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2 STANDING COMMITTEE PROJECTS BPW 2014-17 FIRST NAMELAST NAMECOUNTRYBPW REGION GiuseppinaSeiditaItaliaEuropa Anna MariaCacciamiItaliaEuropa DanaSasRomaniaEuropa AlidaPerkovPolaEuropa Aparo Martínez Miró SpagnaEuropa Iranthi Sri LankaAsia Pacifica InsilLeeKoreaAsia Pacifica OjoboAtulukuNigeriaAfrica AnnamariaBetti CarabaloneItaliaEuropa

3 THE ROLE OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE PROJECTS IS: To monitor,coordinate ad support the projects that are proposed by members of the various BPW Regions. To provide the members of BPW Regions with our knowledge and skills

4 IMPORTANT TO PROMOTE:  New opportunities for women  Female entrepreneurs  Empowerment of women  Inclusion of women in the political world and work place  The creation of small and medium enterprises

5 HOW CAN WOMEN MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  Creation of a platform from which women can exchange ideas and good working practices  Increasing their presence in politics and managerial roles  Creation partnership with Governmental Organization  Implementation the projects in high schools and University  Promotion to gender mainstreaming

6 PROJECTS IN TO EUROPEAN REGION Project “Gallura’s women-the business of doing business”-BPW ITALY The project has the objectves to facilitate the employment of women and facilitate the creation of new enterprises such as manufactory and sweets, marketing, administerstion Project “BPW Mediterranean net”-BPW ITALY With this project you wish to create a network between BPW Clubs in the Mediterranean Basin with similar traditions, history, logistical situations which favour economic and cultural exchanges between women in the countries involved, and to create a platform from which women can exchange ideas, opinions and information regarding the work and the economic and cultural sectors. Project “Together to combat pain”-BPW ITALY This project, which was carried out with the Ministry of Health, wants to implementate the right to non-suffering, through the dissemination of knowledge and the use of pain management and palliative care among health care workers and the people. Provides for the training of health professionals and information and public awareness.

7 Project “Peace and intercultural dialogue in the world” The project aims to educate children from various country to peace through intercultural dialogue to build a better world and to realize the “Peace Poster”by the schools in the world. Project “ B to B :women in the ethic business” –BPW ITALY The project is organized by FIDAPA -BPW INTERNATIONAL MILAN club.Entrepreneurs, executive business women and freelancer key players of each Continents will arrange to meet in Milan (Italy) from 22ndto 26nd June 2015, with the clear goal of driving bargains. Expansive space will be dedicated to Start up's women. Project “Start up”-BPW ITALY The project, funded by the BPW ITALY provides for a course of training for young members and the funding of 7 projects submitted by young members of 'Italy. The project aims to promote the young people and their innovative ideas to promote social well-being and their integration into the world of work.


9 Project “Pink Code ”- BPW ITALY The project, carried out by the Ministry of Health, wants to help women victims of violence to having adequate care and a room for them in the hospitals. In fact it is important that they are assisted by qualified personnel, doctors- psychologists-social assistants, and their privacy will be respected VIII Forum of the Danube Countries in Regensburg-DANUBE NET With this project you wish to create a network between BPW Clubs in the Danube Countries with similar traditions, history, logistical situations which favour economic and cultural exchanges between women in the countries involved, and to create a platform from which women can exchange ideas, opinions and information regarding the work and the economic and cultural sectors.

10 BPW Galway and BPW Pula together by James Joyce. The project aims to promote cultural tourism cooperation between the two countries. The Deputy Ministry of Croatian Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts expressed her open support to BPW activities in Galway. The Director of City Library Pula will shortly present the cultural and business oportunities of cooperation with Ireland partners. Project “Lobbying for shopping “- BPW POLA BPW Pula gathers all BPW members and friends to businesswomen exhibit and sell their goods or distribute the vouchers for services. All products are in reduced prices. The sellers get cash money, and the buyers get cheaper products.

11 PROJECTS TO THE AFRICA REGION Nigeria: Project “Implementation of prevention of child marriage in Africa” The project would like to realize a empowerment programme for adolescent girls in Africa. The objectives of the project are : The identify and train 36 BPW members to become PoCM coaches for adolescent girls in their countries; To support 36 BPW PoCM coaches to identify and train 360 PoCM advocates trought a PoCM advocacy Programme and a virtual learning centre. To facilitate PoCM youth engagement initiatives during a period of 6 months trought an network/online community To raise an awareness of the negative impact of Child Marriage in Africa through the counter -narrative provided by the PoCM coaches and advocates.

12 South Africa : BPW Johannesburg 59 CEOS signed the Statement of Support for the WEPs.In the next months the campaign will move to other cities in South Africa. Egypt : BPW Egypt in collaboration with Dr Antoinette Ruegg initiated a program on cross- cultural understanding Kenya: BPW Nakuru set up a Medical Camp weekend to providing free medical screening, pharmaceutical and dental care, wheel chairs, as well as distributing food, shoes, mosquito nets and clothing to the local community. Zambia: BPW Lusaka implemented advocacy and lobbying activities targeted at government and key stakeholders to bring to their awareness the gender differentiated impacts of regional/international trade agreements

13 Burkina Faso : In collaboration with UNDP, UNFPA and the gynecological association in Burkina Faso is working on a project to mitigate the incidence of Vesicovaginal Fistula in Burkina Faso. Cameron : BPW Mfoundi in partnership with The Ministry of the women and the family and UN Women, carried out the 2 nd edition of the widow’s international day under the theme: the rights of the widows. BPW Mfoundi : I initiated activities on capacity building for women economic empowerment with start up funds for the businesses of the widows. The ongoing activities include training in project managing, financial accounting and the access at the credit.

14 Projects to the Asia Pacific Region. Project BPW Sri Lanka “Change” Project BPW Sri Lanka “Change",means to be a Mentor for one rural underprivileged school-going child by providing him advice, a bag of dry rations for the Sinhala/ Tamil New Year and a parcel of new & nearly new clothes, end of the year to provide the child/ children with school books, school bag, a pair of shoes, school clothes, dry rations and a basket of nearly new clothes., and a glass of milk once a week Project BPW Japan "Financial Support for women victims to open or reopen their business" Project BPW Japan "Equal Pay Day Campaign" Project BPW Taiwan “Women Leaders Training Camp”

15 BPW ORMOC: BPW Ormoc was actively participating in the Cluster System of the UN response to typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). We were active in the Protection Cluster, SGBV Sub-cluster and the Early Recovery Cluster. BPW Ormoc provided cash loan to a 7-woman team of dressmakers. We provided financial aid to TCF-OCCCI which in turn will provide BPW Ormoc financial gain annually to help us tide important expenditures. BPW Ormoc actively participated in the International Women’s Day. BPW Ormoc is also an active member and influencer of the Coalition for Ormoc Women (a formation of 24 NGOs and POs in Ormoc). We were also active participants to the roll-out activity of the Magna Carta of Women by the Philippine Commission on Women through the National Anti- Poverty Commission.

16 BPW NEW ZEALAND The key project in New Zealand is the promotion of the Women's Empowerment Principles. BPW NZ is working with UN Women, the Human Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust to increase signatories to WEPs and monitor progress in the 7 principles of those companies who have signed. Currently there are 41 signatories in New Zealand. Building Leadership Skills The executive of BPW NZ have focussed on building leadership skills for members. We held a two day leadership forum in October 14 focussing on buil ding skills in facilitation of workshops and small groups so that clubs could run more effective events in their areas. This was evaluated highly by participants.

17 BPW GISBORNE BPW NZ are running a pilot project in a regional town (Gisborne) this year and this is being run by BPW Gisborne. The aim is to make Gisborne a "WEPs town" and sign up to the WEPs as many businesses that employ over 10 staff as possible. We aim to improve the employment possibilities for women in this isolated region. BPW HAWERA Project of working with schools under the "It's Not OK" programme to call out domestic violence and abuse

18 BPW CENTRAL HAWKES BAY: Supporting and mentoring a course for at risk young women on personal presentation, clothing, nutrition, exercise and confidence building. Provided insight to club members of deprivation in their community and raised aspirations of all that attended. BPW MANA Project to work with teenage parents BPW DOUBTLESS BAY Project to assist with disaster planning for a tsunami in their area and discussion with community groups

19 BPW AUSTRALIA: BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Online Training & Mentoring Project – a two year project conducted across Australia 2013-2014 assisting 700 women develop business skills and the growth potential of their new or existing homebased, micro small business. Partly funded by the Australian Government under the SBAS program and supported by Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc., Australian Federation of Business & Professional Women (WA Division), Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCFWA) & TCF Australia APEC 5 Economies - BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Online Training & Mentoring Project - a 4 month pilot providing business skill development to women in five APEC economies during 2014 including Chinese Taipei, Republic of Korea, The Philippines, Chile and Australia. Supported by APEC Multi-Year Project MSCE 03 2013A-The Chinese Taipei Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development, Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BEC Global), TCF Global and the BPW Business Incubator Training & Mentoring Program as a pilot project to specifically help women in APEC economies develop their small business skills.

20 Projects to the Latin America Region BPW Bolivia: Project on recycling so they have agreements with local enterprises and with them develops street fairs doing some training on recycling BPW Costa Rica: Project to help 40 women there with their children in a program designed by age in order to encourage women to help them Guararí confident through literacy, training and skills development to enable it to draw their own goals, restore their dignity and a better future for themselves and their families. BPW Ecuador: Project generating an Official Equal Pay Day, they developed with a national deputy a project of law which is on analysis at the moment.

21 BPW Buenos Aires: Project of law: “Day for equal pay between women and men” Project “Red purse campaign + Red shoe campaign” Project “Mentoring program to the American Latin Region” Project: BPW-SP Academy of knowledge (ABC) BPW PANAMA- Club Muj. Neg. and Professional-El Bosque 1. Training program on beauty 26 girls ranging between 15 and 18 years. The girls belong to the Foundation of Divine Mercy whose function is to accommodate girls with problems of physical abuse and rape sex within the family environment. The training program is to equip them with knowledge about beauty that allows them to use as a means earning once due to leave the hostel. 2. It is planned to provide a scholarship to one of the members of this group to support in his university entrance. 3. Conduct an intensive campaign to promote the Club with the aim of to attract members among local companies.

22 THANK YOU Giuseppina Seidita Standing Committee BPW Projects Chair e Cell.: +39 3285640389 Fax: +39 0919100217


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