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The Magic of Computing Dr. Tom Way CSESI 2009 Haverford College June 30, 2009 0000000100000010000100100000000100000011000000010000010000000001000000100001001000000001.

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2 The Magic of Computing Dr. Tom Way CSESI 2009 Haverford College June 30,

3 CSESI My Background UM  Radio  TV  UD  SE  VU Computer Science professor for 7 years Graduate student for 8 years Software engineer for 9 years Hollywood writer for 10 years Magician for 40 years ( 1969 )

4 CSESI Focus Focus on teaching you how to perform some of the tricks Understand the learning process for acquiring new tricks Rely on your creativity to link tricks to your specific teaching needs

5 CSESI Plan for the day Using magic to teach Art & Science behind magic Learning magic tricks Where to find out more

6 CSESI Proposed Schedule 9-12watch, learn, try 12-1lunch 1-3:30develop, practice, perform

7 Remedial Computer Science 101 Prof. Tom Way Section 1 Meeting: Today 9-9:30am

8 CSESI s Complement What is 2s Complement? Negative binary integers What is the algorithm? Start: Not: Add 1: Check our work:

9 CSESI Search Algorithms Find specific value (its index) in an array Random search Linear search Binary search Optimal search Know what the optimal is helps us to judge how good our algorithm is

10 CSESI GUI Design Principles 1.Principle of metaphor Borrow behaviors from familiar systems 2.Principle of user profiling Know who your user is 3.Principle of coherence Behavior should be internally and externally consistent

11 CSESI Load Balancing Example: 3 tasks of different lengths How long will it take to perform the tasks simultaneously? How could we get them done faster? What is the fastest way to get them done?

12 CSESI Data Compression Purpose is to squeeze the air out of data so it fits in a smaller space Lots of ways to do this – depends on data Lossless – decompressed = original Lossy – some data is missing Run length encoding – lots of repetition Huffman – probabilistic data (Morse code)

13 And now, back to your regularly scheduled program

14 CSESI Using Magic to Teach Not a short-cut to As, revolutionary idea, scientifically validated approach Is another trick for a good educator’s bag of pedagogical tricks A little KLA (Kinetic Learning Activities) A little problem-based learning A little example-based teaching A little what-the? It’s cheap – don’t have to buy toys, candy, spend massive time planning, etc.

15 CSESI What is going on? Active Thinking – brain in high gear Uniqueness – brain loves surprise Coolness – popular, generates buzz Anticipation – appealing, fun, engaging Evolving – empirical? anecdotal!

16 CSESI Approach 1: Topic Driven Pick an upcoming topic you will teach Find a trick that fits Learn the trick Plan what to say Practice Perform it in class

17 CSESI Approach 2: Trick Driven Pick a trick that you really like Find an upcoming topic that fits Learn the trick Plan what to say Practice Perform it in class

18 CSESI Learning a trick Read the description Work through each step Try it in front of a mirror Practice it a couple times Use it in class

19 CSESI Performing a trick Natural is best The overused “make it your own” applies Attitude is important NOT know-it-all, fooled you, try to figure this out – TURN OFF YES check this out, I’m amazed too, enjoy it along with them

20 CSESI Art of Magic Magician’s Code Never reveal how trick is done Never repeat trick for same group Practice, practice, practice Patter – what you say, story you tell In our case, the patter will involve some aspect of Computer Science

21 CSESI Science of Magic Misdirection Controlling the audience’s attention Making them look where you want them to THE secret of all magic Concealment - hiding Switching - replacing Forcing – not a free choice

22 CSESI Categories of Tricks Production Vanish Transposition Penetration Levitation Mental Escape

23 CSESI MASTER Principle M ovement – large conceals small A ngles – consider your angles S urprise – don’t tip your hand T hought – keep their brains busy E yes – look where you want them to look R eason – has to make sense

24 Let’s try it

25 CSESI Goodie Bag & Handbook Pencils Cards Rope String Hatpin Balloons Rubber bands Scotch tape Paperclips Fake dollar bill Penny Bent penny 3 Card Monte Professor’s Nightmare Floating gimmick Styrofoam cup

26 CSESI Wrist Twister Page 12 Penetration – break your wrist Switching – change the position Concealment – hide the position Misdirection

27 CSESI Pick Any Card Page 24 Mental – predict the future Forcing – you know which card Revelation – how to reveal prediction? Misdirection

28 CSESI Sticky Pencil & Stickier Pencil Pages 29 & 30 Levitation – defy gravity Concealment – hide the mechanics Misdirection

29 CSESI Napkinesis Page 42 Vanish Concealment Misdirection

30 CSESI Professor’s Nightmare Page 34 Transposition Switching Concealment Misdirection

31 CSESI Other Tricks Three Card Monte (36) – big cards Instant Reconnect (37) – piece of string Dematerializing Toothpick (43) – tape, toothpick Cut & Restored Rope (13) – rope & scissors Magician’s Choice (23) – any 3 objects Mind Bending Coin (35) & utility switch

32 CSESI More Tricks Coin Vanish (40) – coin or other object Karate Dollar (14) – dollar & pencil Balloon Testing (16) – balloons & pin Linking Paper Clips (17) – dollar & 2 paperclips Jumping Rubber Band (18) – 1 rubber band

33 CSESI Still More Tricks Reversal of Expectation (38) – cards Pincushion Thumb (19) – napkin & pin Haunted Styrofoam Cup (28) – cup Cup Juggling (31) – cup Vanishing Card (41) – napkin, stirrer, cards

34 CSESI Resources Public library Internet Google: easy magic trickseasy magic tricks Google: online magic trickonline magic trick Magic shops Yellow pages Online shops (e.g., Web sites for magician’s

35 Grand finale!

36 CSESI Straitjacket Invented by Dr. Benjamin Rush, 1814 Believed that torture was good medicine Restrains the “criminally insane” Designed to be escape proof Trying to escape leads to exhaustion Still used today

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