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Halloween Unit. Period One: Pre-task activities Show the video on youtube j22s

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1 Halloween Unit

2 Period One: Pre-task activities Show the video on youtube j22s j22s Have students brainstorm any vocabulary about this holiday and write it down on the board


4 What is Halloween?

5 Halloween is a day where ghosts are said to be the most active

6 Children where costumes and go trick-or-treating

7 Children need to say: “Trick-or-treat Smell my feet Give me something good to eat”

8 Adults give out the candy to trick- or-treaters

9 October 31 st each year.

10 The Halloween Vocabulary





15 What do children do at Halloween? They trick and treat. They wear costumes. They watch scary movies and eat a lot of candy.

16 Task Activities 1. Teacher will ask the questions “Which day is Halloween on?” “What do kids do on this day?” “What do adults do on this day?” 3. Use pictures of characters to stimulate small group discussion a.Students can work together in groups of 5 and describe the character on the flashcard b.Then they will present with their group

17 Post-task activities We will play a game that includes drawing monsters with the use of a dice 1.Students need to draw the facial feature after they roll a number 2.Not all students will have the chance to play but those that are sitting quietly will get picked

18 Lesson 2: Pre-task activities Show the students a video of children going trick or treating on “What did the children say to get candy?”

19 Task Activites 1.Have students repeat the chant over and over again for fluency 2. The pace can be faster and faster once the fluency is achieved. 1.Students will listen and follow the chant Trick or treat Smell my feet Give me something good to eat

20 Post-Task Activities Students can practice writing down the chant 1.The first 5 students that write it down the fastest will get a star sticker. 2.The student that writes the neatest will get a sticker.

21 Lesson 3: Pre-task activities Students will be given step by step instructions on how to make a mask with a video from youtube

22 Task Activities Students will be given the materials to make the mask as teacher reviews the steps over again. 1. Students can decorate their masks

23 Post-Task Activities The teacher will check the end results of the masks 1. Students can wear the mask

24 Lesson 4: Pre-task Students will listen to the trick-or-treat song 0dsQ 0dsQ 1. Students can practice singing the song

25 Task Activities Students will begin to practice dancing to the song 1.Students will follow the steps 2.Students that are not following and being silly will sit down and not participate

26 Post-task activities Selected students will be chosen to have a dance competition with their masks on 1.The audience (students) will judge who is the best dancer 2.Students will have a vote to pick the best dancer

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