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Ninja. Ninjas were professional spies and assassins during the age of the samurai. Their origins go back to the twelfth century when the samurai class.

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1 Ninja

2 Ninjas were professional spies and assassins during the age of the samurai. Their origins go back to the twelfth century when the samurai class began to gain power. When the scale of fighting increased in the fourteenth century, it became necessary to conduct espionage activities against enemy forces, and ninja became even more active. Ninja remained active until the beginning of the Edo period (1600 – 1868), when social order was restored by the government in Edo.

3 Ninja were called upon by their feudal lords to gather information, plunder the enemy’s food and weapon supplies, and kill individual targets. Their specialized training included: flexibility exercises; falling without injury; developing awareness; exercises for developing balance, coordination,and timing; as well as a vast array of techniques and principle for self-defense, including weapons usage and disarming methods.

4 Both men and women were ninjas. Female ninjas were called “kunoichi.” The primary disguise of a ninja was that of a peasant farmer. Few people took notice of a common peasant in medieval Japan. This meant that many of a ninja’s weapons were common farm tools.

5 Clothing Since ninjas moved quickly, their costumes had to be light in weight. Furthermore, because the ninjas had to hide themselves frequently, the color of the costumes had to be inconspicuous. The colors used the most were dark blue, reddish gray, brown and gray. Although the black costumes are the most famous, black would actually catch the eyes of the enemies, even in night. Therefore, the ninjas used them only in religious festivals and never for practical use.

6 The ninjas usually tied a piece of cloth on their waists when living regularly as a farmer. When they received special missions, they would cover their heads with the cloth and change into Ninjas.

7 It is said that the ninja had their own writing characters, called Shindai letters, in addition to the Chinese characters that the Japanese used. The characters are hard to identify and the ninja used them to communicate with others. Writing

8 Weapons Trick sticks Ninjas used hollow sticks which had a metal piece and chain hidden within. These sticks were used as weapons as well as tools to disguise the ninjas as old people.

9 Maki-bishi The Maki-bishi is a pyramid shaped weapon that has three sharp points. Among the three points, the one in the top position would damage the feet of the enemies when spread on the ground. The Maki- bishi were made of iron, bamboo, or by twisting two needles. This weapon was usually used when escaping from enemies.

10 Other weapons The ninjas used other weapons, such as the Tekokagi, an iron cat-claw shaped weapon, the Kunai which was used to dig dry ground or to open holes in walls, and the Saku which was used to open keys.

11 Shuriken The iron Shurikens are the most famous weapon of the ninjas. As the Shurikens were easy to carry around and because they didn't produce any sound, and also for easy use (they were simply thrown to the enemies), the Ninjas frequently used the Shurikens- There were four types of Shurikens; a stick type, a flat type, a cross type and a two- layer flat type.

12 How a Shuriken was really thrown Shurikens were thrown in a way to rotate in the air. And when a Shuriken hits an enemy, it was best to be in a vertical position against the enemy's body. Since it was natural for the peasants to possess nails, they were sometimes used as Shurikens.

13 Sickles with chains attached A sickle if a curved bladed tool for harvesting rice. Ninjas would attach a chain to the sickle and then swing it in the air. Either the chain or the blade could great damage to the opponent. This was a favorite weapon among women ninjas.

14 Trap ropes The trap ropes are used for binding the enemy's arms or legs in a very short time in order to capture them alive. There are seven knots for these trap ropes, such as the Ichimonji-nawa and the Ebi-nawa. The Ebi-nawa was used to bind the right arm to the left leg so the enemy cannot move.

15 This Ichimonji-nawa was used to bind the enemy's arms in one. The Ninjas also used red pepper powder, spores, lime powder and charcoal powder to blind their enemies. By throwing these powders into the eyes, the enemies would be blind for a moment. The Ichimonji-nawa and blinding

16 Rope ladders It was normal for peasants to own rope. In this disguise, ninjas could use rope to make ladders. They could tie 3 or 4 sickles tight with a rope and swing it up to hook onto the wall.

17 The Ninja sword The swords that the Ninjas used were approximately two feet long. The swords were rather wide compared to the popular Japanese swords, and thick and straight in form. In addition to piercing the enemies, the swords were used in various ways. The sword itself was sometimes used as a step when climbing high walls, and the case of the swords were used for breathing in water and hearing secret conversations beyond walls.

18 Ninja Breath Control Ninja’s trained themselves to breathe in a fast and rhythmic pattern when running long distances, reducing mental stress, or focusing their concentration. This technique would fill their bodies with the maximum amount of oxygen possible.

19 Breath In Breath Out Breath In Breath Out Breath In Breath Out Start over again

20 Trick Houses Ninjas lived in special homes called “trick houses.” Although this house appears to be a typical farm house, it actually has many tricks and traps inside of it. If an enemy invaded the house, the ninja would escape through revolving walls, hidden stairs, or down rope ladders.

21 By pushing a certain spot on the wall, the wall revolves and changes into an entrance of another space. The enemy will not notice the existence of the hidden entrance as it will revolve again and fit in the original position.

22 By inserting two cards in the top and bottom position of the frame on the left, a large horizontal bar would drop down. Then the panel would open aside allowing the ninja to escape through it.

23 Hidden ladders could be triggered to fall with one push in the right place on a wall or the ceiling.

24 When stepping on a certain position on a floorboard, the opposite side of the board, with a hidden sword attached to it, would lift up. Swords were usually hidden in places where nobody would normally walk in the house.

25 Entire walls could slide open allowing a ninja to suddenly appear in a room.

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