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Deanna G., Shannon K. and Samantha W. Mrs. Hart 4 th Grade.

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1 Deanna G., Shannon K. and Samantha W. Mrs. Hart 4 th Grade

2  Born in 1797.  In Ulster County, New York.  Died on November 26, 1883  For the first 28 years of her life she was in slavery  She got punished badly when she was in slavery  Colonel Hardnebergh died when Sojourner truth was three  Sojourner was sold as a slave for fifty dollars  The first language she heard was Dutch  Her father had three wives  She ran away from her family while in slavery  Her siblings got sold away or died  When she was 13, Sojourner was six feet tall

3  Sojourner published an autobiography in 1850  She was a crusader  Learned English  She made speeches about ending slavery and women's rights  Helped free slaves  Truth got married and had kids  She was a traveling preacher  She was awarded $125  She was a strong treasure to Dumont  She had a child, Diana, she was born in 1815  When Diana was one month old Sojourner was allowed to visit her father  She wrote songs for special occasions

4  She was a slave  Left her family  Sojourner’s father was weak, old and sick  His only son, Peter, got fired from his job, twice  Truth got sold many times  Truths mother dying  She worked on a farm as a slave  Sojourner worked year round on large plantations  When her child was one month old she was allowed to go visit her father. Her father wasn't there and he was in New York City  When she was in love with a man named Robert his master would not let them be together because when she had her children they would belong to Sojourner’s master.

5  Slavery wasn’t very practical in the North in 1785  When she was thirteen years old, she reached the height of six feet tall.  Sojourner went to church to be a preacher for ending slavery and women’s rights with whites  Sojourner had five kids, four examples are Elizabeth, Hannah, Peter and Diana  Truth wrote lovely songs for special occasions


7  Ferris, Jerri “ Walking the Road to Freedom”. 2. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda, 1988. Print.  Kudliski, Kathleen. “Voice of Freedom”. New York City, N.Y.: Aladdin Paperbacks,2003. Print.  McKissack, Patricia C. Sojourner Truth “Ain't I A Woman ” New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., 1992. Print.  “ Truth, Sojourner.” America the Beautiful. Grolier Online, 2013. Web. 15 Mar. 2013

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