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Vocational/Technical Division Bob Philpott, Dean June 19, 2009.

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1 Vocational/Technical Division Bob Philpott, Dean June 19, 2009

2 Agenda  Division Overview  2009/2010 Projected Goals  Departmental Reports  North Campus Update  Conclusion

3 Division Overview  Six Departments Allied HealthBusiness Technology Engineering TechnologyMarine Technology Public Service Vocational Technology  Other Responsibilities: –Prison Programs –Grant Management (Perkins and Cape Fear Memorial)

4 Overview (Continued) Programs by Department:  Allied Health11  Business Technology6  Engineering Technology8  Marine Technology3  Public Service10  Vocational Technology12

5 Programs at North Campus  Accounting  Architecture Technology  BLET  Business Administration (includes Customer Service and Banking Certificates)  Computer Engineering (includes Networking and Web Development Certificate)  Computer Information Technology  Criminal Justice  Drafting  Electrical  Electronics  Film and Video  Industrial Systems Technology  Landscape Gardening (includes Retention Pond Management Certificate)

6 Programs at North Campus (continued)  Interior Design  Machining  Mechanical Engineering  Medical Transcription  Nuclear Maintenance  Paralegal (includes Civil Litigation and Real Property Certificate)  Real Estate  Truck Driver Training  Welding

7 Programs Moving in 2009 These programs will be moving into our newest building on the North Campus in August, 2009 Cosmetology Esthetics Manicuring

8 Programs Downtown  Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration  Associate Degree Nursing  Auto Body Repair  Automotive Technology  Boat Building  Boat Manufacturing and Service  Carpentry  Chemical Technology  Culinary  Dental Assisting  Dental Hygiene  Early Childhood Associate  Heavy Equipment and Transport  Hotel Restaurant Management  LPN and LPN Refresher  Marine Technology  Occupational Therapy Assistant  Pharmacy Technology  Phlebotomy  Radiography  Medical Sonography  Surgical Technology

9 2009/2010 Projected Goals  Goal #1: Provide Quality Programs Medical Office Assistant in Business Technology and Construction Management in Vocational Technology have been approved and will begin as soon as funding is available.

10 2009/2010 Projected Goals  Goal #2: Provide Adequate Facilities

11 2009/2010 Projected Goals Goal #6: Strengthen Partnerships

12 Business Technologies Department

13 Business Technologies Enrollment 2008-2009  Accounting 97 –Diploma 5 –Certificate 7  Business Admin 186 –Banking and Finance Cert. 51 –Customer Service Cert. 4  Information Technology 68 –Certificate 10  Medical Trans 47 511  Real Estate 36

14 Business Tech - Highlights  Increased the number of courses offered in a DL format, both Internet and Hybrid offerings, to support all programs  Received approval for Medical Office Administration program from NCCCS  Informed by Real Estate Commission that students taking the Real Estate License Examination have achieved 100% pass rate

15 Business Tech – Highlights (continued)  Coordinated 4-5 hour IT professional development opportunity for regional community colleges at no cost to the state  Department sponsorship of CFCC Rotaract student club – raised over $750 for community charities

16 Business Tech – Other Facts  21 full-time and 20 adjunct instructors  11 computer labs, 1 CISCO lab, and 7 classrooms  The Business Technology Department serves approximately 5,000 students each year  CIT serves more than 2,500 students per year  ACC, BUS, CIS and ECO are also popular electives for College Transfer and other Voc Tech programs

17 Business Technology 2009/10 Goals  Continue to improve Business Technology programs and courses to serve the largest number of students  Maintain Real Estate License Examination pass rates at 100%  Implement Medical Office Administration program in Fall 2009, dependent on funding Goal #1

18 Business Technology 2009/10 Goals  Implement critical thinking objectives in 25% of department courses  Expand number of distance learning classes in both Internet and hybrid delivery formats  Continue close liaison between Arts and Science, UNCW and UNC-P for seamless transition of students to advanced programs Goal #1 Goal #5 Goal #6

19 Allied Health Department

20 Allied Health Enrollment 2008-2009  ADN157  Dental Assisting17  Dental Hygiene23 548  Early Childhood165  LPN32  Med Sonography20  OTA47  Pharmacy Tech12  Phlebotomy13  Radiography47  Surgical Tech 15

21 Allied Health Enrollment 2008-2009 (continued)  Pre A D N 363  Pre Dental Assisting 32  Pre Dental Hygiene 117  Pre Medical Sonography 103  Pre Occupational Therapy 57 931  Pre Pharmacy 22  Pre Phlebotomy 13  Pre Practical Nursing 61  Pre Radiography 154  Pre Surgical Technology 9

22 Allied Health – Other Facts  Programs in Allied Health typically have 100% pass rate on board examinations  Associate Degree Nursing continues to have day, afternoon and evening sections as a result of program expansion.  In addition to regular curriculum students, Early Childhood provides credentialing services for child care workers throughout our service area.

23 Allied Health – Program Pass Rates  Dental Hygiene 100% on National Boards  Dental Assisting 100% on National Boards  Occupational Therapy 100% on National Boards  LPN 100% on State Boards  ADN 100% on State Boards  Phlebotomy 100% on State Boards  Radiography 100% on State Boards  Medical Sonography100% on Certification Exams  Pharmacy Technology100% on Certification Exams

24 Allied Health 2009/10 Goals  Begin second year of Surgical Technology program. Accreditation process in progress  Completed re- accreditation process for Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs  Completed self study accreditation for Phlebotomy  Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene –Participated in Mission of Mercy event treating 635 patients Goal #1

25  Completed accreditation recommendations for Occupational Therapy Assistant program  Maintained high pass rates on licensure exams for all programs  Pharmacy Technology - Accredited by The American Society of Health System Pharmacists - Enrollment numbers have increased this year  Early Childhood Program - CIP completed and initiated Allied Health 2009/10 Goals Goal #1

26  Surgical Technology –NHHN lab has been a gold mine for the latest equipment and techniques  Licensed Practical Nursing Program –LPN Refresher – approximately 20 inquiries from licensed practical nurses needing refresher to return to workforce  Associate Degree Nursing Program –CIP will be completed for Fall 2010 start –Retention has improved. 82 out of the original 90 have progressed to third semester –Students now doing vital signs for Salvation Army homeless population Allied Health 2009/10 Goals Goal #1

27 Engineering Technology Department Wind & Solar study for Alternative Energy in Electronics Nuclear Maintenance students visit Nuclear Sub with others Architectural students win Sustainable Design competition Interior Design students win big at ASID competition Making Biodiesel in the Chem-Tech lab Computer Engineering student works on Network Devices Machining student fabricating parts on a CNC lathe Mechanical students in their project design class

28 Engineering Technology - Overview Eight Programs at the *North Campus  Architectural Technology  Computer Engineering Technology  Chemical Technology - (*Wilmington Campus)  Electronics Engineering Technology  Interior Design  Machining Technology  Mechanical Engineering Technology  Nuclear Maintenance Technology

29 Includes AAS, Diploma and Certificate students Engineering Technology Enrollment 2008-2009  Architectural Technology 60  Chemical Technology 19  Computer Engineering Technology 148  Electronics Engineering Technology 47  Interior Design 36  Machining Technology 63  Mechanical Engineering Technology 75  Nuclear Maintenance Technology 53 501

30  Won several student design competitions –1 st place in the Architectural Design competition against some 4 year schools –1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd in the Interior Design Otto Zenke ASID competition  Students passed industry certifications –100% student pass rate for ACET and CTT certifications in Electronics Engineering –100% students pass rate for A+ and CNA certification in Computer Engineering  Increased enrollment in several programs –Doubled enrollment for Chemical Technology –One of the largest enrollments (day & night) of the Machining & Mechanical programs  Expanded Huskins by offering four more courses for CET and EET  First graduates of the Nuclear Maintenance program Fall 2009 Engineering Technology Accomplishments

31 Engineering Technology - Facts  20 full-time, 9 adjunct instructors and 3 support staff  25 classrooms and labs. Over 377 student computers. Various lab equipment as used in actual industry  The Engineering Technology Department serves over 700 students each year  CET serves more than 210 students per year  All programs have Advisory Committees & Industry relationships

32 Engineering Technology 2009/10 Goals  Provide the highest quality education using the most current technology in the field of study  Assist students with employment opportunities through solid job skills, networking and industry relationships  Develop student retention strategies to keep students enrolled after the first semester  Continue to support, participate and win design competitions  Expand additional Huskins courses and number of participating area High Schools  Finalize the Computer Engineering Technology Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) for Fall 2009 implementation Goal #1 Goal #3 Goal #4 Goal #2 Goal #5 Goal #6


34 Sustainable Technology “ Re-creating the way we live” by incorporating renewable energy, recycled and green materials and sustainable principles into an efficient, environmentally friendly building design…

35 Engineering Technology Challenges  Keeping up with industry demand for new technology instruction and workforce ready graduates  Resource obtainment – keeping up with demand – equipment, instructors and supplies  Servicing more diverse and returning students with limited support

36 Public Service Department

37 Public Service Enrollment 2008-2009  BLET80  Cosmetology129  Criminal Justice67  Culinary 119 638  Esthetics15  Film and Video75  Hotel/Restaurant 69  Manicuring10  Paralegal Technology61  Spanish Interpreter 13 638

38  BLET –Had the largest group to sit for the state exam for police officers and scored a 90% pass rate –Continue to work with Wilmington PD and New Hanover County Sheriff to provide classes –Has moved to new Safety Center  COSMETOLOGY –Ten students placed first, second or third at the Myrtle Beach Hair Show and for the second year in a row CFCC was named the Student-Team School of the year –New Cosmetology Building will open in August, 2009 Public Service – Highlights

39 Public Service – Highlights (continued)  CRIMINAL JUSTICE –Courses remain a popular elective for Arts and Sciences students –Added two certificates in Criminal Justice and Industrial Security –2008-09 offered 15 Huskins Classes in all 7 local high schools 14 Internet and 8 in-class offerings for Arts and Sciences students –Added a 4 th full time faculty member  Culinary –An increased number of students are getting National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Certification  FILM AND VIDEO –Creating a series entitled “Zeke’s on the Levee” about student life –Working on a full length movie –Students participated in the Cucalorus and First Cut Film Festival –Offering second year classes toward the AAS degree

40 Public Service – Highlights (continued)  HRM –Students worked with Wilkes Community College ‘s hospitality program at Merlefest in April –Students collected several hundred cans of food for the Good Sheppard Homeless Shelter  PARALEGAL –Continues to expand its on-line offerings –Paralegal Student Lorie Pacheco was selected by USAToday as one of 20 outstanding community college students

41 Public Service 2009/10 Goals  Paralegal and Criminal Justice seek means whereby graduates may pursue their education at 4 year institutions.  Film and Video to acquire the current state of the art filming equipment for student training.  Cosmetology seeks to expand their course offering in their new facility.  Culinary and HRM will be exploring use of certificates to retrained displace workers. Goal #1 and #2 Goal #1 Goal #6 and #4 Goal #1

42 Marine Technology Department

43 Marine Technology Enrollment 2008-2009  Marine Technology114 130  Boat Building 16

44 Marine Technology Accomplishments  Inaugural year of the Boat Manufacture and Service program

45 Marine Technology Accomplishments  Conducted at the request of Cape Fear River Watch, New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington

46 Marine Technology 2009/10 Goals (#1436) Provide vessel and shipboard equipment support for Marine Technology curriculum needs Provide vessel and shipboard equipment support for Marine Technology curriculum needs –Efforts are continuing to ensure department special appropriation is fully funded –Employers and graduates are lobbying Raleigh on the importance of shipboard training

47 Marine Technology 2009/10 Goals (#1435) Provide training in launch & retrieval of small craft from trailers –Dredging appears to be cost prohibitive due to contaminated spoil –CFCC Basin has become unusable one hour each side of low tide.

48 Marine Technology 2009/10 Goals Students will learn to use the Wood-Mizer Saw Mill to saw usable lumber from raw logs –Students have made quarter sawn, rift sawn, flat sawn boards, and veneers using the Wood- Mizer. –Students have also learned proper drying techniques and how to properly use a moisture meter (#1459)

49 Marine Technology Challenges  Ensure ship ops funding is continued / returned  Continue to seek funds for replacement vessel construction

50 Marine Technology Challenges  Do we abandon the basin and move all assets to the river channel?  Increase visibility of Boat Building Certificate and Boat Manufacture and Service Diploma

51 Vocational Technology Department

52 Vocational Technology Enrollment 2008-2009  Auto Body Repair35  Automotive Systems46 330  Carpentry34  Electrical/Electronics40  HEATT34  HVAC18  Industrial Systems9  Landscape Gardening21  Truck Driver Training41  Welding52

53 Vocational – Locations  Pender Prison  New Hanover Prison  Topsail High School  Pender County Bus Garage  North Campus – CFCC  Workforce Training Center  Auto Body Shop  Burnett/Emmart

54 Vocational Technology- Highlights  Construction Management Technology approved to be offered by NCCCS  Developed Bio-Diesel Distillation system in the Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology program  Constructed over 60 homes for WHFD

55 Vocational Technology- Highlights (continued)  Landscape Gardening community service –Landscaped 62 nd Habitat for Humanity houses –Partnering with Winter Park Elementary School to design handicap access ramp

56 Vocational Technology 2009/10 Goals  Overcome economic challenges  Replace aging vehicles within the Truck Driver Training program  Continue to improve Vocational programs and courses to serve the largest number of students Goal #10 Goal #4 Goal #1

57 Vocational Technology 2009/10 Goals  Continue to improve departmental communication between locations  Continue with WHFD home building, and HVAC installation Goal #13 Goal #12

58 North Campus Update Buildings  Safety Training Center – awaiting resolution of water intrusion problem – awaiting resolution of water intrusion problem  Cosmetology/WECHS Building – scheduled to move in for this fall semester – scheduled to move in for this fall semester

59 North Campus Update (continued)  Activities - Over 200 events including – Filming: One Tree Hill, East Bound and Down, and Little Britain and Little Britain – Soccer tournaments – Gubernatorial Debate – Early voting site – Job Fair

60 North Campus Update (continued)  Wilmington Early College High School (WECHS) – Starting third year – Over 150 WECHS students on our campus

61 North Campus Update (continued)  University of North Carolina at Pembroke – UNCP has SACS approval for the BIS degree – Investing in their relationship with CFCC – Full time advisor – Implementation of a certified IVF (Integrated Video Facility) classroom Video Facility) classroom – UNCP offering 4 on site classes per semester w/ mini sessions planned for 2010 w/ mini sessions planned for 2010 – Additional classes to be developed using IVF

62 Conclusion  The Vocational/Technical Division of Cape Fear Community College: “ Providing the highest quality employees to our community – every day!”

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