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Memory Management Unit

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1 Memory Management Unit

2 The Memory System Embedded systems and applications
The memory system requirements: vary considerably Simple blocks Multiple types of memory Caches Write buffers Virtual memory

3 Memory management units
Memory management unit (MMU) translates addresses: Protection checks main memory logical address memory management unit physical address CPU

4 Memory management tasks
Allows programs to move in physical memory during execution Allows virtual memory: memory images kept in secondary storage; images returned to main memory on demand during execution Page fault: request for location not resident in memory

5 Address translation Requires some sort of register/table to allow arbitrary mappings of logical to physical addresses Two basic schemes: segmented paged Segmentation and paging can be combined (x86)

6 Segments and pages memory segment 1 segment 2 page 1 page 2

7 Segment address translation
segment base address logical address + segment lower bound range error range check segment upper bound physical address

8 Page address translation
offset page i base concatenate page offset

9 Page table organizations
tree page descriptor flat page descriptor

10 Caching address translations
Large translation tables require main memory access TLB: cache for address translation Typically small

11 ARM Memory Management Unit

12 ARM Memory Management System control coprocessor(CP15) Registers
Write Buffers Caches Registers Up to 16 primary registers Physical registers in CP15 more than 16 Register access instructions MCR (ARM to CP15) MRC (CP15 to ARM)

13 Cached MMU memory system

14 ARM Memory Management MMU can be enabled and disabled
Memory region types: section: 1 Mbytes block large page: 64 Kbytes small page: 4 Kbytes tiny Page: 1 Kbytes Two-level translation scheme (why?) First-level table Second-level table Page table size for 4-KB pages : 220 X 4 bytes = 4 MB

15 ARM address translation
Translation table base register 1st index 2nd index offset 1st level table descriptor concatenate 2nd level table descriptor physical address

16 First-level descriptors
AP: access permission C,B: cachability and bufferability

17 Section descriptor and translating section references
CP reg 2: 16 KB boundary 4K Entries 1 MB block (section) Max: 16KB

18 Coarse Page table descriptor
4 K entries 256 entries Max: 16KB Max: 1KB

19 Fine page table descriptor
1 K entries Max: 4 KB

20 Second-level descriptor

21 Translating large page references

22 Access permissions System (S) and ROM (R) in CP15 register 1

23 TLB functions Invalidate instruction TLB
Invalidate instruction single entry Invalidate entire data TLB Invalidate data single entry TLB lockdown

24 MPC 850 MMU

25 MPC850 MMU Does not support some PowerPC MMU features
4-, 16-, 512- Kbyte, or 8-Mbyte pages 1-KB subpages for 4-Kbyte pages Separate instruction and data MMUs Can be disabled separately Supports up to 16 virtual address spaces Supports 16 access protection groups

26 MPC 850 MMU, cont’d Separate 8-entry, fully-associative data translation lookaside buffer (DTLB) and instruction TLB (ITLB) High performance and low power consumption TLB locking, invalidation

27 Address Translation Translation disabled Translation enabled
MSR[DR], MSR[IR] Effective address = physical address Translation enabled TLB SW handles the table lookup and TLB reload with little HW assistance in the MPC 850 MMU supports a multiple virtual address space Address space ID (ASID)

28 Address Translation, cont’d
Not implemented in the DTLB

29 TLB operation Current Address ID Privilege level 8?

30 Translation Table (4 KB pages)

31 Translation Tables (1 KB pages)

32 Level-One descriptor

33 Level-Two Descriptor 4KB page 1KB subpage 1KB protection
4KB page HW assist

34 Page Size

35 Programming Model

36 Programming Model (cont’d)

37 TLB operations tlbia: translation lookaside buffer invalidate all
tlbie: translation lookaside buffer invalidate entry Locking TLB entries

38 Locking TLB Entries IMMU control register DMMU control register
(MI_CTR bit 4) DMMU control register (MD_CTR bit 4)

39 DTLB reload

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