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The Geography of Halloween (And Review for Exam)

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1 The Geography of Halloween (And Review for Exam)


3 Critical Thinking What kinds of push and pull factors caused the ancient Celts to migrate from central Europe?

4 Samhain Three day Celtic festival marking end of harvest
Ritual offerings, bonfires Slaughter of animals

5 Celts Christianized by Romans

6 Critical Thinking What kind of diffusion resulted in the Celts becoming Christians and church dictates that changed Celtic practices?

7 All Soul’s Day Samhain seen as evil pagan festival
Replaced by All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2) A day to honor and commemorate dead

8 Critical Thinking What happens to the crude death rate in each stage of the demographic transition model?

9 But pagan traditions endure…
Dead are said to rise and seek food/comfort from living Many leave offerings to the dead, especially food Pour milk or honey on graves of departed

10 Critical Thinking The number of deaths per 1,000 live births is know as the…?

11 All Soul’s Day Nov. 1 is All Saints Day
Also known as “All Hallows Day” Evening before (October 31) is “All Hallows Eve” “Hallow Even” Halloween!


13 Critical Thinking Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, many Irish worked in England as laborers and farm hands. The money they sent back to families in Ireland is known as …?

14 Carving Pumpkins Irish and Scottish children would carry “Neepy Candles” These were lanterns carved out of a root vegetable There were no pumpkins in the Old World, so they used…

15 Neeps What’s a neep? It’s also a swede Or a rutabaga…

16 Critical Thinking Speaking of root vegetables, what is physiological population density? What was Malthus’ point about food production?

17 Jack O’Lantern Irish fable Stingy Jack and the Devil
Reinforces idea of dead between heaven and hell

18 Critical Thinking If Stingy Jack were around today and forced to wander without a place to call home, what category of refugee would he be?


20 Critical Thinking Thinking of root vegetables again, what was a major push factor for Irish emigration in the 1840s? What do you think happened to Ireland’s population pyramid as a result of this?

21 Halloween in the USA Irish and Scottish immigrants keep some traditions Not commercially celebrated until 1930s 6th most profitable American holiday for US corporations

22 Trick-or-Treating In Scotland known as “guising” No Tricks!
Children dress as ghosts and witches Receive candy for good deeds No Tricks! That’s an American thing

23 Critical Thinking Trick-or-treating is considered what type of population movement? What is the space called that a person forms through cyclical movement?


25 Day of the Dead Celebration of lives of departed
People dress as skeletons Combines European and Native customs

26 Critical Thinking Compare and contrast the leading causes of death in Sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe?

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