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Time is Running Out. Evidence Around Us 1. Time is running out for the world – earthquakes, disasters, diseases, climate changes…. 2. Time is running.

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1 Time is Running Out

2 Evidence Around Us 1. Time is running out for the world – earthquakes, disasters, diseases, climate changes…. 2. Time is running out for nations – even the so-called rich countries and business are going bankrupt and nothing is certain due to increased immorality… 3. Time is running out for individuals- sudden death, incurable diseases, increased human suffering …. 4. GOD’s judgement is coming 5. It is about time for judgement to begin in the House of GOD(1 Peter 4 v17)

3 The World is increasingly Unaware of the Impending Danger  The devil’s Trick Number 1: The devil busy telling people that they are safe and they still have time however we are hearing of people dying daily + There are dangers everywhere and the world is getting worse and worse Nothing is certain anymore, a world where men will soon be marrying men and with all the abomination as the Bible foretold Even the worship of GOD is being profaned by false prophets. It was a ratio of 1 to 400 in the days of Elijah When they say peace peace, trouble will come upon them suddenly like a thief in the night, so let’s be on our watch and be sober (1 Thess 5 v2-6)

4 GOD Will Surely Destroy the Wicked ( Ps 7v11):GOD is angry with the wicked daily because HE has done enough for mankind!  The devil’s Trick Number 2: One of the devil’s old slogan/trick is to tell people that the Word of GOD is just fables – “it will not surely happen” GOD’s decision and HIS verdict is ALREADY SEALED in Heaven a.It is not subject to debate here on earth, so don’t waste your time debating it b.It is not subject to the opinion of man, authorities or governments c.Ps 119 v 89: Forever Oh LORD THY Word is settled in Heaven d.Rom 3 v 3-4: If even the whole did not believe, it won’t change GOD’s decision 1 Peter: The Word of GOD i.e. the Bible is real and serious and stands forever (Creation of the world, Child birth, Israel, Last days, Effect of sin, Rewards of holiness) a. v 16: We are not following fables b. v19: You do well to take heed c. v20-21: The scripture is given by the HOLY GHOST warning us of what is coming

5 2 Peter 2v 1-9 (GOD is not kidding) v1: False preachers, prophets and the devil will tell you “don’t mind them” V2: Many will follow the false doctrines of money and riches and not righteousness and obedience to GOD V3: The Gospel will be turned into businesses! V4-8: GOD did not spare the angels, the old world of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, so how can you escape? V9: GOD knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation and how to RESERVE the unjust for the judgement day GOD Will Surely Destroy the Wicked - contd

6 Rapture and Judgement 1 Thes: 4 v 16 – 18: The LORD will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel and with the trump of GOD and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive shall be caught up together with them in the clouds. The millennial reign: Rev 20 v1-15 Judgement of the wicked: Rev 21 v1-8 CHRIST eternal reign: Rev 11 v 15 Satan release: Rev 20 v7- 9

7 Signs of the Last Days Lovers of self and pleasure (2 Tim 3 v1-17) v1 :Perilous times shall come v2: Men/women shall be lovers of themselves V4: Lovers of pleasures than lovers of GOD V5: Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof V6: They creep into houses and deceiving silly women V8: Ever learning and NEVER coming to the truth

8 Mocker and scoffers will come (2 Peter 3v1-14) v3: First, scoffers will come walking after their own lust v4: They will ask” when is this your JESUS coming?” for since our fathers died all things has continued as they were. V5-7: They kept forgetting that the same GOD destroyed the world of Noah and the same GOD has RESERVED the present earth for judgement! V8: What people call “long time” means nothing to GOD – even 1000 yrs! V9: GOD knows how HORRIBLE Hell is that HE is giving everyone a chance to repent V10: GOD’s Judgement Day will come when no one expects it The heat will burn up the earth and everything man has built – nuclear bombs are not even close enough to the heat of GOD’s anger! V11-14: GOD wants us to repent and get ready for rapture/HIS coming Signs of the Last Days - contd

9 1. Wars and Rumours of wars (Matt 24 v 6-8) 2. Alignment of Nations 3. Age of numbers- Digital age (ID card, NI number, credit card number… number of the beast…etc) 4. One world government Signs of the Last Days - contd

10 Man’s continual pursuit of weapons of mass destruction e.g nuclear weapons Math 24 v 21-22: Except those days are shortened, no flesh will be saved. Wars and Rumours of wars Little boy: The first nuclear weapon dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Approximately 600 to 860 milligrams of matter was converted into energy.

11 Alignment of Nations Alignment of the nations: Ez 38 v1-6, v8-23 Ez 39 v1-6, v11-12

12 Digital technologies and number of the beast Rev 13 v 6 -8, v18: Number of the beast Do a Google search of “Human Implantable chips” - As alternatives to credit cards - As IDs (passports etc) Age of numbers

13 One –world government/globalisation - New world order - Early signs: European superstate Single currency Euro Digital money One World Government

14 MasterCard PayPass. "We're certainly looking at designs like key fobs,“ MasterCard Vice President Art Kranzley told USA Today. "It could be in a pen or a pair of earrings. Ultimately, it could be embedded in anything--someday, maybe even under the skin.“ Global networks and controls of passports etc One World Government -contd

15 The Solution JESUS is the answer (John 3 v16) With increased natural disasters, climatic changes etc - even scientists now believe that the earth will soon end  Man is now trying to “ save the earth ”

16 Heaven the blessed hope Is Heaven real or is it just a fantasy? Where is Jesus now and where is GOD the Father? Rev 3v 20 – 21: Jesus is seated on the throne with the Father John 14 v1-2: In my Father’s house are many mansions. Act 1 v 8-11: Jesus was taken up into the clouds 1 Thes: 4 v 16 – 18: The LORD will descend from Heaven with a shout Rev 7 v1-4, v9-17: 144,000 and countless multitude from every nations

17 Heaven the blessed hope 1 Cor 2 v 9: Eye have not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which GOD hath prepared for them that love him:

18 GOD shall wipe away all tears: Rev 21 v1-7 Heaven the blessed hope

19 What should be our attitude? Seek the things that are above: Col 3v1 Don’t put your hope on the earth: 1 Cor 15 v19 Avoid the devil’s trick of focusing on the earth and material things: - Same trick that was tried on JESUS - Same trick that was tried on Adam and Eve Don’t exchange the temporal for your eternal crown in Heaven: Seek first the Kingdom of GOD: Math 6 v33

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