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3 MARCH 2015 BELL ACTIVITY: JOURNAL 18 – 20+ LINES: If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it? Describe a situation.

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1 3 MARCH 2015 BELL ACTIVITY: JOURNAL 18 – 20+ LINES: If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it? Describe a situation in detail where it might be useful. What might be the downside to that power? If you had been asked to read silently, would you have had an independent reading book? Make sure you have one tomorrow! Today’s Agenda: Introduction to the Secret Annex and the residents of the annex. Grammar…


3 THE FRONT FACING THE STREET Most people, including the employees who worked in the building, thought the building looked like this.




7 The Layout of the Building from the back ; the garden view  This level was part of the business only.  This level was also part of the business, but the members of the annex often used it during non- business hours.  This level was used by the Frank’s and Pfeffer as a bedroom. The bathroom was also on this level.  This level was used as the van Pels’ bedroom, kitchen, and dining area.  The attic was mainly used for storage.

8 The Entrance of the Secret Annex Up the stairs from the private office there was a landing with a bookcase to the left, and storerooms to the right. This was no ordinary bookcase though. It was hinged like a door and opened up to another door. The Secret Annex was behind both of these “doors.”

9 The Bookcase Leading to the Secret Annex

10 The First Floor  A steep flight of stairs was right behind the bookcase and door.  This led to the room that was used as Mr., Mrs., and Margot Frank’s bedroom at night and the main living area during the day.  Anne and Pfeffer’s bedroom was also on this floor. This is where Anne’s desk was and where she wrote most of her famous diary.  All eight people used the one bathroom that was accessible from the living room and Anne’s bedroom.

11 Why go into hiding Anne takes us on a tour INTRODUCTORY TRAILER

12 Floor Plan of the Annex

13 The hideout of the Frank’s, van Pels’ and Pfeffer during the Holocaust.


15  Born in 1889 to a banking family.  Married Edith Hollander on May, 12 1925.  It was his decision to put his family into hiding.


17  Born on January 16, 1900.  Youngest of her brothers and sisters.  Married to Otto Frank on May 12, 1925.  Edith and Anne never got along very well.  Anne stated in her diary that her mother didn’t understand her.


19  Born on February 16, 1926.  Three years older than Anne.  Educationally gifted.  Named after her maternal aunt Betti. (Margot Betti Frank.)  Margot’s summons to go to a forced labor camp on June 5, 1942, caused the Frank’s to go into hiding early.  Followed her mother’s example in life.  While in hiding Anne stated in her diary that Margot also kept a diary. No traces of her diary have ever been found.


21  Born on June 12, 1929.  Received a diary for her 13 th birthday, which she named “Kitty.”  When Anne and the rest of the members were arrested, her diary was not taken.  Miep found the diary, kept it for Anne when she would return, and never read it.  When she didn’t come back, Miep gave her diary to Mr. Frank.  Mr. Frank decided to publish her diary and it is now one of the most famous stories in the world.



24 Block A reached this slide

25  Born on April 30, 1889.  He was a dentist.  Had a son in 1927 and got divorced to his son’s mother in 1933.  Met Charlotte Kaletta, but since he was a Jew and she wasn’t, laws at that time wouldn’t let them get married.  Pfeffer went into hiding with the Franks and van Pels on November 16, 1942.

26  The second floor served as Mr. and Mrs. van Pels’ bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room.  There was a bed, a folding bed, a table, and a kitchen area in the main second floor room.  Off of this room was Peter van Pels' bedroom. It was a very tiny room with only a bed and stairs leading to the attic in it.


28  Born on March 31, 1898.  Had six siblings.  Married Auguste Röttgen on December 5, 1925.  Expert with spices. He can detect any spice and is the creative genius behind the spice blends which Otto’s company sells.  He has a severe nicotine addiction  Is not patient with his son. Block B reached this slide


30  Born on September 29, 1900.  Anne portrays her as a very vain person.  She is very manipulative and is constantly trying to make her husband jealous.  She flirts outrageously with Otto Frank who is politely uninterested. 


32  Born on November 8, 1926.  Only child.  His parents are quite dysfunctional and as a result he is insecure. His mother embarrasses him and his Dad belittles him.  He and Anne developed a relationship while in hiding that slowly evolved into a romantic relationship.  Sources have said that Peter was gifted academically and a master at carpentry.



35  The attic was mainly used for storage.  Anne and Peter enjoyed laying down in the attic and looking out of the skylight.  The attic was the only place where Anne could catch a glimpse of "a patch of blue sky."



38  Miep risked her life to save the people hiding in the annex.  She brought needed supplies to the annex.  With the fear of being caught, Miep only brought one grocery bag full of things at a time.

39            Http:// Http:// 

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