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Lesson# Ayahs 35 – 39 December 18 2013. RECAP Last week talked about the incident of Adam A.S. and Iblees’s refusal to do sajdah Learned about the characteristics.

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1 Lesson# Ayahs 35 – 39 December 18 2013

2 RECAP Last week talked about the incident of Adam A.S. and Iblees’s refusal to do sajdah Learned about the characteristics of the angels (intellect, emotions) Importance and respect given to knowledge

3 ANNOUNCEMENTS NO CLASS ON: December 25 th & January 1 st NEXT CLASS: January 8 th 2014 Website: All Slides will be posted on this link:

4 And We said, "O Adam, dwell, you and your wife, in Paradise and eat therefrom in [ease and] abundance from wherever you will. But do not approach this tree, lest you be among the wrongdoers." Allah fulfilled all their needs in Jannah

5 Ayah 35 Seen Kaaf Noon = Peace Raa Ghaain Dhaaw = the abundance of something; also used for comfort and joy – Eat of Jannah without any restrictions – Qaaf Raa Baa = (Qurb); close; do not eat of the tree and do not even go near the tree – Zaaw Laam Meem = harming; injustice; when we disobey Allah SWT, we are only harming ourselves – Dual Words – indicated by Alif Responsibility of both Adam and Hawa A.S.

6 But Satan caused them to slip out of it and removed them from that [condition] in which they had been. And We said, "Go down, [all of you], as enemies to one another, and you will have upon the earth a place of settlement and provision for a time." First trick of Satan Based on Lies “So he (Satan) misled them with deception.” (Quran 7:22)

7 Ayah 36 Zaa Laam Laam – (Zalla): to slip; make a mistake; to make someone else slip Shaitaan made both Adam and Hawa A.S. slip from Jannah, luxury, freedom and pleasure Haa Baa Taaw – to come down from above by force; – You All refers to Adam, Hawa and Shaitaan

8 Ayah 36 Aai’in Daal Waaw – 1. crossing limits in your enmity 2. human beings will be enemies of one another 3. shaitaan will be an enemy to the humans Adam A.S. was sent to that garden as a test to learn about his enemy

9 Ayah 36 Qaaf Raa Raa – (Qaraar): to become still or settle down Meem Taa Aa’in – necessity of life and something that a person enjoys; they’re also temporary – Either they will finish or you will finish

10 Allah tested Adam so that he could learn and gain experience. Allah prepared Adam for his role on earth From this experience, Adam learned that Iblis was his enemy, the cause of his losing the blessing of living in Paradise, and the cause of his distress Obedience to Allah and enmity towards Satan is the only path back to Heaven.

11 How does Satan Trick Us?

12 Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful. Doors of repentance are always open

13 Ayah 37 Laam Qaaf Yaa – to receive something; to accept something with happiness and enthusiasm Kalimah – taught these words to Adam A.S. so that he could repent (Ara’f:23); words through which they prayed for forgiveness Taa Waaw Baa – literally: to return; repentance; stop and turn back to the obedience of Allah SWT

14 Ayah 37: Tawbah Human Beings: stop the sin and turn back to Allah SWT Allah SWT: when Allah turns to His slave with mercy and accepts the repentance


16 Satan’s Refusal & Arrogance Alert Don’t Go Near that Tree Strategy Repentance Solution

17 Mercy of Allah Gives Tawfeeq to Repent Teaches How to Repent Accepts Repentance

18 Conditions of Repentance Ikhlas (Sincere Intention) Having Regret Leaving the Sin Not Returning to it

19 We said, "Go down from it, all of you. And when guidance comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guidance - there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.

20 Ayah 38 Jeem Meem Aa’in – All of you; includes Adam, his wife and his progeny (all of the human beings) Hamza Taa Yaa – any guidance; revelation Taa Baa Aa’in – to follow something completely Khaa Waaw Faa – fear about the future Haa Zaa Noon – regret over the past

21 Ayah 38 If you follow guidance of Allah SWT then you will have no fear or grief in this world or in the Hereafter

22 And those who disbelieve and deny Our signs - those will be companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally."

23 Ayah 39 Kaaf Dhaal Baa – to call someone else a liar; to disbelieve in something and also to state that its false; Opposing it Ayaat (refers to 2 things): – 1. Kawneeya: about the universe; creation; those signs that are in the creation that proves the existence of a Creator – 2. Shareeya: the verses that Allah SWT has revealed (i.e. the Qu’ran)

24 Ayah 39 People who disbelieve and deny the ayahs will be… Saaw Haa Baa – companionship; the Sahaba have enjoyed the companionship of the Prophet SAW But these people will be companions of the hell fire together and forever

25 كَفَرُوا وَكَذَّبُوا بِآيَاتِنَا Companions of Fire (Fear) Eternal Abode of Fire (Grief) فَمَنْ تَبِعَ هُدَايَ No FearNo Grief

26 Adam did not have any experience with the whisperings and ploys of Satan. He knew that Satan was his enemy but had no familiarity with how to resist Satan’s tricks and schemes. That experience was essential for their life on earth

27 When Allah wanted to create Adam, He said to the angels: "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority." He did not say: "I shall make a successive authority in Paradise." Adam's descent on earth was not due to degradation but rather it was a dignified descent.


29 Until Next Class & Next Year Review Translation of ayahs 30-38, as well as the previous ayahs of Juz 1 Share with family and friends Review notes, root words and reflect Recite these ayahs and try to understand the meaning in Arabic

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