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Highlights, Bylaws and YOU! MHS Faculty Senate Working Group.

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1 Highlights, Bylaws and YOU! MHS Faculty Senate Working Group

2 What we did… Members met twice, once before school and once after school, to discuss three questions: We then had two meetings to discuss the bylaws and two weeks to offer suggestions/improvements. More on this later What kinds of issues would a faculty senate address? Is there a need for the creation of a faculty senate? What should it look like? Victoria Alex, Steph Gates, Jim Drier, Corey Knigge, Michele Bonadies, Jed Doyle, Mary Jane Chiado, Jane Siegal, Jeff Harding, Jed Doyle, Mike Hicky, Dianna Parro-Napolski, Jerri Craven, Nancy Toland, Nancy Cope, Joseph Maxwell, Rahul Sethna, Randy Lerner, Dennis Szymkowiak, Anatasia Valassis, Catherine White, Melissa Sethna, Serry Pollock, Todd Skelton

3 What types of issues would a Faculty Senate address? Creating more social opportunities for faculty members to interact with each other Data-walks Attempt to discuss new initiatives with administration before implementation to improve “buy-in“ and ownership among faculty Data Warehouse and Partners for Results Improve relationships between faculty and with administration Rebuild trust within school Plans to include student performance as part of evaluation process

4 Is there a need for a Faculty Senate? YES, It will take hard work but we have to do something Yes - help teachers get to know each other better Need to get to know other teachers as people NOT just as "teachers" or "curriculum developers“ Could formulate positions and then "push information out" to faculty Can start by simply addressing little things Needed to address serious disconnect growing between departments Need to bring back interdepartmental discussion groups within school day

5 What should the Faculty Senate look like? Whatever it is it needs to be focused on involving new members/teachers If any department is not represented by initial quintile strategy, that department would elect their own "rep" to join faculty senate so all ages and departments are represented Close partnership with the union…not a competing organization Age-based quintile system based on Oak Park model - would produce 10 senate members What about leadership of meetings/minutes/etc. Let’s not rush…rather take our time and be careful – measure twice, cut once…

6 So…what we came up with Bylaws: Gives the group a structure and helps eliminate any conflict/controversy before it begins A draft version was made and then we held two meetings to discuss suggestions/improvements. Members also made electronic suggestions as we do have other things to do! Highlights: Quintile system Special, departmental elections if no representation Leadership flexibility…only mandated position is secretary Committees and leadership structure based on majority vote of elected representatives Allows for maximum flexibility to deal with important issues that might arise each year MEA Vice-President as member of Faculty Senate representatives Full Text of Bylaws at MEA website:

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