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Felix Abednego For Faculty of Biotechnology November 2008.

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1 Felix Abednego For Faculty of Biotechnology November 2008

2 MarchAprilMayJune Choosing field career Research Companies / Networking Preparing Letter / CV Sending Applications Keep in track of dates you sent the applications, for which Companies, what kind of position, and interview dates

3 1. Do your research about the company and the job, including informational Interviews 2. Research on location – be in time 3. Preparing yourself, dress to kill 4. Understand type of interviews 5. Most likely questions 6. Ask intelligent questions 7. Salary negotiation and evaluating job offer

4  Show your interest for the company  Available information on company website (about us)  Opportunity to show that you are resourceful and well ahead of other people  If possible, research about the job you are applying or the industry

5  Purpose: to find out if this is the right company / job for you, before you go applying for it  Who to talk to: someone who works there or better if the one doing the actual work you want to apply (from your contact)  What to ask for: how do you get this job, what kind of person they are looking for, what is the most interesting about the job, what is the challenge of this job, how do I apply for this job, how is the work environment.  Ask for a maximum 30 minutes.  Consider this is as a practice / opportunity to shortcut to HR people.

6  Nothing is more embarrassing than be late for interview  Being far too early is also not a good sign  Prepare yourself especially for morning interviews  Do not let traffic / nervousness get in the mood for your interview

7  Unless you are interviewing for creative positions, it is always best to dress conservatively  Do not overkill with fancy ornaments or watches or expensive bags  Mix and Match  Observe how people dress in the building, may give you the best bet.  Avoid too strong perfumes / excessive makeups

8  Be humble, but confident  Firm shake hand.  Be courteous to everyone, even the front office employee  Do not slouch or have aggressive body language.  Have the time to really know the names of interviewer, and their positions  Show energy in answering the questions  How to avoid nervousness?  Interview in English: prepare in advance

9  Normal interview  Behavioral based interview  Competency-based interview  Case study interview  Panel interview

10  General / technical knowledge  Passion / interest in the field  Communication skills  Leadership ability  Extracurricular activity  Healthy ambition  Ability to learn  Flexibility in location / position  Readiness get hands dirty

11  Tell me about yourself  Why you are interested in this company?  What do you know about the company / the job?  What is your strength and weakness?  What is your biggest accomplishments?  Have you ever been in leadership position?  What differentiates you from other people we interviewed?  Technical question – be prepared to tell your research / thesis  What is your aspiration for your career, moving forward  Your hobby or interest

12  Always be ready to speak about what you write in your applications or what you put on your cv

13  Why: this is an opportunity to show that you are interested in the company  What to ask: anything that makes people think you really want the job  Example: based on your interview, is the job suits my personality / strength? What is the company culture? How is the work in the division divided? What do you expect from a person who will work in this role? What is the next step of this job interview?  Do not ask about salary / benefit at this stage!

14  How if an employee ask about the salary you expect?  Usually company has standards for new entry which is not negotiable  Unless you have a very important cause, better not to negotiate too far  You have the right to ask for time to think about it, not more than 3 days.

15 ItemWants (Y/N)Needs (Y/N)Job Offer 1Job Offer 2 Gaji Pokok Bonus Transportasi Hari Kerja (5/6) Lokasi Calon Atasan Perusahaan Jenis Pekerjaan Jabatan Training Kemungkinan pengembangan Travel Total Wants Total Needs

16  Question and Answers

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