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Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage AgCGL  The Webinar will begin shortly  There is no audio at this time.  This presentation is being.

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1 Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage AgCGL  The Webinar will begin shortly  There is no audio at this time.  This presentation is being recorded for your viewing pleasure at a future date.  The attendance and proctor forms are available under ‘Materials’ in the Webinar’s Console to the right. 1  100% Participation in Polling Questions is required to receive credit for this class. Even if you do not intend to receive credit, please participate in the polls.  You will receive the course number for your state near the end of class.  Use the ‘chat’ window for questions on the content..  The PowerPoint presentation is also available under ‘Materials’.

2 Welcome to your Insurance Community University  All of you are currently on mute  Un-mute your own system  Telephone Option −Select Telephone on your screen −Dial in the PIN number so that your number becomes active  Microphone and/or Speaker Option −You can use this option if you have a headset that you use with your computer 2 Audio

3 Participation & Chat Window  You will receive information from the monitor via the ‘Chat’ window.  Please locate window in the control panel  Q & A is welcomed during the presentation and at the end of the presentation  You will find the question box on your control panel  Write your question in that box and send it to the presenter/organizer  The presenter will take those  questions in the order submitted 3

4 DOI Requirements  When you see a slide with the hand up symbol, touch the “hand” icon on your control panel  Click ONCE only  If you do not raise your hand, the monitor will be in contact with you in the chat box  If you are in a group, the designated proctor is responsible to make certain you are all in attendance at all times 4 = Hand is down

5 Polling  Throughout the class we will be conducting periodic polls  We need 100% participation on the polls  The polls are intended to check participation but also to create discussion topics throughout the presentation 5

6 Forms To Complete for CE  After class ends  Return attendance form  Proctors – return your form to email address  Email address is in chat window or in email sent to you today 6

7 DOI Requirements  We will file your hours with the DOI after the completion of this webinar and we have received the attendance form.  You have 48 hours to return the form  You will be sent a Certificate of Attendance/Completion by email. Please retain this for your records for five years. 7

8 Please Hold Up Your Hand 8

9 Your Instructor Today Casey Roberts, CIC, AFIS, ACSR Principal, Laurus Insurance Consulting, LLC

10 Your CIG Representatives  Walter Wooten  Ag Business Lines Manager   831 233 5057  Jeri Smith  Ag Underwriting Specialist   831 233 5056 10

11 11 CIGU Insurance Education Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage AAIS AgCGL Course # 288538 Approved for 4 Continuing Education Credit Hours In California

12 12 Disclaimer Not only are policy forms, clauses, rules and court decisions constantly changing, but forms vary from company to company and state to state. This material is intended as a general guideline and does not apply to a specific situation. The forms used in this presentation are owned by AAIS and protected under their copyright. Use of the AAIS Material is limited to AAIS Participating Insurers and their Authorized Representatives. This presentation is prepared for CIG and includes specific CIG underwriting guidelines. The creator of this presentation is Insight Insurance Consulting and Insurance Community Center. Any organization for whom this seminar is conducted shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of information contained in this book. Insight Insurance Consulting: Insurance Community Center:

13 13 About the CIGU Education  Capital Insurance Group has partnered with the Insurance Community Center to present classes that are part of CIGU.  CIGU's mission is to provide insurance education to aspiring agents and agency professionals seeking CE courses to maintain and update their Property & Casualty license status.

14 CIG Introduces Their New AAIS Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage (AgCGL) 14

15 Polling Question #1 15

16 What This Course Will Cover  Background on AgCGL  Eligibility  Review of AgCGL Coverage Form  Review of available endorsements 16

17 Background on AAIS Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage AgCGL 17

18 Industry Issues  Changing Nature of Agriculture  Agritainment and agritourism  Size and number  Vertical integration THE AAIS AGRICULTURAL GENERAL LIABILITY PROGRAM 18

19 Changing Nature of Agriculture  Size and number  Last 10 years −Number of farms decreased by 4% −Average size of farm increased from 436 to 449 acres −Average per farm income grew by 60%  1997 to 2002 −Farms 1-1999 acres decreased in number −Farms over 2000 acres increased by 5% 19

20 Changing Nature of Agriculture  Vertical integration  Efficiency  Market power  Grower to consumer  Scientific advances THE AAIS AGRICULTURAL GENERAL LIABILITY PROGRAM 20

21 21 AgCGL Targets  The ag range of operations  Traditional farming  Personal liability for farm residents  Custom/contract farming  Contract feeding operations  Farm management operations −Annuals −Perennials

22 22 AgCGL Targets  Agribusiness processing operations  Agribusiness warehousing or storage operations  Vertically integrated operations  Agritainment/agritourism activities  Combine personal, farm, and commercial on a single policy  Class combinations  Limits do not stack

23 Polling Question #2 23

24 Per CIG Underwriting Guidelines Eligibility 24

25 Eligibility (AAIS)  Risks involved in one or more of the following agricultural operations are eligible for the program  Buying, selling, storage, or processing of agricultural products  Manufacturing goods from agricultural products 25

26 Eligibility (AAIS)  The sale of goods or services to agricultural or agribusiness customers; or  Farming operations that supply agricultural commodities for manufacturing or processing 26

27 Review of the AgCGL Coverage Form 27

28 AAIS / ISO Farm Liability Policy Structure Policy Common Policy Declarations Common Policy Conditions Liability Declarations Liability Coverage Forms Endorsements 28

29 Named Insured: John and Pipp Appleseed Mailing Address: W 8800 County Highway 96 Policy Period: 06/01/2009 - 06/01/2010 Hortonville, WI 5494412:01 am standard time at mailing address shown Agent Name and Address: Dale Insurance P.O. Box 1 Dale, WI 54944 Business Description: Apple Farm The insured is: X Individual  Partnership  Joint Venture  Limited Liability Company  Trust  Organization (Describe) Limits of Liability: Each Occurrence Limit$ 1,000,000 Medical Payments Limit $ 5,000 any one person Fire Legal Liability Limit$ 50,000 each occurrence Short-term Rented Premises Limit $ 25,000 any one premises Personal and Advertising Injury Limit $ 1,000,000 any one person or organization General Aggregate Limit$ 2,000,000 Products/Completed Work Hazard Aggregate Limit $ 2,000,000 Farm Chemicals Limited Liability Aggregate Limit $ 25,000 Custom Farming Annual Receipts$ 5,000 Location of all premises owned, rented, occupied, or controlled by the insured: 10 acres Sec 1, TWP X, RGE Y 25 acres Sec 2, TWP X, RGE Y Loss Cost Classification Code No. Rating Basis Rating Base Prem/Ops All OtherTotal Premium Crops - Consumption 82415 S 500,000 Personal Liability 82801 FU 1 1-2 Family Owned ATV 82853 U 1 U-Pick - No Off Ground 82241 S 10,000 Bakeries - 81802 S 25,000 Including Baking On Premises Other Premium $ To Equal Minimum $ Total Advance Premium $ Audit Period:  Annually  Semi-Annual  Quarterly  Monthly Deposit Premium $ FORMS AND ENDORSEMENTS: CL 0100, AL 0001, AL 0170, AL 0290, AL 8005 FARM COMMERCIAL LIABILITY COVERAGE AAIS DECLARATIONS AL 6501 09 08 Page 1 of 1

30 Polling Question #3 30

31 Common Policy Conditions CL 0100  Assignment  Cancellation  Change, Modification, or Waiver of Policy  Inspection  Included because EB is a trigger  Examination of Books and Records 31

32 Amendatory Endorsement (Ca.)  CL 0162 08 06 – Used in California  Deletes the “cancellation” language in the CL 0100 and adds California specific language regarding “Cancellation and Nonrenewal”

33 It is all about the trigger of coverage Most coverages are within the primary coverage form Triggered by the Declarations page 33

34 34 Construction  Two base forms  Farm Commercial Liability Coverage Form  Agribusiness Commercial General Liability Coverage Form

35 Ag CGL Coverage Structure  Agreement  Definitions  Principal Liability Coverages  Supplemental Payments  What Must Be Done In Case Of Loss  How Much We Pay  Conditions  Nuclear Energy Liability Exclusion 35

36 Polling Question #4 36

37 Definitions  Advertisement  Auto  Basic territory  Controlled substances  Coverage territory  Covered contract  Damages  Declarations  Designated insured  Electronic media  Employee  Executive officer  Fungus or related perils  Impaired property  Indemnitee  Insured  Leased worker  Limit  Loading or unloading  Mobile equipment  Occurrence  Personal and advertising injury 37

38 Definitions  Pollutants  Products  Products/completed work hazard  Property damage  Short-term rented premises  Silica  Suit  Temporary Worker  Terms  Volunteer Worker  Your Work  34 Definitions in All  Words defined will be in “quote marks” 38

39 Principal Liability Coverages  Coverage L—Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability  Coverage M—Medical Payments 39

40 Principal Liability Coverages  Coverage N—Farm Chemicals Limited Liability  $25,000 Automatic or DEC  Coverage O---Fire Legal Liability  $50,000 or DEC  Coverage P—Personal and Advertising Injury Liability 40

41 Additional Coverages By End  Coverage T  Aircraft Crop Dusting Bodily Injury and Physical Injury to Property  Aircraft Crop Dusting Physical Injury to Property  Contingent Aircraft Crop Dusting Bodily Injury and Physical Injury to Property  Contingent Aircraft Crop Dusting Physical Injury to Property 41

42 Additional Coverages by End  Coverage Y  Employee Benefits Liability Claims-Made Basis  Employee Benefits Liability Extended Reporting Period 42

43 Polling Question #5 43

44 Additional Coverages by End  Coverage Z  Employment Practices Liability—Claims- Made Basis  Employment Practices Liability Extended Reporting Period 44

45 43 Exclusions 45

46 Endorsements 46

47 Endorsements  See attached AAIS current endorsement list 47

48 Thanks for Attending  CIG offers an agent’s discount for all Insurance Community classes. Check out the calendar at  OR join the University and attend all the classes you want and use the universities products. 48

49 MORE Questions or Assistance?  Casey Roberts  (707) 477-0913 

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