Sensor Integration System Engineering Visual Image Processing] Sensor Integration Sensing Embedded S/W Analytics Vision SysInteg Intuit IV Sensing Embedded S/W Analytics Vision SysInteg EMS Guardian Sensing Embedded S/W Analytics Vision SysInteg Patient Safety Monitor Sensing Embedded S/W Analytics Vision SysInteg Smart Prosthetics Sensing Embedded S/W Analytics Vision SysInteg Baby Guardian Human Interface Text/Meaning Correlation Mobile Device Integration Human Interface Text/Meaning Correlation Mobile Device Integration Sensor Integration Detection/Beha vior Algorithms Caution / Warning Sensor Integration Detection/Beha vior Algorithms Caution / Warning Sensor Integration System Modeling / Analysis New Sensor Technology Sensor Integration System Modeling / Analysis New Sensor Technology Moblie App with Sensor Speed of Execution Moblie App with Sensor Speed of Execution 90 Days to Build 3 Prototypes 120 Days to Build 2 Prototypes 90 Days to Build 2 Prototypes In Technology Evaluation Starting 10/ Days to First Prototype IM Health Sensing Portfolio

11 The Problem? Inability to detect undesirable behavior, location and activity in a patient’s room, all while respecting patient privacy. The Solution? A patient behavioral monitoring system that detects a combination of patient body posture and relative proximity to undesired room locations, and alerts remotely located staff when certain conditions exist. Our Advantage? Advanced and tailored behavior monitoring algorithms System extensibility The Patient Safety Monitoring System is designed with extensibility in mind. New sensing capabilities can be added via both hardware and software upgrades. Patient Safety Monitoring System What We Have Now  The Minimum Viable Prototype Overview Sense additional alarm conditions Integrate other alarm systems (duress system, door alarms, etc) Data could be collected and used by clinicians/doctors to analyze behaviors over time Next Steps Intuitive Machines Proprietary `Wing Overview Room Status Room View Patient Status / Alerts Depth Map for Behavior Context Pediatric care Geriatric care Home health care Other Applications Long term behavior analysis Correctional facility systems WarningAlert Safe

12 Intuit IV – An Automated Intravenous Catheter Device The Problem? million IV sticks annually in US; 30-50% first stick misses. Can’t easily find & stick veins. Unnecessary patient pain and costs. The Solution? Small, hand-held, simple to use device to locate, target, access the vein, leaving behind the catheter for IV tubing connection. Vein is targeted with a near infrared camera and software sys. Needle is advanced with a camera, software, and mechanism sys. Status of Current MVP – 3 iterations in 2 months (build/test/learn) A “proof of concept” to demonstrate end-to-end functionality. Improvements are known & achievable; risks ID’d with mitigation. Our Advantage? Cannot be bought. Nearest commercial “alternatives” are vein light systems.  AccuVein, VeinViewer, Evena Glasses Efforts to invent similar devices are still in R&D.  SAGIV, VascuLogic, Veebot What We Have Now  The Minimum Viable Prototype Overview Processor IV Drive Mechanism IV Needle / Catheter LCD Screen IV Needle Size Selector Vein Puncture Zone Intuitive Operations Handheld with Minimal User ActionsUses COTS Needles Battery OperatedForearm Venipuncture Patent Pending Electronics miniaturization Custom processor (faster & smaller) Custom IR camera (smaller) Custom flash detect camera (smaller) Optimized operating S/W Semi-custom mechanical components Forearm & hand of all skin types, ages Next Step  The Market Version Form factor is 50% of current MVP Intuitive Machines Proprietary

13  What is it? An electronic Medical Assistant designed to increase situational awareness of medics in the field and reduce their overall workload, in order to improve overall patient care.  Why are we building it? IM Medical Advisory group identified capabilities that would significantly improve emergency services (and other sectors in medicine). EMS is entry point for a family of Guardian Medical assistant products designed to support ER, Physicians, and Patients  Target Clients? EMS, hospitals (ER, OR, etc.), nurses, doctors (civilian & military).  Way Forward? Transition Guardian-EMS into full patient life cycle with Guardian suite of tools. Seek co-development partnership for FDA testing / certification, marketing, sales, and distribution. Guardian-EMS MVP (proof-of-concept) Overview EMS Medical Assistant with intuitive operations & display. Hands free operation & capability using voice recognition s/w. Data mining to transfer Patient data to Medical Record System. Protocol & medication assist, real-time vitals & trending. (Conversion Scripts) Physician ER EPIC Athena Other ESO Guardian Universal Record  Current Conditions  Allergies  Immunizations  Medications  Treatments  Family History  Emergency Contacts  Physicians Attributes EMS 1 2 2/17/14 Intuitive Machines Proprietary 3 Patient summary report Patient care notes Real-time vitals Intuitive Machines Proprietary

14 Solving Problems Together As we expand and leverage exponential technologies, the engineering challenges we face increase in complexity and number. As a continually learning organization, history has taught us that our most innovative solutions are achieved collaboratively. We envision uniting this collaboration of government, industry partners, and academia to create an engineering culture capable of conquering these challenges jointly. Our goal is to bring the best and the brightest to bear on the engineering problems we face, regardless of affiliation. We all share a passion for engineering and we will reach our peak performance through these innovative collaborations.

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