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Summer Training K-1 Catie Reeve

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1 Summer Training K-1 Catie Reeve
Fundations Summer Training K-1 Catie Reeve

2 What is Fundations? Provides foundational skills for reading and spelling Structured, sequential, systematic and cumulative Multi-sensory strategies and techniques Scientifically validated

3 Program Implementation
Whole class general education instruction with targeted instruction for children with difficulties 25-30 minute session per day Additional targeted instructions for students in the lowest 30th percentile Whole class instruction + additional minute session per day (small group or 1:1) Supplemental materials for interventions provided in the Fundations manual Combined with literature-based instruction to provide a comprehensive language arts program

4 Essential skills Letter formation Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
Sound Mastery Phonics Vocabulary Irregular (Trick Word) Instruction Comprehension Written Composition

5 Program Highlights

6 Fidelity Sequence of units must be followed carefully
Introduction of commonly confused letter/sounds is separated by several weeks (Research shows that separating the introduction of these letters/sounds can increase mastery by 70%.) Deviating from the sequence reduces fidelity and can effect outcomes Teaches lower case letter formation first because they occur more frequently in text

7 Fundations and Spelling
Fundations is a comprehensive spelling program Teaches both regular and irregular words Spelling is monitored throughout each unit with Check-Ups Spelling is assessed at the end of each unit with a Unit Test Learning spelling rules and structure will allow students to spell more words than if given a memorized list of words Weekly spelling lists in 1st grade are now optional

8 Prevention Learning Community- Introductions and Videos
Echo the Owl and Baby Echo Letter formation- Sky line, Plane line (plane line round and plane line slide) Grass line, Worm Line Consistent key words are very important for mastery of sounds Sky Writing- Gross-motor memory is stronger than fine motor memory Blending sounds- Start with words with continuant consonants (m, n, s, l, r) Marking words Segmenting- Tap out sounds in the word, identify the corresponding letter for each sound Tapping out sounds for blending and segmenting- (If students have trouble tapping with their fingers, they may tap on the table.) Sentence Frames

9 Fundations Activities
Level K & 1 Alphabetical Order* Letter-Keyword Sound Dictation (Dry Erase) Make it Fun Drill Sounds Sky Write/Letter Formation* Echo/Find Letters Storytime Echo/Find Words Student Notebook Echo/Letter Formation* Trick Words Introduce New Concepts Word Play *indicates that these skills are only taught in Unit 1 of Level 1

10 Fundations Activities
Level 1 Dictation/Composition Book Echo/Find Sounds & Words Word of the Day Word Talk Vowel Extension*

11 Lesson Planning Go to
Click on the green Prevention Learning Community link Login- For login information look on the CD that came with you kit Click on the green Prevention/Early Intervention link Click on the My Resources link Click on the Lesson Plans link Click on the Lesson Plan Builder link Click Build My Lesson Choose your Level, Unit and Week Print and complete using the Fundations manual

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