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People Get Excited About Halloween

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1 People Get Excited About Halloween
Unit 3 People Get Excited About Halloween

2 Word Usage fill … up → fill up …… BUT fill it up / fill them up
get to Vr → 得以…… get to 地方 → arrive ______ 大地方 arrive ______ 小地方 ____________ 地方 fill it up / fill them up in at reach

3 Word Usage Ving I can’t help + ________ I can’t but + _________
I can’t help but + ________ I have no choice but + ________ Vr Vr to Vr

4 Watch the video and guess what festival it is.
Watch the film.

5 What do you think of when speaking of
Halloween What do you think of when speaking of “Halloween?”

6 Halloween Do we Taiwanese have the similar festival?
What are the popular activities held on Halloween? How about the activities held in Taiwan to celebrate the similar festival?

7 Ghost Festival Releasing water lanterns in Keelung on July 15 of the lunar calendar

8 Ghost Festival Pudu on Ghost Festival

9 Ghost Festival Chiang Ku ceremony

10 Halloween Activities 1. Children wear interesting and scary costumes.
2. They go trick-or-treating to collect candy. 3. They will have the apple-bobbing activity.

11 Halloween What do you know about Halloween? Tell your classmates.
Now let’s listen to the reading.

12 Halloween After listening the first time, how much do you know about the reading? Talk to your partners. What do children do? How about the adults? Now, we’re ready to listen to the reading again. After listening this time, you have to answer the following questions.

13 Answer the following questions.
1. What do people in Taiwan do in the 7th lunar month? 2. What is the holiday for ghosts in America? 3. When is it? They celebrate the Ghost Festival. Halloween. It is on October 31st.

14 4. What can children do on the holiday for ghosts in America?
They get to go trick-or-treating. They usually wear masks or costumes and go door to door to ask for candy.

15 They join Halloween parades.
5. How do children feel on the holiday for ghosts in America? 6. What do adults do on the holiday for ghosts in America? 7. What do adults do at Halloween parades? 8. How do people look at Halloween parades? They feel excited. They join Halloween parades. They show off their crazy costumes. Some of them look funny or strange. Some of them look scary. Some of them look like aliens or something from other planets. Listen again and fill in the blanks on your worksheet

16 Let’s have a look at the details.

17 How to make a jack-o’-lantern?
1. Cut a large hole in the top of the pumpkin. 2. Take out the seeds. 3. Cut out eyes, a nose, and a mouth. 4. Put a candle in the pumpkin.

18 Dialogue Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.

19 Answer the questions. 1. What holiday is around the corner?
2. Who thinks trick-or-treat is boring? 3. What are Amy and Patty going to do on Halloween? 4. What is Amy going to dress up? Halloween is. John and Amy do. They are going to a costume party. She is going to dress up as a bat.

20 Answer the questions. 5. What is Patty going to dress up?
6. Why does Amy say “I think I’ll run away and hide?” 7. Why does John feel surprised? She is going to be a cat. There’ll be a time for ghost stories, and she is afraid of ghosts. He thinks that Amy isn’t afraid of anything.

21 Answer the questions. 8. Why doesn’t John want to go to the party with Amy? He isn’t interested in Halloween parties. Maybe he is scared of ghosts, too.

22 Sentence Pattern (1) 1. 以–ing 結尾的情緒形容詞 →是用來描述某件事物引起人的某特殊感覺
→ adj.-ing + 事物 事物 be adj-ing. 事物 be adj-ing to 人 Ex1. This is an interesting movie. Ex2. The basketball game was exciting. Ex3. Math is boring to most students. Ex4. Mr. Wang is a _______ person because he always tells cold jokes. boring

23 Sentence Pattern (1) 2. 以 –ed 結尾的情緒形容詞 →是用來描述某人的特殊感覺 → adj-ed + 人
人 be adj-ed. 人 be adj-ed + 介系詞 + 事物/Ving. Ex1. He is a satisfied person. Ex2. The boy was excited. Ex3. Those students were surprised at the result. Ex4. My teacher is such an _________ person that we all like him. interesting

24 Sentence Pattern (1) 句型互換 _________ + V + 人.
→ _________ be ________ to 人. → 人 be _________ + 介系詞 + ______. Exercise 1. The good news excited everyone in Taiwan. The good news was exciting to everyone in Taiwan. Everyone in Taiwan was excited about the good news. 事物/ Ving 事物/ Ving Adj-ing Adj-ed 事物/ Ving

25 與-ed結尾的形容詞連用的介系詞 in be interested be excited be surprised about
be embarrassed be bored be tired be scared be satisfied be worried be pleased about at about with of of with about with

26 Exercise Rewrite: 以人為主詞改寫句子 1. The stories are boring to Susie.
2. Making a cake is interesting to the children. 3. This story excited our parents. 4. The news surprised all of us. Susie is bored with the stories. The children are interested in making a cake. Our parents were excited about this story. All of us were surprised at the news.

27 Sentence Pattern (2) 名詞子句之 that 子句 → 將整個子句放在動詞後面當受詞時,必須 以 that 引導
→ 通常放在動詞 believe, think, hope, wish, remember, say, suppose, see, tell, understand…等動詞後面 Ex. I think (that) he will come to the party. Ex. People believe (that) ghosts are real.

28 Exercise 重組並寫出完整的句子 1. Emily/ think/ UFOs are not real
2. his daughters finished their homework/ believe/ Debbie’s father 3. We/ he is friendly/ not/ think Emily thinks that UFOs are not real. Debbie’s father believed that his daughters finished their homework. We don’t think that he is friendly.

29 Exercise 4. Everyone/ the movie was funny/ thought
5. Those children/ they can go to the museum on foot/ believe/ not Everyone thought that the movie was funny. Those children don’t believe that they can go to the museum on foot.

30 Why do people use pumpkins?
Halloween comes at the end of October. During that time, the leaves are changing their colors and the air is becoming cool. This is also the season when the apples and pumpkins are ripe.

31 Halloween People used to dress up as ghosts or witches and
go from door to door. We would ring the bell and then say “Trick or treat!” to anyone who opened the door.

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