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SCC BUS 209 _ Spring 2006 copyright, sjh. Setting Up a Home Office.

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1 SCC BUS 209 _ Spring 2006 copyright, sjh. Setting Up a Home Office

2 Making the Home Office Environment Work for You  Make it a space you love. you’ll be spending a lot of time there  Make it a well-defined space.  Learn how to shield yourself- physically & psychologically from interference.  Professionalize your business.

3 Focus on Files  Focus on files first…  Start by organizing and grouping your office paper.  Decide what to keep and what to toss.  Don’t be a clutter keeper!  Helpful Hint: Don’t bother filing A-Z. Try a color-coordinated functional approach: Prospects or Leads, Marketing, Administration, Finance…

4 Equipment That Works A well-equipped home office has Two-line cordless phone Separate telephone line Answering machine or message center Voicemail Pager or cell phone Fax or fax modem Desktop and/ or portable computer Laser or ink-jet printer Copier or Scanner

5 Decide what is Needed and Want is merely Wanted! What can you afford Which technologies are you comfortable with now. What are you willing to build on. Investigate leasing as a option. Think Ergonomically!

6 GOT DSL??  Technology may be critical for many HBB.  Plan for technological growth.  Educate yourself on how to use technology so it is a small business advantage!

7 Have a Back-Up Technician! Know someone who understands technology. Back-up frequently. Keep up on technology. Protect yourself from Viruses, Worms, etc.

8 Functional Furnishing  Home Office Organizing Experts suggest modular furniture with ample space and a professional appeal.  Affordability may be an initial challenge.  Nine out of 10 business owners meet at their client’s office, but if you have clients meeting then you may need a reception or “conference” area.

9 Home Office Resources American Society of Interior Designerswww.asid National Association of Professional will allow you to “design” your home office the home-based business association of America

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