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Cynthia Wilson Grand Canyon University Internship TECH 591 Debra Footy February 1, 2013.

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1 Cynthia Wilson Grand Canyon University Internship TECH 591 Debra Footy February 1, 2013

2 “The education community is already adopting new technologies which will work together to result in more effective learning solutions, including game-based learning, learning analytics, cloud computing, personalized learning environments, and open content.” Nicholas Jackson is an associate editor at The Atlantic ( internet-is-changing-the-way-we-learn/243708/)


4 Learning is a life long process and as educators we need to keep current and up-to-date with the technology world in the 21 st Century. The researcher has made an continued effort to increase knowledge as the ultimate goal is to obtain a Masters Degree. It is important to have a mentor as well as a support team to help and guide the endeavor of incorporating technology in the school. This is a important task and need for our students as we prepare them in this Digital Society that we live in. The intention of this presentation is to provide researcher’s selection of colleagues, resources, and sites that will be a support as the researcher makes continuous growth working in technology that will guide her after she has completed the program with GCU. This is just a beginning of researcher’s development of PLN.


6 Patricia Yazzie, Lummi Nation School grade 3 teacher. She currently holds a Doctorate Degree. Dean Petersen, Lummi Nation School, Elementary Ed. Computer Lab Teacher, B.A. Jerri Mumma, Lummi Nation School, grade 1 Teacher, B.A. Barb Grote, Lummi Nation School, School Psychologist As I look back on educational service to the people I live among, I think of the many mentors that I have had and the support that they have offered me whether it be intentional and unintentional. I have come across many teachers in the years I have been with the school and believe I have been in contact with teachers and administrations that have offered me many special insights into my life’s path. Many people feel that being a mentor requires special skills, but mentors are simply people who have the qualities of a good role model. (Richardson August 2005) It is important that when we come in contact with people that have special skills we learn from them and hope that we can carry on what they have shared with us. Having experienced mentors is what we learn from and we respect and want to model what we have learned. I have been able to find four mentors that have characteristic that I believe would be a benefit to me. Through the years we all have become helpers to one another by using each other’s strengths and expertise to help the students succeed. I believe the selection of my mentors will help me accomplish my goals I wish to accomplish that I have for our students. These four mentors I have chosen will be part of my team and each of them have the essential knowledge and skills that help me.

7 Mr. Dean Petersen Mrs. Patricia Yazzie Elder mentor, Mrs. Greene Ms. Jeri and the First graders


9 Kathy Schrock is a teacher, an trainer she provides professional development workshops, online graduate courses, and online webinars for schools, districts, and organizations in all areas of educational technology.

10 Dr. Tony Bates is the author of eleven books in the field of online learning and distance education. He has provided consulting services specializing in training in the planning and management of online learning and distance education, working with over 40 organizations in 25 countries.

11 Brenda Dyck is a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). In addition to teaching preservice teachers, Brenda is the moderator of MiddleTalk, a listserve sponsored by the National Middle School Association (NMSA). Her "HotLinks" column is a regular feature in NMSA's magazine, Middle Ground. Brenda also is a teacher-editor for MidLink magazine. mnists/dyck/dyck.shtml

12 Brent has worked in the field of education as a teacher and administrator for 17 years. He is currently an assistant principal at Shivela Middle School in Murrieta, California. Brent attended California State University Fullerton and earned a bachelor's degree in Child Development in 1995, his teaching credential a year later, and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2000. He returned to school at California State University San Marcos and earned an administrative credential in 2007. His philosophy regarding educational technology boils down to this -- a) technology has the "cool" factor for students, and b) kids are already using tools like the Web, iPods/iPads, and cell phones, so educators should do everything they can to leverage this technology for educational purposes.







19 Assist technology team to develop plan to enrich professional development Incorporate technology assessments in elementary, middle school and resource room to maximize assessment scores. Use of Smart board in elementary classrooms to engage students in learning Begin a blog for young Native American girls to share stories, challenges and success of reservation life. I run a girls girl afterschool for grades 6-8. This will be their project to share with other girls from different tribes in the area. Plan to develop a tech night for teachers and parents to get to know how to work the technology the students are working with.


21 This is an ongoing process for me, I have a great circle of mentors that will assist me as I begin my own journey. I have much to learn and will continue to grow. I realize this is a mindset and not a process. I take this as a responsibility to my community and my fellow teachers. I will continue to grow to join the rest of the leaders to do my part for the future of our students as they continue to learn and grow in this digital society that we live in.

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