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The National Art Education Association Conference New York, 2007.

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2 The National Art Education Association Conference New York, 2007

3 The National Art Education Association Secondary Division Awards Ceremony

4 Secondary Division Director Linda Popp Maryland

5 Secondary Division Director-Elect Ralph Caouette Massachusetts

6 Secondary Division Director Elect-Elect Diane Scully Minnesota

7 The National Art Education Association Secondary Division Regional Directors And Elects

8 Secondary Division Eastern Region Director Andrea Haas Connecticut

9 Secondary Division Southeastern Director Donna Anderson Tennessee

10 Secondary Division Western Region Director Roxy Merklin Oklahoma

11 Secondary Division Pacific Region Director Don Collins Washington


13 Secondary Division Eastern Region Director-Elect Cheryl Milligan Maryland

14 Secondary Division Southeastern Director-Elect Jessica Booth Georgia

15 Secondary Division Western Region Director-Elect Lynn Felts Kansas

16 Secondary Division Pacific Region Director-Elect Shannon McBride Oregon

17 The National Art Education Association Secondary Division Award Recipients 2007


19 Eastern Region Secondary Art Educator Viola Capitol-Jefferson Maryland

20 Viola Capitol-Jefferson Largo High School Upper Marlboro, Maryland NAEA J. Eugene Grisby Award, 1995 NAEA Committee on Multiethnic Concerns Maryland Art Education Association Council

21 Prince George’s County Outstanding Career Art Educator, 1997

22 Presenter and Assistant, Educators and Children’s Workshops National Museum of African Art MAEA Conference presentation: Multicultural Infusion in the Classroom

23 Art I, Art II, Drawing and Painting I and II

24 Women’s History Month Exhibit Docents’ Art Exhibit, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Author, “Basic Sculpture,” “African Diaspora,” “ Shoowa Designs of Africa”



27 Southeastern Region Secondary Art Educator Dr. Emily Ruch Tennessee

28 Dr. Emily “Boo” Ruch Overton High School Memphis, Tennessee West Tennessee Art Educator of the Year, 2007 NAEA and TAEA Conference presentations

29 Ambassador at US/China Education Cultural Exchange, 2005 National Board Certified Teacher, 2003

30 presented at the US/China Joint Education Conference in Beijing, 2005 Ambassador for Indigenous Art Curriculum Study and exchange program to Australia and New Zealand, 1998

31 Art I Honors, AP 2-D Design, AP 3-D Design

32 Art I Honors, AP 2-D Design, AP 3-D Design

33 University of Memphis Invitational Exhibit FedEx World Headquarters Invitational Exhibit Memphis City Schools Art Faculty Show



36 Western Region Secondary Art Educator Donna Kirkevold Oklahoma

37 Donna Kirkevoid Putnam City Academy Oklahoma City Oklahoma Art Education Association President Oklahoma Art Education Association Secretary NAEA Delegates Assembly

38 NAEA Western Region Leadership Conference

39 Putnam City Academy Teacher of the Year Excellent Educator Award - Rotary Club

40 Art I, II, II, IV, and Ceramics

41 Annual Putnam City Art Specialist Exhibit



44 Pacific Region Secondary Art Educator Shannon McBride Oregon

45 Shannon McBride Lakeridge High School Oswego, Oregon Oregon Art Educator of the Year, 2006 NAEA Delegates Assembly, 2005-7 Pacific Region Secondary Division Director-Elect Oregon Art Education Association President

46 NAEA Pacific Region Summer Leadership Meetings

47 OAEA Board member, 1991-2007 OAEA Conference Chair OAEA Scholarship Co-Chair OAEA Website Committee

48 Visual Art & Design Drawing & Painting Mixed Media Watercolor Photography Art Studio Advanced Drawing & Painting AP Art Studio

49 “Beyond Demos” Juried Exhibit, 2006 “Teachers Who Can” Exhibit, 2004 “Inside Out” One Woman Show



52 National Art Honor Society Sponsor of the Year Betti Longinotti North Carolina

53 NAHS Sponsor since 1994 National Board Certified Teacher North Carolina Art Educator of the Year, 1997 Betti Longinotti West Forsyth High School Clemmons, North Carolina

54 NCAEA National Art Honor Society Chair NC Annual NAHS Traveling Exhibition 3statewide NAHS Student Conferences Statewide NAHS Sponsor Exhibition

55 annual NAHS New York field trip mural installations birdhouses for Habitat for Humanity giant Patriot Card for servicemen

56 Art I, Art III, Art IV, Honors Art III, Honors Art IV

57 Solo exhibit: “Contemplations In Drawing, Painting, and Stained Glass”



60 NAEA Rising Star Award Lauren Metz Texas

61 Lauren Metz Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Dallas, Texas

62 “…the things that make a teacher special and significant are their commitment to teaching and uniqueness of the knowledge I gain from them.” “I aspire to be the teacher who inspires young artists while pursuing my own artistic endeavors.”

63 ….I was absolutely captured by the photographs of Dorothea Lange. From these images I decided to depict the emotion “Distraught.”

64 How do we know what we are and what we are feeling and if the feelings are totally new and undiscovered? This is what my work explores.

65 There Were No Survivors Let Them Eat Cake


67 National Secondary Art Educator Lynn Felts Kansas

68 NAEA Western Region Secondary Director-Elect, NAEA Western Region Secondary Art Educator, 2006 Lynn Felts Winfield High School Winfield, Kansas

69 KAEA President, 1998-2000 Kansas Secondary Art Educator, 1999 NAEA Delegates Assembly, 2000-03

70 NAEA Western Region Secondary Director, 2003-5

71 Basic Art, Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Design

72 National Art Honor Society Sponsor 1986 - present

73 Annual Expressions Exhibits KAEA Members Exhibits Winfield Arts & Humanities Show



76 The National Art Education Association Secondary Division Award Recipients 2007 Congratulations!


78 MIAD/NAEA Creative Art Educator Awards

79 Barbara Nikoo-Manesh Olathe East High School Althea Thompson School for Creative and Performing Arts Cincinnati, Ohio






85 Terry McDaniel Baltimore County Public Schools Carver Center for the Arts Towson, Maryland

86 158 ARTS winners 11 Presidential Scholars in the Arts (plus 3 nominated this year) 24 Marie Walsch Sharpe winners

87 5 Scholastic Art National Gold Portfolio winners 37Silver Portfolio winners over 45 National Medal winners

88 10 ACT-SO National Gold awards at least one Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts each year since the program began in 1982

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