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Sylvie Tomoniko- Nora Heschuk - Ready? AIM! A multi-dimensional approach to teaching French.

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1 Sylvie Tomoniko- Nora Heschuk - Ready? AIM! A multi-dimensional approach to teaching French.

2 Agenda “AIM is unique”– DVD excerpt Our Experience The Arts Curriculum & AIM Assessment For, Of & As Learning Opportunities for Introducing Culture Sample Video Projects Movie Trailer Lesson (La Bande Annonce) –Storyboard (Le scénarimage) –Camera Angles (Les angles de vue) Games, Music & Activities Helpful hints for video projects in French class Resources & Support for your AIM program

3 Our Experiences –The “Ah Ha!” Moment –Building “critical fluency” –Challenges Traditional teaching methods don’t capitalize on students’ language development / fluency developed in AIM Insufficient time allotment for French program New students

4 The Arts Curriculum & The Arts Curriculum & the AIM Method

5 Drama In drama, students learn to communicate effectively in verbal and non-verbal ways. Through such experiences, they learn to connect with the world and tap into their own creative capacities.

6 AIM Language Learning High frequency words & phrases are contextualized through story / theatre / drama /music and creative storytelling activities. Story, drama and music not only provide a contextualized language base, essential for L2 learners, they also stimulate students’ imagination and creativity, serving as a model for their own creative use of the language, whether in story writing or improvisational drama activities.

7 Assessment For, Of & As Learning Assessment for learning: where assessment helps teachers gain insight into what students understand in order to plan and guide instruction, and provide helpful feedback to students. Assessment as learning: where students develop an awareness of how they learn and use that awareness to adjust and advance their learning, taking an increased responsibility for their learning. Assessment of learning: where assessment informs students, teachers & parents of achievement at a certain point in time in order to celebrate success, plan interventions and support continued progress.

8 La Vente Aux Enchères Special tickets for students who bring in prizes Everyone brings in an item to auction… students who don’t bring anything “buy” an item from the teacher to auction.

9 Opportunities for Introducing Culture Using “green screen effects” for background.

10 “unexpected” cultural lessons from a Korean student

11 New Book Series

12 Movie Trailer Lesson (La Bande Annonce) Voici des exemplaires des bandes annonces de Youtube: Là-Haut (Up)Là-Haut Ratatouille1Ratatouille Ratatouille 2 La production des vidéos des notes de Freeze Frame 2009 des types de plans le vocabulaire de production des vidéos angles de vue quelques trucs pour filmer

13 Helpful Hints for Video Projects in French Class Green Screen (Chroma-Key) Effects Groupings – Strong + Weaker – Students help each other Strong – Tend to be more creative / capable. Students don’t need as much direct supervision Weaker – Depending on how many weaker students you have, the stronger groups can be more independent & you are able to work more directly with students who require more support No « Bloopers »!

14 Games & Interactive Quizzes Lots of quizzes / games / activities already created and accessible online “Knock Out!” “Mme. Dit” “Frappe les mots” “Est-ce que tu as…” “Pictionnaire” “Devinez!” (~ “Balderdash”) Jeux de société La course Le défi des groupes

15 La Musique Mes premières chansons –Allongeons la jambeAllongeons la jambe –Il était un petit navireIl était un petit navire –Frère JacquesFrère Jacques –Le crocodileLe crocodile Etienne – « Chez Moi » –Dans la salle de classe –Les jours de la semaine

16 AIM HELP!!!! Aim Language Learning – Forum Guides Other AIMers The AIM principles

17 Thank you! Merci! Please feel free to use the resources that I have on my classroom website: –My classroom website is at: –If you have specific questions / concerns that you would like us to try to help you with our email is:

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