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Hmm...Open ed or Closed...?. OPENED ? OR CLOSED?

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1 Hmm...Open ed or Closed...?



4 How does the physical setup of an workplace affect the productivity of workers? Cindy Choi & Grace Chung Soc D

5 Table of Contents Introduction Hypothesis Influential Factors Furniture Colors Sound Distraction Temperature Spatial Arrangement & Layout Conclusion Possible Flaws Bibliography

6 Hypothesis Workers will be more productive when they are working in an opened workspace since people are able to interact with each other.

7 Furniture Colors Sound Distractions Temperature Spatial Arrangements and Layout Influential factors of Productivity Influential factors of Productivity

8 Furniture Provide coziness to the workplaces Chairs affect the health of workers Schedulers or pin boards with post- its increase the productivity of workers

9 Color Colors create the mood of the workplace Most offices are in neutral colors: white beige grey

10 Will improve productivity if sound distractions are kept low Studies conducted by ASID (American Society of Interior Designs) showed that noise reduction is the major concern of office workers and 70% of them prefer more quiet workplace. Open work spaces are uncontrollable with sound distractions Sound Distractions

11 Temperature Performance decreased 5-7%: above 25 o C Acceptable performance : 26 o C ~27.5 o C Highest Performance: 22 o C ~24 o C

12 Layout & Spatial Arrangement Organized so that manager and employees can have face to face interactions!

13 FactorsOpenedClosed Furniture Colors Sound Distractions Temperatur e Spatial Arrangemen ts and Layout To sum up... xx x x x x x= controllable

14 HYPOTHES IS? X WRONG! Workers will be more productive when they are working in an opened workspace since people are able to interact with each other. X Workers are more productive when they are working in a closed workspace

15 Controllable spaces are more preferable Can concentrate and focus better without getting distracted by environment Closed working spaces will increase the productivity of the workers Which means...

16 Unique Audience TED Conversation

17 Possible Flaws Biased Different personal tastes More influential factors Different standards of closed and opened offices Opened offices can also be productive Generalized results

18 Bibliography Clements-Croome, Derek. Creating the productive workplace. New York: Taylor & Francis, 2006. Edberg, Henrik. The Positivity Blog, "5 Great Ways to Create a More Productive Workspace." Last modified September 19, 2008. Accessed November 30, 2011. workspace/. workspace/ Google, "Management team." Accessed November 30, 2011. Laing, Andrew, David Craig, and Alex White. "Vision Statement: High-Performance Office Space." Harvard Business Review. (2011). (accessed November 30, 2011)."Vision Statement: High-Perf Lifehack, "Design Tips for a Productive Home Office." Last modified May 1. Accessed November 30, 2011. Resources Management, "Employee Productivity and the Workplace." Last modified 2008. Accessed November 30, 2011. resources/employee-productivity.htm."Impact of Office Design on Employees’ Productivity: A Case study of Banking." Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management. 3. no. 1 (2009). (accessed November 30, 2011).Lomonaco, Carol, and Dennis Miller. Environmental Satisfaction, Personal Control and the Positive Correlation to Increased Productivity, "Johnson Controls, Inc.." Accessed November 30, 2011. Satisfaction.pdf.Wolfeld, Leah. "Effects of Office Layout on Job Satisfaction, Productivity and Organizational Commitment as Transmitted through Face-to-Face Interactions." Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal. 1. no. 1 (2010). redir=1&referer= he%20productivity%20of%20workers&source=web&cd =5&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQFjAE& %3Dcaaurj&ei=V87FTsSgA6GdmQWAmc2jCQ&usg=AFQjCNE7bg389MZKiSoo9kUFFWvxS9grcw&cad=rja.fice." Last modified May 1. Accessed Novdified 2008. Accessed November 30, 2011. resources/employee-ls2009/articles/1460.pdf (accessed Satisfaction.pdf.Wolfe23&context=caaurj&sei- redir=1&referer=

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