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Hilltop Elementary Fourth Grade Ms. Martin & Mrs. Meranto “Rikki Tikki Tavi”

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2 Hilltop Elementary Fourth Grade Ms. Martin & Mrs. Meranto “Rikki Tikki Tavi”

3 Lifelines 1- “Ask the audience” 2- “Phone a friend” 3- “50/50”

4 A:B: Bad illnessPoisionous snake #1- $100 The man caught a cobra. What is a cobra? C:D: Song birdLarge cat w/ spots

5 B- poisionous snake

6 A:B: openedlooked #2- $200 Art plunged into the lake. What is plunged? C:D: divedwalked

7 C- dived

8 A:B: Victory or successLoss or defeat #3- $300 Our game ended in triumph. How did the game end? C:D: A tie scoresadness

9 A- victory or success.

10 A: wound around something B: Slid away slowly #4- $500 The snake coiled itself. What did the snake do? C:D: unfolded Shed its skin

11 A- wound around something.

12 A:B: Bad tempered.Having fleas. #5- $1,000 Terry’s dog was lame. What was Terry’s dog? C:D: Expecting puppies soon. Not able to walk right.

13 D- not able to walk.

14 A:B: A snakeA muskrat #6- $2,000 What kind of animal is a Chuchundra? C:D: A ratA mongoose

15 B- a muskrat

16 A:B: He and Nagina can move in A mongoose can live in the garden again #7- $4,000 Nag believes that if he can rid the house of people then - C:D: Rikki-Tikki will leaveHe can be crowned king

17 C- Rikki Tikki will leave

18 A:B: Take a drink.Catch Rikki Tikki. #8- $8,000 Nag waits by the water jar to_______. C:D: Save the eggs.Attack the man.

19 D- attack the man

20 A:B: Make Nagaina angry.Trick Nagaina. #9- $16,000 Darzee’s wife pretends her wing is broken in order to… C:D: Lead the boy into a trap. Save Rikki-tikki.

21 B- trick Nagaina.

22 A:B: Cobras a very dangerous. Most cobras can sing. #10- $32,000 What can you tell about cobras in the story ________. C:D: Baby cobras eat melon. Adult cobras don’t bite children.

23 A- cobras are very dangerous.

24 A:B: She is a better singer.She has a broken wing. #11- $64,000 How is Darzee’s wife different from Darzee? C:D: She is smarter.She is not as brave.

25 C- She is smarter.

26 A:B: Destroying her eggs.Eating melons. #12- $125,000 When Nagaina goes up to the porch, Rikki-tikki is __________. C:D: Looking for Nag.Waiting by the bathroom drain.

27 A- destroying her eggs.

28 Stupid. A:B: Careless. #13- $250,000 Which word best describes Nagaina? C:D: Hateful.shy

29 C- hateful

30 A: B: Having a friend. Keeping Teddy safe. #14- $500,000 What was the most important thing to Rikki-tikki? C:D: Sleeping in the house. Playing tricks on snakes.

31 B- keeping Teddy safe.

32 A:B: A cobra lays her eggs in the garden. A bird sings loudly. #15- $1,000,000 What part of this story could not really happen? C:D: A mongoose kills a snake. Animals talk to people.

33 D- Animals talk to people.

34 Great Job!!!! Great Job!!!! Thank you for playing! Thank you for playing!

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