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JEOPARDY. Halloween Trivia Video Challenge Name That Monster Monster Trivia 100 200 400 500 What is it? DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

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2 Halloween Trivia Video Challenge Name That Monster Monster Trivia 100 200 400 500 What is it? DOUBLE JEOPARDY

3 Where is The Witch? Video Challenge Which is Correct? Halloween Trivia 200 400 800 1000 Don’t Name the Song FINAL JEOPARDY Who am I?

4 Final Jeopardy Movie 1 Movie 2 Your Wager

5 What is it? – 100 Points Answer: Black Cat

6 What is it? – 200 Points Answer: Candy

7 What is it?– 400 Points Answer: Pumpkin

8 What is it?– 500 Points Answer: Jack O’lantern

9 Halloween Trivia 100 Points Answer: Candy What do people eat on Halloween?

10 Halloween Trivia 200 Points Halloween is most popular in what country? Answer: America

11 Halloween Trivia 400 Points What day is Halloween? Answer: October 31 st

12 Halloween Trivia 500 Points Answer: Trick or Treat! What do you say at the door to get candy?

13 Video Challenge - 100 Points Who are the birds hiding from? Answer: The green pigs.

14 Video Challenge - 200 Points Whose face is on the pumpkin? Answer: Michael Jackson/Werewolf

15 Video Challenge - 400 Points What does Mr. Bean hide in his top? Answer: A drink.

16 Video Challenge - 500 Points What costume is the man wearing? Answer: Scarecrow

17 Monster Trivia 100 Points Answer: Kappa What monster lives in Japan and loves cucumbers?

18 Monster Trivia 200 Points Answer: Blood What do vampires drink?

19 Monster Trivia 400 Points Answer: Garlic What vegetable is dangerous for vampires?

20 Monster Trivia 500 Points Answer: Silver bullet What is the only thing that can kill a werewolf?

21 Name That Monster 100 Points Answer: Ghost

22 Name That Monster 200 Points Answer: Vampire

23 Name That Monster 400 Points Answer: Witch

24 Name That Monster 500 Points Answer: Werewolf

25 Where is the Witch? 200 Points Answer: France / Paris

26 Where is the Witch? 400 Points Answer: China

27 Where is the Witch? 800 Points Answer: Africa

28 Where is the Witch? 1000 Points Answer: America / New York

29 Who am I? 200 Points I only come out at night to drink blood. I like the colours red and black! Who am I? Answer: Vampire

30 Who am I? 400 Points I come from Egypt. I live inside the pyramids. Who am I? Answer: Mummy

31 Who am I? 800 Points I was dead, but came back to life. I want to eat your brains. Who am I? Answer: Zombie

32 Who am I? 1000 Points I’m green, very tall, and was created by a scientist. Who am I? Answer: Frankenstein

33 Movie Challenge - 200 Points What scares the witch? Answer: Jack O’Lantern

34 Movie Challenge - 400 Points Why does Mr. Bean try to leave? (Make a sentence) Answer: Because he is scared.

35 Movie Challenge - 800 Points What movie is the character from? Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas

36 Movie Challenge -1000 Points What kind of monsters are the people in the town? Answer: Zombies

37 Halloween Trivia 200 Points What are the colours of Halloween? (Hint – 2 colours) Answer: Black & Orange

38 Halloween Trivia 400 Points Why do people go trick or treating? Answer: To get candy.

39 Halloween Trivia 800 Points What do you put in a Jack O’ Lantern? Answer: Candle / Light

40 Halloween Trivia 1000 Points What scary place do people visit on Halloween? Answer: Haunted House

41 Which is Correct? 200 Points 1. Turiku o Turito 2. Turick or Treet 3. Trick or Treat 4. Trik or Treit Answer: 3. Trick or Treat

42 Which is Correct? 400 Points 1. Costumes very fun is wearing! 2. Very fun is wearing costumes! 3. Costumes wearing is very fun! 4. Wearing costumes is very fun! Answer: 4. Wearing costumes is very fun!

43 Which is Correct? 800 Points Answer: 2. Eating too much candy makes me sick. 1. Too much candy eating me sick makes. 2. Eating too much candy makes me sick. 3. Much candy eating sick makes me too. 4. Candy eating makes me too much sick.

44 Which is Correct? 1000 Points Make a sentence with these words: Answer: What costume are you wearing for Halloween? Halloween you costume for are wearing ? what

45 Movie 1 - Final Jeopardy What part of the Zombies are they trying to hit? Answer: The head.

46 Movie 2 - Final Jeopardy Who does Tigger want to scare? Answer: Piglet and himself.

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