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The Explorers Club Compiled & Edited by Capt. Lynn Danaher MN ‘05.

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1 The Explorers Club Compiled & Edited by Capt. Lynn Danaher MN ‘05

2 Has an amazing history!!!!

3 Henry Collins Walsh Formed in 1904 “…to unite explorers in the bonds of good- fellowship and to promote the work of exploration by every means in its power…” 1904

4 May 2nd 1904 My dear Bryant … The idea of club is to limit membership to those who have traveled and brought back results. There will be necessity of adding afterwards men of means. Yours sincerely, F. W. Stokes PS: The dues will not exceed 5.oo per annum.

5 Adolphus Greely Founding Member

6 Original Signatories of the Explorers Club 1905


8 First President of the Explorers Club

9 27 West 67 th Street NYC First Location 1905

10 1912: Explorers Club “takes upon its rolls” members of the Arctic Club

11 345 Amsterdam 1 9 1 2

12 Club Membership Currently 3,000+ Members Representing 60 countries

13 Women were not allowed to join until 1981 and now comprise approx 25% of the membership

14 Explorers Club members have accomplished many significant FIRSTS !!

15 First to the North Pole April 6, 1909

16 Robert Peary

17 Matthew Henson

18 1926 Byrd’s flight over the North Pole

19 The First Man to Reach the South Pole 1911

20 Roald Amundsen Dec. 1911

21 First solo flight across the Atlantic 1927 Charles Lindbergh

22 the first to break the sound barrier 1947

23 Chuck Yeager

24 The First to reach the summit of Mt. Everest 1953

25 Sir Edmund Hillary

26 Tenzing Norkay

27 Commander W.R. Anderson First to navigate under the polar ice cap 1958

28 USS Nautilus

29 Descent and Exploration to the bottom of the ocean the Marianas Trench

30 1960 7 miles deep Jacques Piccard & USN Lt. Don Walsh

31 The first Man to circumnavigate Planet Earth from Outer Space 1962

32 John Glenn

33 The first Man to walk on the Moon 1969

34 Neil Armstrong

35 Astronaut Sally Ride became the First American Woman in Space and is an Honorary Member of The Explorers Club

36 Sally Ride

37 Explorers Club members that have made important discoveries and accomplished significant research

38 Bob Ballard Marine Archaeologist

39 The Discovery of the Titanic mid Atlantic Ocean 1985

40 The Discovery of Earliest Man Olduvai Gorge

41 Louis and Richard Leakey

42 Jane Goodall First significant and long term study of Primates in their natural habitat

43 Paul Sereno Paleontologist has discovered new dinosaur species on several continents

44 Johan Reinhard 1995 Discovery and recovery of the Inca Ice Maiden at 20,700 feet

45 The current and ongoing Genographic Project, tracing the Journey of Man

46 Spencer Wells Explorer in Residence National Geographic

47 Travels the world collecting DNA

48 Explorers Club members have also enjoyed some of the most Celebrated Adventures

49 Lowell Thomas with Lawrence of Arabia 1917

50 Chapin Expedition to Ruwenzori Mountains 1927

51 Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki & Aku-Aku


53 Rapa-Nui

54 Capt. Norm Baker

55 Kon-Tiki Voyages of Ra I & Ra 2

56 Tigris

57 Extensive Research of Easter Island (Rapa-Nui) Edmundo Edwards & Claudio Cristino

58 Restoration of Tongariki, Rapa-Nui

59 Dr. Jerri Nielsen

60 Who in 1999 treated herself for breast cancer while stationed at Almundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station

61 The Explorers Club Flag: A rich history of courage and fidelity

62 Many carry the Explorers Club Flag

63 Flag #123 Thor Heyerdahl

64 1963 the crossing of Ellsmere Island by foot by Louis Catlow


66 Edmundo Edwards & Lynn Danaher Rapa-Nui

67 Raivavae Archaeological Project 2006

68 Numerous members of the Explorers Club have participated or led Antarctic Expeditions


70 Shackelton and Scott reached 82*16’ the farthest south 1901-1904 National Antarctic Expedition

71 Scott at the South Pole, with tent left behind by Amundsen Jan. 1912

72 Robert Falcon Scott died 1912 in Anarctica


74 Ernest Shackleton 1901-1904 1908-1909 1914-1916 1921-1922 Buried on South Georgia

75 Richard Byrd’s expeditions to Antarctic 1928 -1930 1933-1935

76 Gould was second-in-command to Admiral Richard E. Byrd's first Antarctic expedition of 1929-1930. he was a polar explorer, geologist, teacher, and college president

77 1979 Lawrence M. Gould 50 th Anniversary of the Byrd Expedition

78 R/V Lawrence M Gould a specially designed Antarctic Research Vessel is named in his Honor

79 Naomi Uemura mountaineer, explorer, dog sled journey across Antarctica 1981 died after reaching the summit of Denali alone in winter 1984, his body was never found

80 Ranulph Fiennes circum navigated the earth via both poles 1982

81 Robert Swan “In the Footsteps of Scott” EC flag Expedition 1986

82 1986 Dr. Robert A. Wharton Jr. Antarctic Expedition to South Victoria Land

83 1991 & 1996 Dale T. Andersen 1991 Expedition to Bunger Hills Oasis 1996 Ecological Research Project, McMurdo Valleys

84 1997-1998 Alain Hubert Traversed Antartica in 99 days by foot, skis and powerkite

85 1998 Dr. Paul A. Berkman Antarctic Nearshore Marine Ecology

86 Will Steger 1995 Trans-Arctic Expedition the crossing of the North Pole

87 Steger Antarctic Expedition 1989

88 Jan Mela with 2 others reached the South Pole, Jan, 2005 he began the youngest polar explorer and the first disabled person who has made it to the south pole on skis

89 Peter I Island DX Radio Expedition Antarctica Feb 2006

90 Rune Gjeldnes Feb. 2006 completed a solo crossing of Antarctica via the South Pole on skies

91 Explorers Club Members have Created of 2 of the Finest Photographic Collections of Antarctica

92 Frank Hurley’s memorable photographic record of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1917

93 Hurley in the rigging of the Endurance


95 Endurance locked in the ICE

96 The Demise of Endurance

97 Frank Wild

98 Shackleton in camp

99 The Shackleton Dogs

100 The hut on Elephant Island

101 The moment of rescue

102 Rosemarie and Pat Keoughs’ “Antarctica”

103 Pat and Rosemarie Keough

104 Glenn Keough a young EC member

105 Sought by Collectors

106 “Albatross”

107 Presenting a copy to HRH Prince Charles

108 Other Explorers Club Members of note

109 As President of the US 1901- 1908 vastly expanded the nations forest reserves Teddy Roosevelt

110 innovator of aerial cartography completed mapping of Mt. McKinley, Mt. Everest and Grand Canyon 1930s & 1940s Bradford Washburn

111 Joan Connelly Archaeologist

112 Sven Olaf Lindblad of Lindblad Expeditions

113 Brian Hanson In Mongolia Participated in Antarctic Quest 2003

114 David Doubilet one of the worlds leading underwater photographers

115 Jim Fowler TV Host and authority on predatory birds

116 Sylvia Earle Oceanographer Pioneered study of marine ecosystems

117 Anna Roosevelt pioneered the use of applied physics to field archaeology in tropical environments

118 Richard Wiese filmmaker

119 Eugenie Clark Ichthyologist “the shark lady” researched in areas as yet unknown in the South China Sea

120 Buzz Aldrin Astronaut

121 President Dan Bennett

122 The late Sir Edmund Hillary served as the Explorers Club Honorary Chairman

123 It is important to encourage qualified individuals to consider membership members have been attending Banff Mountain Film Festival for several years

124 Jason Schoonover, Brian Hanson, Ron Zuber, Lynn Danaher & Jim Chester representing the EC in Banff, Canada 2007

125 Sponsoring young field researchers

126 to explore and investigate

127 Their world

128 A inspiring and fun way to connect with each other and keep our club vital is the Symposium concept

129 A gathering of fellow EC members on Salt Spring Island, BC 2005

130 2006 EC Symposium Salt Spring Island BC Canada

131 Explorers Club Symposium Salt Spring, Canada 2007

132 The Keoghs past few Salt Spring Symposiums are the inspiration for our Compass Symposium

133 Rosemarie Keough recipient of the Stefansson Medal 2007

134 There are several ways to connect to HQ in NYC and events to attend The Explorers Club Annual Dinner (ECAD)

135 Rolex Award Recipients

136 2005 Lowell Thomas Annual Dinner

137 The Explorers Club quarterly magazine

138 The monthly Explorers Log

139 46 East 70 th Street 1965 Headquarters Today:



142 The extensive library

143 Library

144 Art

145 Archives

146 Film

147 Photos

148 Memorabilia

149 Sir Edmund Hillary Map Room ~5000 sheets

150 But most important ……. The Explorers Club is a fellowship…… of seekers of the unknown…. other curious minds….. With a desire to Explore …. And Discover what is over the next Horizon !!

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